Ek Pyaar – Twinj – Episode 1

Thank you for all the comments and just to inform ,I am not copying the work of others I am just using it as inspiration like I’m sure many of us do, all the ideas from now are all mine and only mine.

After a long day of work and decisions kunj decides to tell about shifting to Dubai.
Kunj backhugs twinkle
T- baby what are u doing someone will see us.
K- jaan never fear when kunj is here u want us to be alone na
T- yes baby but how will that happen when we are here in Amritsar.
K- come with me.
He takes twinkle to the hall and calls everyone down.
Bebe- kunj puttar kya bolna hai
K- Ok so everyone as you all know Sarna industries has opened a branch in Dubai and so we need someone from this family to manage it.
Twinkle is standing in front of him when kunj goes on his knees with two first class tickets to Dubai and says
K- twinkle will you do me the honour of joining me to Dubai.
Tears of happiness roll down twinkles eyes and a small yes comes out of her mouth. Everyone laughs while twinkle blushes and kunj laughs at his wife’s innocence. Leela goes to kunj and says
L- kunj puttar I have given my twinkle to you and I’m not going to ask you to promise me u will take care of her as I know u will but plz can u both come and visit us often as I will miss u very much.
K- maa how can u ask me that of course we will visit often that’s not something to ask and he sidehugs leela.
Bebe calls leela and twinkle takes kunj to a corner and gives a peck on his cheeks leaving kunj shocked
T- thank you sooooo much kunj we will finally be alone
K- Jaan why are u thanking me all I want to do is make u happy and this is a small thing I can do anything to make u happy and if needed I will di…..
Twinkle stops kunj by putting her hand over his mouth and saying
T- kunj stop and never talk about death… I can’t live without you.
Twinkle cries
K- twinkle stop crying u know ur tears for me are like pearls and precious pearls like urs should not be wasted so stop crying and show me ur million dollar smile.
Twinkle smiles while kunj tickles her. Kunj being lost in twinkle is about to kiss her until they are rudely interrupted by Mahi and kunjs sister inaya who are laughing…..
Please throw ur comments good or bad.
Inaya Sarna- kunjs sister, she loves her bro and is best friends with Mahi, she is a pretty girl aged 22 and loves shopping.

Mahi Taneja- twinkles sister she love twinkle and is a 22 year old model and is besties with inaya she also love shopping.

Credit to: Mayatwinjfan


  1. Kritika14


    |Registered Member

    It was great! and sorry for not commenting on the previous one! continue sooN …. and also if you don’t mind … i would like you to read my ff called – the enticing little incident (twinj) 🙂

  2. Angita


    |Registered Member

    Nice …..so sorry amazing episode
    Ek request
    Will you pls register na ??
    But mujhe jaana heh
    Does it contain a twisty??

  3. Shloka


    |Registered Member

    Wow…it was fabulous ….
    Why dont u register dear…so that v can read ur ffs even after1st…pls ……

  4. Romaisha


    |Registered Member

    Heyyy finally .. I was waiting .. Though i didn’t have towait long … Superb episode … Do cont ASAP plzz…

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