Ek Pyaar – Twinj – Episode 2

Hi guys sooooo sorry I’m late so to compensate Ive posted a long episode so plz read

I-(giggling) oops sorry I think we may have interrupted ur romance (to Mahi) I think we should leave these two lovebirds alone
M-yeah ur right lets go
Mahi and Inaya both leave whilst giggling and twinj are stood there shocked.
T- kunj this is all ur fault now they will make fun of us
K- it’s ok jaan we are going to leave for Dubai now so they can’t trouble us much
Twinj both go to their room and pack their things, when they are done they come down to the hall and greet everyone and say bye( sorry for the short goodbye I just wanted to make it quick)
Twinj leave Sarna mansion and go to the airport

K- baby u know the plane it won’t go too high na
T- of course it will, have u never been on a plane
K- I have but its just that erm I I I I I I’m afffraid offff heightsssss.
T- hahahahahhah the great KUNJ SARNA is afraid of heights
K- twinkle don’t laugh it’s not funny, I’m not gonna talk to u now.
T- fine

On the plane
Twinkle and kunj are sitting together when an air hostess comes and flirts with kunj
A- good afternoon sir if there is anything you want I will be able to give it to you (she winks)
K- actually…(he looks at twinkle and tries to make her jealous) can u tie my seatbelt
A- of course
The airhostess comes near kunj when twinkle pushes her off and sensually ties his seatbelt
T- excuse me ms whoever u are he is MY husband so back off
A-sorry ma’am I was just trying to help
The airhostess leaves
T- kunj how can u flirt with that girl
K- oooooo someone’s burning and anyways I thought u weren’t talking to me but I must say if u keep tying my seatbelt so romantically I won’t mind flirting again ( and winks)
T- ( she hits his shoulder)
Kuuuunj u are mine and only mine if u want romance just ask me na u don’t have to make me jealous.
K- no jaan I don’t want to pressurise u so only when u want to romance but if u want u can kiss me
Twinkle pecks kunjs cheek and she falls asleep on his shoulder

In Dubai
They finally arrive and are collecting their luggage after that they walk to their driver with their hands entwined and enter the car, kunj blindfolds twinkle
T- kunj take this blindfold off
K- baby u trust me na
T- of course, I trust u more than myself
K- then don’t worry my jaan
They reach their huge villa and outside there are 3 cars, one black Audi one white Audi and one red Lamborghini.

Kunj takes off twinkles blindfold and twinkle is gobsmacked. She has no words.
They enter their villa and see
the open plan living room, kitchen, dining room and stairs in a combo of grey and white

They then enter their other living room which is a cosy combo of brown and it has a fireplace with only one sofa so twinj could cuddle up together on it in the winter.

Then they go to the guest bedrooms, study room, office, game room, pools, twinkles walk in wardrobe, home cinema and two bathrooms (I’m not gonna describe these)

Finally they enter their bedroom which is a combo of Browns and has different luxury silks.

Twinkle hugs kunj tightly and then passionately kisses him while kunj kissed her back and their tongues fight for dominance. After 10 minutes they are both out of breath
T- kunj thank u soooooo much this is the best place ever and the best thing is it belongs to us
K- what are u saying thank u for baby I can do anything for u this is tiny.
T- I love u soooooooooo much
K- I love u too jaan
They then change and twinkle wears her nightwear while kunj is shirtless and is only wearing boxers, they then sleep in each other’s embrace in their new bed.
Please shower me with lovely comments and again I’m sorry I’m late.
Maya ???

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