Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 21st November 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 21st November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Raghav and Sonia sleep next to sisters and try to make them sleep. Raghav sees them sleeping and signals Sonia that they should go to another room and sleep now. Anjali opens her eyes and asks what are they signalling. All sisters wake up and start playing with pillows. Suhasi sees them in Raghav/Sonia’s room and thinks Ratna was right, these sisters are not letting Raghav and Sonia to spend time together and are becoming menace now.

Sisters in the morning select clothes to get ready and dream about getting matching accessories one day.

Sonia is busy getting ready in the morning. Raghav tries to get romantic and she asks him to help her get ready. He says he wants to take revenge from her for ignoring him for her sisters and asks her to tell him I love you. She says

I love you and asks him to help her now. He says she has to tell I love you in front of everyone. She says she will not as she will get shy. He says he will make her tell I love you for sure. Anjali comes there and Raghav leaves saying he has to prepare hotel’s presentation to give it to Ratna.

Anjali asks Sonia to get her matching bag. Sonia asks why. Anjali says she got a new girl in college who wears matching dresses and accessories and all her friends praise her, so she wants her friends to praise her also. Sonia says she people should praise her for her talent, not for her dressing sense. Anjali walks out of her room sadly and sees Ratna’s bag in her room. She enters it and gets happy seeing it, thinking that nobody in her college has such a beautiful bag. She tries it and then gets sad that it is Ratna’s bag and not hers. She thinks Sonia will not get her such an expensive bag, so she should borrow it from Ratna.

Suhasi brainwashes Ratna that Sonia’s sisters are always with her and not letting Sonia and Raghav together alone, even yesterday she was they were in Raghav/Sonia’s room whole night. Ratna thinks she has to get rid of them soon. They both come in Ratna’s room and see Anjali looking herself in mirror with bag. Ratna says it is looking good on her. Anjali gets afraid and apologizes her for taking her bag without her permission. Ratna says this bag is so good that anybody would want to have it and says she can keep it. Anjali thinks she should not forgo such a good offer and snatches bag from Ratna, thanks her and runs from there. Suhasi thinks Ratna will use Anjali’s weakness in her favor now.

On breakfast table, Raghav asks Daada about Daadi. Daada says she has gone for a walk as she has become fat. Sonia comes with aarti thali and prasad. Daada says his day will be good today. Raghav says what about his day and while taking aarti asks Sonia if she remembers or has forgotten. She goes and sits on chair and asks where is Anjali. Deepu says she is getting ready in her room.

Anjali ready with makeup, etc., for her college and gets happy looking herself in mirror. She calls her friend and says everybody will look only her at party today and she will know who is cool and who is fool.

Deepu tells everyone that she got a job offer from Delhi’s company and wants to go there. Raghav says she is a kid and cannot go. Ratna says Deepu got a good opportunity and she is capable of taking care of herself, says Abhiman praised her designs and she thinks Deepu should take up this job.

Precap: Suhasi brainwashes Ratna that Sonia took Anjali’s side instead of Ratna and loves her sisters more than anybody else.

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