Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 10th November 2014 Written Episode Update


Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 10th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sonia’s sisters cry emotionally after Raghav and Sonia’s marriage. Raghav asks them to stop crying as he wants them to be happier from today and they are his responsibility now. Ratna thinks marriage is complete now and she does not have to see Sonia’s sisters now.

Fruity sees Chintu hiding Raghav’s shoes and exchanges them with stone. Raghav taunts sisters that they cannot find his shoes and calls them as soundless crackers. Deepu says they are powerful bombs and shows him shoes. Chintu checks shoe box and finds stones instead of shoes, says jiju had promised to give me gift. Sisters scold him andthen ask Raghav to give them gifts. Daada/daadi bring gifts and Raghav asks Sonia to distribute gifts to her sisters, Chintu and Khan. Everyone happily accept

their gift.

Ratna informs that panditji has told that bidayi/farewell muhurat is after 1 hour. Suhasi says let us go to Sonia’s house and get her bidayi from there. Ratna says she will go home and prepare for bahu’s welcome before that. Daada says let Abhiman do it. Suhasi says we cannot trust outsider and starts bad mouthing about him, says she will also come with Ratna to welcome bahu. Daadi asks Ratna to take Suhasi and she angrily agrees.

Sonia and sisters reach home. They look at their parent’s pic and say that their parents have come to bless them. Sisters says Sonia that they don’t want to come and stay in Roy mansion with her as they don’t want anyone to question Sonia and see her in trouble. Anjali jokes that Sonia married with a condition that he will take them all home. Sonia says even now she is adamant in her decision and will get bidayi only if they come with her. Raghav comes there and jokingly asks if they want to keep his wife at home and says he also loves them like Sonia and requests them to come with him. He says he is asking them to come to Roy mansion and not Dubai and starts joking. They all agree and go to pack their bags.

While packing bags, Sisters emotionally remember their happy moments in their home while growing up. They say they will miss this house and get excited thinking of living at Raghav’s bungalow. Fruity says in movies, when bidayi happens, everyone cries, then why are we laughing. Khushi says technically it should, but we are lucky to have Jiju who is taking us all. They then continue praising Raghav.

Ratna asks servants to hurry up and decorate Raghav’s room fast. Suhasi jokes that servants have to decorate few more rooms for sonia’s sisters. Ratna gets irked hearing this and says she does not want them in her house, she does not have place for them neither in her house nor heart.

Anjali says sisters that they all will go and fill Sonia and Raghav’s lives with love and happiness. They all happily hug. Sonia and Raghav get emotional seeing this. Ek ristha aisa bhi…….plays in the backgroun. Raghav says Sonia let us go to our house. He gets down with Sonia and sisters.

Precap: Ratna happily welcomes Raghav and Sonia but gets irked seeing Sonia’s sisters behind them.

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