Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 15th November 2014 Written Episode Update

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Raghav takes Sonia to bathroom to free themselves from glue under hot water. He says with her idea, they will separate. She says we will not, our clothes will. He starts shower. Sanson ko Saanson se Dhalne do zara…..song plays in the background. They start romancing and embracing each other. She gets shy and hugs him. Their clothes separate and they smile. He again starts touching her romantically, kiss and consummate their marriage under shower.

In the morning, Daad/daadi demand to have halwa. Servant says breakfast is ready. He says they will break their fast with halwa breakfast. Sisters see them acting like a child and laugh. Deepu says our didi prepares best halwa. Anjali tells her something and she stops. Sonia comes down wearing a beautiful sari. Sister praise

her beauty. She touches daada/daadi’s feet and take their blessings. Daada says he needs halwa with lots of dry fruits. Sonia says she will get it right now and goes to kitchen.

Sonia reaches kitchen and sees Raghav preparing halwa and Fruity reading recipe. She says sooji should be golden like her teacher’s hair. He asks her to stop breaking his concentration. He sees Sonia there and starts starting at her. Sooji burns. Fruity says it is burning. He says let it. She shakes him. He gets conscious. Sonia says she will prepare food now. He says she cannot snatch is second love from him. She asks what. He says cooking is his second love and insist he will prepare food. Sonia insists. He says she can help him though by watching him prepare it and starts preparing halwa. Sonia says if mummyji will know about it, she will get angry. He says nobody will know and asks her to just watch. Once he prepares it, he asks Sonia to add dry fruits and serve family as per shagun/ritual.

Raghav comes to breakfast table and announces Sonia is bringing world’s tasty halwa. Daada/Daadi shout in happiness. Ratna also joins. Sisters says they cannot sit as there are very few chairs. Raghav says chairs are few, but his heart is big. He gets chairs and asks them to sit. They thank him. Ratna gets irked. Suhasi thinks she can sense Ratna does not like sisters. Daada asks sonia to serve halwa and starts praising that it is tasty. Suhasi says she does not get such a tasty halwa. Ratna says she will take 1 spoon. Raghav says it is sugar-free with less oil. Ratna asks how does Sonia know that she likes low-calorie food. Anjali says jiju has prepared it. Ratna gets irked that her son is changing her family’s age long rituals for these sisters. Raghav says his saali’s wanted to have halwa, so he prepared. Ratna thinks she has to do something.

Ratna says halwa is very tasty and she will be happy if her son tells her about his future plan. Sonia says Ratna she has a suggestion and says Raghav can open a specialty restaurant, like Italian, chinese, Punjabi, etc., and once it picks up, he can open more branches. Daada praises her for business sense. Suhasi also praises. Ratna says it is a good plan and asks Raghav to prepare a detailed plan and give it to her and take Abhiman’s help. Deepu asks who is Abhiman. Ratna says he is my most trusted employee and is expert in planning. Raghav says he himself will prepare it and keep it on her desk tomorrow and says he wants Sonia also to work and take care of business.

Precap: Ratna cribs on phone that Sonia’s sisters are uncultured and wll ruin her family name. Raghav hears her conversation.

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