Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 1st November 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 1st November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sonia says Raghav that everyone is happy about their relationship except mummyji/Ratna who has not yet accepted their relationship. She says she will convince Ratna to accept her and says she cannot separate a son from his mother.

Daada/daadi happily decorate temple for laxmi pooja. They see Ratna sending gifts and invitations for their relatives and praise her. Suhasi taunts that there is no use of so many lamps at home when house’s real lamp/Raghav is not at home. She taunts that they lost one son at childhood and will be losing another one soon. Daada asks her why is she bother about this house and says soon both lamp and laxmi will come back. Ratna sees lamp getting off and runs to hold her hands around it, but gets irked seeing Soniya coming and holding it before her.

Daada/daadi talk that she told bahu will accept Raghav soon. Daada says he is my grandson and knows how to handle everything. Suhashi thinks she is the one Raghav is in love with. Raghav says Soniya came with diwali shaghun sweets and asks if she will not invite her would be bahu. They both try to touch her feet to take her blessings, but she backs off.

Daada asks Ratna to accept bahu. Ratna says she will not and she has already taken a decision which will not change at all. Once Ratna goes in, Suhasi invites them in. They both take her blessing. She starts praising Sonia’s beauty and says don’t know why Ratna is not accepting her. Daada says she is angry but will have to accept bahu at any cost. Sonia gives sweets to daada/daadi and says she herself prepared these sweets. Daadi says she came at the right time before laxmi pooja and asks her to feed sweets to Ratna. Raghav asks if he should go and convince Ratna. Daada says we will speak as he is elder. Sonia says she will speak to her and knows what she is doing. Raghav says he will accompany her. She says she first wants to vent out Ratna’s anger and fill her love in it.

Ratna in her room sadly looks at her and Raghav’s pics. Sonia knocks door and tries to enter. Ratna asks her not to enter her room and says she has not changed her decision, her opinion regarding her is same. Sonia forcefully enters her room and says she knows she is angry on her, but elder’s love is hidden in their anger. She says Raghav’s biggest happiness is you and she cannot take his happiness. Raghav tensely waits outside room and thinks what is happening inside. Sonia says Ratna that she is a very nice mother who bought up Raghav singly and knows she does not think status is bigger than her son’s happiness, there must be something that is bothering her. Ratna says it is none of her business. Sonia says she wanted to be away from Raghav, but his love dragged her like a magnet. Sonia’s sisters pray god to change Ratna’s mind and let her accept Sonia. Ratna says Sonia that she talks very well and lured Raghav with her buttery talks, knows that Raghav can give her money, status, etc., what she can do for him., she is snatching a son from her mother. Sonia says even she cares her sisters as her daughters and knows how she is feeling. She says she will take care of her family as she is taking care of it and says she will even give her life for the betterment of her house if need be.

Daada asks Raghav not to interfere between saas and bahu as he cannot keep both of them happy. Ratna on the other side says she can only lure Raghav with her buttery talks and not her. She says their families are completely different and they cannot be united Sonia sees candle falling on photo album. She runs and sets off fire with her hand, checks pics and says Ratna that pics are fine. She then says as per you, we both are different, but one thing is common between us, we both want to keep our families united. Raghavcomes there and gets worried seeing Sonia’s burnt hands, asks how did it happen. She says candle fell on album and she set fire off with her hands. He says she should have alarm burnt instead of burning her hands.

Precap: Sonia says Ratna she lost her mother and will not let Raghav lose hismother.

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