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Sakshi is talking to Karan on phone. She is worried as to what will Meeta aunty decide. They both agree that Ma will have to win her trust once again somehow. Shanaya overhears her convo. She asks Sakshi if everything is well. I saw Sharda Ma’am at Meeta Manchanda’s office today. she is our client right? Is everything alright? Everyone hears it too as Shanaya intentionally speaks loudly. Sakshi tells her that everything is fine. Shanaya speaks out what she just heard. Sakshi reprimands her for listening to someone’s private talks. Shanaya says that it wasn’t personal. Plus we all have a right to know if there is some problem in the factory or it is in danger because of some reason. Neha too asks Sakshi if all is well. Sakshi nods. She tells them that Ma had gone to meet Meeta aunty as you

have to meet your clients constantly when you are doing business. There is nothing to worry about. She tells Shanaya to be careful as she very well knows what she is trying to do. If you do anything like this again then I will certainly throw you out of this factory even if Ma tries to stop me. shanaya looks shocked. I was just worried for Ma’am, our factory and everyone here. She is really sweet that she hired me without knowing anything about me. sakshi cuts her mid between and repeats her sentence. She tells everyone to focus on work as they have to complete the order in time. Shanaya smirks as Sakshi leaves from there upset.

Pallavi is unable to understand Sharda. I have seen so many women in my life but she is made of something else altogether. She was trying to impress Meeta with her words but Meeta is also a smart businesswoman. She knows about her profit and loss. She also knows that only I can deliver these many sarees in such a short span of time. She calls Meeta but there is no response. She wants this contract at any cost. Meeta will have to give it to me.

Sharda comes back to factory. Sakshi notices the worry on her face and goes to talk to her. sharda recalls what all happened at Meeta’s office and that she has asked for time. Shanaya goes to bring water for her. Sakshi is being called by some woman so she goes to help her. Shanaya gives water to Sharda. She also asks her if everything is fine. Has Meeta Manchanda said anything? Actually big industries work with big industries only as their name gets affected if they work with small companies. They never give work to small companies for the very same reason. sharda tells her to go and continue doing her work. Shanaya goes back to her seat.

Sharda looks at all the women and thinks about their aspirations. They all are doing this work so that they can create a better life for their family and themselves. They want to make it big but no one here knows what the future has in store for everyone. If Meeta takes back her order then everyone’s trust will break. Sakshi notices that her Ma is upset over something. She comes to talk to her. I can understand what Meeta aunty would have said. She very well knows that no one else can do it better than you. Have faith in God. Everything will be fine.

Sharda gets a call from Meeta and is in shock to hear something. She shares with Sakshi that they have got the order. They both are thrilled at the news and tell this to everyone. All the ladies are happy for her. Shanaya is not happy over it. All the ladies are with Sharda in this endeavour. They decide to have a small tea samosa party. Someone calls out for Shanaya to help them. she leaves her phone behind as she goes to them.

Pallavi is in her room. She recalls Sharda’s questions and her witty answers at Meeta’s office earlier in the day today. No one has insulted me like this ever. Shanaya comes there and looks at her mom. Meeta aunty might have given this order to you (Sharda) but I will see how you complete this order. She goes to talk to her mom. Why are you sitting like this? Are you ok? Pallavi answers in positive. You tell how is your internship going? Shanaya tells her that its all good. Though they are new in business but they are doing good. I am getting to explore myself here. I am sure if I will work with them with the right amount of planning then I will be successful. Pallavi is sure about it too. What is your company into? Shanaya doesn’t answer directly. Its a fashion house. Pallavi wants to know if she has thought about joining her dad’s business. Ultimately you only have to handle it. shanaya is not interested in it. She goes to her room as she is tired.

The kids of the ladies have come over. Sharda turns to Deepti (the same lady whose daughter was to join school). I had told you not to bring her here. It is her age to study. They will grow correctly when they will gain knowledge. Deepti says she had gone to get her admitted in the school but the principal declined. Sharda decides to go herself but Deepti tells her not to go there. You have many responsibilities to take care of. Anyways nothing will change. Sakshi agrees that if they wont do anything then nothing will change. Sharda will go to talk to them. Government has allotted free schemes for education in government schools. Free books, uniforms and a lot more facilities are available now. For girls they proved Rs. 1000 scholarship every year. She will definitely go to talk to the principal.

Latika taunts Pallavi about the contract. Atleast Meeta knows who will be profitable for her in business. I know you are feeling bad. I too had felt bad when I came to know that you had personally gone to Meeta’s office to convince her to give this contract to you yet she gave it to mom. She knows that my mom is better than you. I hope you have understood your real place now as this contract has gone to someone who deserves it. I am feeling very bad for you. You are top businesswoman Mrs. Pallavi Ajmera but you lost to a simple housewife. This is so sad. Latika laughs over it and leaves from her cabin but Pallavi is boiling with anger now. She is sure she will make all of them cry one day. You think I will forget my insult so easily? No, I will show Sharda her right place one day.

Sharda gets a lot many girls admitted in the school. All the ladies are thankful to her for her help. They are full of praises for her as the kids will have a bright future now. Their kids will be able to do something now. Sharda talks about the laws made by their government. The only sad part is that not many people know about it. The world is progressing and we women will have to join them in it. we must take care of the outside world as well. We cannot sit at home thinking that we wont be able to do things. We should go out and learn about our rights. If someone declines to give us our rights then raise a question. Ladies thank her once again. Sharda reminds principal of his duty. He accepts his mistake. All the ladies leave from there.

Suresh comes home tired. He looks at Pallavi and sits down next to her. he talks about his hard day while she complains about Latika. she was telling everyone in the office about her mom’s win. She has not been this happy at my company’s achievement as she was about that lady’s victory. He tells her to forget it. She cannot believe that Meeta trusted an illiterate woman. She will surely regret it. suresh says I came home tired and you dint ask me for a tea. She tells him to tell the maid instead. She calls out for Lata and asks her to make tea. He tells her not to be upset over something as small as tea. You dint have to shout at Lata like this. She retorts that he is only worried about his tea. It doesn’t matter to you that I am being insulted so much. You are worried about your tea, food and the special butter. He turns to go. she tells him not to make such a big issue of it. your tea is coming. But he doesn’t want it now. She doesn’t care. There are a lot more important things in my life than your tea. I have to take this contract from Meeta anyhow as it is about my self respect now.

Sakshi tells Sharda that they should go home now. we did very well today. we will complete it soon if we will work like this only. Sharda nods. She tells Sakshi to go home. She has some work to do. She will be home in an hour. Sakshi agrees and leaves after telling her to take care.

Suresh was driving by when he notices that Sharda’s factory’s lights are still on. He comes inside and looks at Sharda who is busy in her work. He recalls how he had left their marriage in between this time, Karan getting him bailed and his telling him that Sharda wanted him to do it. he looks at one of the sarees and appreciates its design. She is shocked yet happy to see him there.

Precap: Suresh confronts Shanaya that she wants to destroy Sharda by being an insider thief in her factory. Why did you do it? Shanaya tells him that he has no right to ask her anything. You have lost that right. How dare you ask me this when you are still spending time with that other woman who has ruined my mom’s life? Pallavi looks at him in shock.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  2. too many negative characters in the show now.. show is getting worse.. really want shananya out.. Pallavi as one negative character is more than enuf.. let sharada grow professionally then you can introduce all the negativity in the show.. till then let the viewers enjoy..

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  4. Well, the show is based on a play. So Shanaya will stay. 😛

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