Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 22nd November 2014 Written Episode Update


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Raghav says Deepu that he cannot take care risk of sending her alone to Delhi as it is unsafe. Daada suggests Ratna that she should hire Deepu. Ratna says okay. Raghav praises daada for giving such a good idea. Rathi says now Ratna will become even Deepu’s boss, she will have to be careful. Raghav asks where is Anjali. Anjali comes getting ready for college with Ratna’s bag. Sonia asks her how did she get this bag. She says Ratna aunty gave it. Sonia says she should earn it to own it, work hard like Ratna and buy it later. Ratna says Sonia is right, but one should suppress their desires for anyone. Anjali says Didi is right and gives back Ratna her bag. Ratna gets irked and walks towards her room. Suhasi follows her. Sonia says Anjali she is proud of her and says

she will selected her a matching bag from their collection. Sisters joke that Anjali was looking good with that bag. Daada says whatever Anjali will touch will become gold. Anjali thanks her and Sonia and leaves for college.

Suhasi brainwashes that these sisters should be kicked out of house, they are valuing family instead of money. Ratna says she has to separate Sonia from them and will have to use their weaknesses and tells Suhasi about her plan.

Sonia feeds Khushi. Raghav signals her that he will not talk to her. He scolds chef that he made food spicy and asks him to get sweets for him. Rathi gets him sweet. Ratna asks if he wants to accompany him to office. He says Rathi that he is going to office and signals Sonia that he is angry on her. Sonia stops him and says he left his wallet, clears his collar and tells loudly I love you. Ratna is shocked to hear that and asks what?? Sonia says I love you and says Khushi asked meaning of some line, and its meaning is I love you. Khushi asks when did she ask. Sisters say she asked just yesterday. Raghav asks Ratna to leave as he has some important work. Ratna smiles and leaves.

Anjali waits for auto and gets angry that her makeup is spoiling because of sweat. Sonia who is traveling in her car sees her, calls servant and tells about her plan. Anjali wishes god to send an AC car with driver who will ask her madamji where she wants to go. Just then, car stops in front of her. She thanks god and asks driver if he is Ratna’s driver. He says yes and says Ratna sent him. Anjali is about to sit, but then remembers Sonia’s words and asks driver to leave. Ratna gets irked that her plan failed and leaves. Anjali sees a precious phone and thinks of keeping it. Abhiman who is walking around gets tensed seeing his phone missing. He sees it in Anjali’s hand. Anjali gets tensed seeing Deepu’s call on it. Abhiman comes and takes back his phone, he identifies her as Anjali and says if his phone would have picked by someone else, he/she would not have returned it. He walks back and Anjali continues waiting for auto.

Anjali reaches party venue and meets her friends. Friends praise her that she has changed after starting to leave in Roy mansion and asks how is Roy mansion, if it looks like they show in magazines. Anjali thanks god that they are not asking about Ratna’s bag and starts boasting about her sister and Ratna aunty. Vamp comes and says she thought Anjali will come in a big car wearing a precious dress and asks if she really stays there or is just lying. Friend says Anjali does not lie. Vamp asks then where is her precious bag and precious dress. Anjali says she does not want to fight with her and wants to have food. Vamp says she will not get such a tasty food again and asks if Ratna has accepted Sonia as her bahu or not. Anjali gets irked says if anybody badmouths about her sister, she will break their face.

Precap: Suhasi calls Ratna and tells she as a good plan to kick Sonia’s sisters out of her house. Ratna says she thought her as useless, but she is not.

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