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After speaking to Sonia, Ratna asks her to go and rest now. Raghav shows his bungalow to Sonia’s sisters and says he will show study room now. Fruity says she does not want to see it as Sonia will ask to study. Raghav says she will not as she will study on her behalf from today. Fruity gets happy. He asks where is Deepu.

Deepu and Abhiman decorate Sonia/Raghav’s room with flowers for suhagraat. Deepu asks why was he missing from marriage. He says he does not like functions and asks why is she here. She says she will be staying with Sonia from today. Abhiman thinks may be because of this, Ratna is upset. Deepu sees top portion of decoration still missing and says she will fix it. She climbs chair to fix it and falls, but Abhiman holds her on time. They both look

at each other romantically. Ek dor…..song plays in the background. Daadi comes there, and Abhiman drops Deepu down. Daadi gets happy seeing the room decorated well. Ratna comes to check decoration and gets irked seeing Abhiman with Deepika.

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Sonia’s sisters tell Sonia that her house is really beautiful. Kuhsi pushes flower vase by mistake, but Ratna holds it on time and scolds them for dropping a precious Italy vase, then changes her tone and says they may get hurt if they are not careful. Suhasi says this house is full of these precious items and Ratna likes collecting them. Sonia asks Kushi to apologize Ratna and she says sorry. Ratna asks Raghav to take Sonia to his and says Sonia that she has arranged her sister’s beds in different rooms. Sonia says they are habituated of sleeping in same room. Ratna says they won’t be afraid and asks Raghav again to take Sonia to his room as it is too late. They all disperse. Abhiman says Ratna he will leave now. She thanks him for his help. He says you are welcome. Suhasi says even she will sleep now. Ratna asks daada/daadi also to go and sleep now.

Sonia and sisters reach Raghav’s room and asks him to wait for 2 min inside while they speak to Sonia and send her in. They force him to get in and talk emotionally with Sonia. Sonia then enters Raghav’s room. He sees her tensed and asks her to relax. She says my sisters are habituated to sleep in same room and Fruity sleeps with me and hears story from me daily. Raghav says it is their house now and they will adjust slowly. He says now they will have to adjust. Sonia hears Anjali’s shouting and worriedly comes out to check. Anjali says she is excited about sleeping alone in a separate room. Daada says even he shouted when he India won match for the first time. Suhasi jokes that we will hear these shouts often now. Ratna gets irked and thinks good dress and environment cannot change people’s nature, she has to mend their ways now to protect her status. She asks everyone to go and sleep now. Anjali apologizes Sonia for shouting. Sonia says I know you but not these people, so she should make sure these people are not annoyed by your behavior. Deepu says she will take care of Anjali and leaves with other sisters.

Anjali sees her room and shouts again excitedly. Deepu asks her to stop shouting. They praise Raghav that he did not mind their behavior. Deepu asks her to sleep silently. Anjali says she will have a sweet dream now and falls on bed. Deepu prays god to save her from this girl.

Raghav and Sonia’s suhagraat starts. Raghav removes Sonia’s veil and then nose ring. She gets shy and nervous.

Precap: Raghav and Sonia’s romance under shower. Saanson ko saanson se dhalne do zara…..song plays in the background.

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