Ek Pyaar – Twinj – Episode 3

I’m soooooo sorry I’m late it’s just that these last couple of weeks have been spent preparing for my aunts nikah but now that it’s done i can hopefully post daily, oh and thanks for all the lovely comments, ok so enough of my boring talks and let’s get started with the episode

After their wonderful sleep in their new bed our lovely twinkle wakes up due to the morning sunlight and trying not to disturb kunj goes to the bathroom to shower but of course our lovely kunj wakes up with the sunlight shining on his hot 6 pack. Then twinkle comes out in a baby pink bathrobe looking hot leaving kunj mesmerised by his wife’s natural beauty. He goes behind twinkle and back hugs her
T- baby save the romance for later we’re getting late to go and visit the Burj Khalifa.
K- save the Burj Khalifa for later, right now I would like to spend some valuable time with my super hot and s*xy wife.
T- baby stop trying to flatter me and we can spend this valuable time later but for now I want to go to see the Burj Khalifa, pleeeeease( saying this she makes a puppy dog face)
Kunj being unable to say no to his wife’s wishes agrees
K- ok ok fine jaan but can I have a kiss (he bends down on his knees and begs her and twinkle pecks his cheeks before running to the kitchen)

In the kitchen
Twinkle is cooking French toast for breakfast when kunj comes in
T- kunj it smells really nice na
K- not more than you though btw what are u wearing it smells amazing
T- oh it’s jadore by Dior u gifted it to me remember
K- oh yes a beautiful perfume and that too for my better than perfect wife (he blows a kiss to twinkle)
T- come on kunj lets eat together to save time
Kunj picks twinkle up and puts her on the kitchen slab, he then traps her legs in between his to stop her from leaving. He gives his famous wala eyebrow look
K- feed me then ๐Ÿ˜‰
T- fine but be quick
K- ok jaan

Twinkle takes a piece of the toast and lovingly feeds him then kunj takes a piece of toast and romantically feeds twinkle, this process continues with a few eye locks and finally our lovely twinj finish their breakfast.
K- ok done now can I have an after breakfast kiss, he slowly moves towards her and she parts her lips, they then have a long kiss๐Ÿ’‹ and are out of breath

Precap- Twinj in Burj Khalifa
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  1. Sidminlove

    Hy i m ayeza a new lover of ur ff and also a new one in comment bix ur ff is jst umaaahhhhh osum fabulous but one request plz make it lonnnnnnnnger i want ur next epi to b longer plzzz_ i humbly request u plz.and yea post asap but longer one plz_

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.