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Sharda and all the ladies are busy sewing. Shanaya tears a saree in from the middle. Sharda is worried as it is of no use now. It was for an order. Sakshi tells her to leave as she cannot work here. Sharda takes Shanaya’s side but Sakshi doesn’t want such an irresponsible person to work in their factory. Shanaya begs for one chance. Sharda agrees but also tells her to ask her first before doing anything. Shanaya nods. Sakshi is not happy with it. Shanaya smirks while looking at the torn saree. Sharda tells Sakshi to let it be. She is a kid she will learn with time. Sakshi feels that she is making a mistake by hiring her. Sharda reminds her how she being her Guru used to not notice my so many mistakes. She will have to do the same thing with people here. I have to bring out the best in all

of them.

One of the ladies brings her daughter (Nisha) there. Sakshi asks her if she has a holiday today but is sad to know that Nisha doesn’t go to any school. Her mom tells them that they are poor which is why no one is ready to admit them in their school. I thought to bring her here so that she can learn to do this. Sharda asks her if she is doing any good this way. She doesn’t have to learn how to work but she has to learn how to study. Go and admit her in the nearby school. You will get admission. Sakshi too offers to help her in case she needs it. The lady leaves with her daughter.

Karan is waiting for Sakshi. He calls her but it is not reachable. He wonders where she is. Sakshi gives tea to Sharda. Sharda is happy to see that everyone is so dedicated to their work. But Sakshi doesn’t think that it is sufficient. We are way behind the schedule. We will have to work harder by doing double shift. This way we will be able to do more work and maybe earn some profit then only will they be able to save something. Sharda agrees with her.

Sakshi comes home. Karan has been waiting for her. She forgot about his office party but agrees to get ready asap. Sharda takes the blame. I stopped everyone for a longer period of time. He is waiting for her since an hour. I am already late so you let it be. He leaves alone. Sakshi is sad that he got upset over it and left all by himself. I got busy in the factory work and forgot all about it. Sharda tells her to remember things next time. A rainbow will look boring if there is only colour in the rainbow but it looks so beautiful when all the 7 colours appear together. Every colour is important for its own reason. you must learn how to handle her home and work at the same time. Sakshi nods.

Latika tells Suresh that she has made some changes in the presentation based on Mr. Malhotra’s feedback. I am forwarding it to you please check it. He agrees. Pallavi is there only and recalls that Suresh had gone for Sharda’s factory’s inauguration. She tells him she has planned a whole new idea for a whole new project. She wants to start a new venture under Pallavi Industries with a specialisation in Patola Sarees. Our first client will be Meeta Manchanda. Latika and Suresh are shocked to hear it. Latika wonders how she will get this client as Meeta has already given a contract to mom. Pallavi says that she has only given a word. She hasn’t signed on any contract so Meeta can change it anytime. She shows her her research papers. Latika calls it unethical. Pallavi reminds her that she is working with this company. You should think about our profit and not your mom’s. I had a word with Meeta who too is doubtful if Sharda will be able to finish it in time. She lacks the infrastructure. We can get this contract if we push a little. It will be a highly profitable venture for us. She forces Suresh to wish her luck but he stays quiet. She leaves from there. Latika is worried about her mom’s factory. We cannot let this happen. Mom’s factory will shut down if this contract is taken away from her. she has anyways given her everything to Pallavi. We must do something. He keeps quiet and she understands that he is not going to do anything. She walks out from his cabin.

Latika calls her mom. She tells her mom that Pallavi wants to play politics with her. Sharda is not affected by it. I have already given her everything. I don’t have anything else to give to her. latika shocks her by telling her that Pallavi is after her factory now. She wants to Meeta’s contract. She wants to convince her that you wont be able to do it as you lack proper infrastructure. Sharda cannot believe that Pallavi can go to this level. We have taken loan from bank. If this contract is taken away then the factory will close down. Its not just about me but so many other women are working with us. They will all be affected because of it. They trust me completely. What about them and their families if this factory closes down? Latika called her to tell her this only. I spoke to dad but it is of no use. Now you only will have to do something. I will speak to my lawyer to see if there is any way out. She ends the call.

Sharda looks worried. Sakshi asks her about it. Sakshi is shocked to know that Pallavi is eyeing their factory and contract now. Yet she boosts Sharda. She can snatch everything from you but not your talent. You have trust yourself and make Meeta aunty realise that no one else can make better patola sarees than you. You will complete her order. You are the best. She too should know about it. Sakshi decides to call Meeta aunty right away. Sharda looks a little relived.

Pallavi is in the waiting area. Sharda too comes there and is told to wait there. They both are not happy to see each other. Pallavi remarks that she has heard that everything is new in her life nowadays. New factory, new house, new people, new work. She congratulates her. Sharda thanks her. I have started a small venture with my family’s good luck and wishes. I pray that everything goes well. Pallavi shares that she too is starting a new venture of patola sarees. It isn’t as small (as yours). I have come here to meet Meeta in the same regard. I guess you have come here for the same. You know that I neither have a habit of sharing anything nor of leaving anything. Let us see who will get the contract. Sharda is shocked while Pallavi continues with her bitter words. My name is big – Pallavi textiles. Logically I only will get it. you too should try as you will get an experience of looking for work. All the best. And stop calling others’ husbands. It doesn’t suit your age to call someone else’s husband randomly or on the pretext of some puja. Sharda replies that she had called everyone. He had said no but he came. Pallavi asks her if she thinks that Suresh still has any feelings for her. look at yourself once and you will realise it. you know I don’t like sharing or leaving anything, be it work or husband.

Pallavi has been called inside by Meeta. She leaves. Sharda realises that it is no point of talking to Meeta now as Pallavi is her friend. I should go from here. Just then receptionist informs her that she too has been called inside. SHarda gets up to go.

Meeta herself wanted to meet Sharda as she wanted to discuss about her order. I am very much confused regarding this order. I don’t doubt your talent but my concern is about delivery. I and my friends/ company have given you this order but we wonder if you will be able to deliver in time. You have just started your work on a very small scale. I doubt if you will be able to complete the order in time. Actually Pallavi is also interested in this order. Meeta tells Sharda not to take her wrong. I think you are a wonderful person. I respect and appreciate you a lot. But if I think from business perspective then I think I should choose Pallavi. Sharda looks worried while Pallavi smiles. Meeta says Pallavi’s company is well known in market. Its credentials are very solid too. Pallavi wants to take over your business. Sharda is shocked. She has promised to repay all your loans. I want to know what you think. Will you be able to deliver in time? Sharda agrees that she is new in this business. It is impossible for me to do ‘business’ of making patola sarees as it is my dream. We cannot build a dream based on profit or loss. It is my identity. We cannot exchange our identity for some amount of money. Pallavi interrupts her. we are here to talk about business and not your dreams. Sharda agrees to talk about business. Can I ask you a few questions about patola sarees? Pallavi agrees to answer. Sharda asks her some questions but Pallavi is clueless about it. she turns to Meeta. It takes 6 months to make one patola saree with perfect technique, colours and threads. Meeta is impressed by her knowledge. How do you know so much about it? Sharda replies that you become good friends with whom you grow up (hinting that she has been doing it since she was a kid). Pallavi remarks that it is a different thing in business. She is about to address her as Mrs. Sharda Modi but stops. You must know about its price? Sharda knows it. a patola saree ranges from 90k to 7 lakhs. I have this much business sense. Pallavi turns to Meeta. Being your good friend I am still warning you. I don’t think that you will be in any profit if you will choose her. it is up to you to decide. She leaves from there. Meeta needs time to think. Sharda looks worried.

Precap: Suresh has come to Sharda’s new house. She has made tea for him which he enjoys. She recalls how a doc had once told him that he has diabetes. You dint touch sugar for 3 months. He calls it the worst time of his life. No sugar, no butter, SHanaya comes there and calls out for SHarda. Suresh is shocked to see her there.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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