Ek Pyaar – Twinj – Introduction

Hi guys I hope you all know me so I won’t have to introduce myself. Ok so let’s get started.

Twinkle Kunj Sarna (Jasmin Bhasin) – a pretty girl aged 26, she is romantic,bold and not shy at all. She loves her husband kunj a lot.

Kunj Sarna (Sidhant Gupta) – a handsome man aged 27, he is also romantic and bold he loves his wife twinkle a lot but also loves to work.

The rest of the characters are the same and there is no main villain in this ff.

This Ff starts from when manohar comes out of coma.

Twinj have just recently confessed their love and wish to start a new life together ALONE!!
Unfortunately the family does not give them space to romance but luckily a Sarna business branch has opened in Dubai and manohar has offered kunj a chance to run it meaning kunj will have to go and live in Dubai for about 5 years so he accepts it and decides to take twinkle with him meaning they will be alone!!
I hope u liked the intro and if you did please keep reading-
Ek Pyaar – Twinj
Thank you and please give me comments good or bad, I don’t mind😘😘😘
Mayatwinjfan xoxo

Credit to: Mayatwinjfan


  1. Anushka

    Amazing maya I love the concept. Pleaseeee continue Asap.

  2. Sidhantian

    Great concept I love kunjs character so far and I’m glad to see there is no main villain plz continue quickly.😊

  3. keira

    gotcha!! you have cheated it f India forums
    there is also a ff known as twinj ff the perfect couple but you have changed the name of the ff and in one scene you are saying sarna branch is in Dubai but in the ff the perfect couple its written Chandigarh
    only you have changed the city name and the ff name
    and guys if you want a proof so pls type TWINJ FF THE PERFECT COUPLE on google and you will find
    my main point of view is pls don’t other struggle and get appreciated for that

    • Mayatwinjfan

      I’m sorry if u think I’m copying it but honestly if u read further u will understand that I’m not. I have only used the first part of the perfect couple as I want twinj to be alone in this Ff and this was the only way I found, everything u will read in this Ff from now will be from my imagination so stay tuned to find out 😘😘
      Sorry if I hurt u in anyway
      Maya xoxo

      • Bubbly

        Don’t worry Maya I’m sure most Ff writers get some ideas from other ffs it’s totally normal
        But honestly I feel this Ff is gonna be great.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.