Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 17th November 2014 Written Episode Update


Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 17th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Raghav suggests Ratna that Sonia should work after marriage and continue her business. Ratna says let her rest for some time and then later she can continue her business. She gets a business magazine’s call telling that they want to take interview of her house and lifestyle. Ratna sees Sonia’s uncultured sister and thinks she will not let these baffoons ruin her family name and status andinsteaad make them famous. Dada asks whose call it was. She says from office. Magazine lady calls her again, but this time Suhasi picks call and gives it to Ratna. Anjali asks her why did magazine people call Ratna. Raghav says they want to print about India’a leading business family’s lifestyle, etc. Anjali excitely shouts that she will also become famous now.


reach kitchen and help chef in cooking. They see him tensed and ask about it. He says it is his son’s birthday today and he is insisting to cut cake only if he calls. Deepu says she will take Ratna’s permission. Suhasi says sit is not that easy. Deepu says she will at any cost.

Ratna calls Abhiman and tells how can she present Sonia’s uncultured sisters in front of magazine people as they it make a bad impression about her status and family. Abhiman says she should allow them. Raghav comes there and says she should allow them for interview as they are intelligent and smart and he is teach them how to present themselves. She asks how can she. He asks her not to worry, he will handle everything. Ratna thinks both brothers are different, but their thinking is same.

Daada and daadi come and ask Ratna to come and continue post marriage’s rituals and take Sonia to ofice today. Daada says she has 2 special guests waiting for her. Ratna comes out and sees Samaira and her mom there. Samaira greets Ratna and then her mom asks Ratna she heard she picked up Sonia’s sisters also. Samaira asks her to tone down her speech. Suhasi says she will take them to meet sisters and take them to a study room where Sonia’s sisters are cleaning room with brooms and mops. Samaira calls all sisters’ names. Anjali asks how does she know their names. She says Raghav told them. Samaira’s mom asks why are they sweeping house like a servant. Deepu says chef wanted to attend his son’s birthday party, so they gave them off today and are working and asks Ratna not to worry. They ask Samaira who is she. She says she is Raghav’s girlfriend. Sisters get tensed. Samaira says she is Raghav’s best friend and says let us go and disturb groom and bride now. Once she leaves, sister talk how can bestfriend be so close to someone and plan not to let Samaira near Raghav from hereon.

Sonia calls Khan chacha and Chintu says she is missing them. They say she has her sisters with her now, then why is she missing them and asks Chintu how can a sister forget brother so soon. He says even he is missing her and sisters. Raghav comes and Sonia cuts call. He asks her why is she sad. She asks how does he know. He says he can see her eyes and tell what is in her mind. She thanks her for taking care of her and her sisters well. He gets romantic.

Precap: Sonia’s sisters spoil Ratna’s precious painting by spilling food on it and get tensed.

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