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Everyone is shocked to see Suresh coming there. Only Sharda is pleased to see him there. He lies that his urgent meeting got cancelled which is why he dropped by. But I have another urgent work to attend to so if you can finish it early then it will be good. She tells pandit ji to start the puja. Shanaya comes there and stops in her tracks as she notices her dad there. Everyone sits down for the puja except Suresh. Pandit ji asks Sharda if her husband wont sit with her in the puja. Suresh removes his shoes and sits down beside Sharda. Shanaya is not happy about it as she watches the couple do the puja together.

Karan is unhappy that he (Suresh) is here. He has no right to be a part of our happiness or sadness. She tells him that blood relations don’t change on papers. Rights are very

much there when it comes to relations. Shanaya has made up her mind that she wont let her snatch her mom’s happiness.

Sharda makes Dadi meet Neha and the other ladies. Dadi encourages them to work hard. Suresh looks around but Shanaya looks away in time. He wishes luck to Sharda and she thanks him for coming over. He leaves from there.

Dadi is proud of Sharda. Karan asks her to say something. We are feeling so proud then you too should say something about what you are feeling. Sharda agrees to say something but wants to ask a question first. Who has a dream which they think they will not be able to fulfil ever? Everyone raises their hands except Shanaya. I too was like all of you. I too had stolen some dreams from life and hidden them in my eyes. I dint share it with anyone as I was scared that everyone will make a joke of me. but I was wrong for there is no age to fulfil your dreams. We all are capable to see and fulfil our dreams. I am really lucky to have a DIL like Sakshi who made me realise my worth. She introduced me to the real Sharda. I was never scared to fall for my family always stood by me. I want to thank my family for the same as they have made that Sharda meet this Sharda because of which I found my new identity. Now we all have to write each other’s destiny. we will support each other and be each other’s strength. We are one big family and our company’s name will be “family”. they all clap for her. Shanaya decides to head upstairs before anyone can see them. I will come back when they all will leave. She makes an exit. Sakshi is proud of her Ma. They share a family hug.

Shanaya comes back. Sharda was looking for her. Shanaya was there only but she was busy in puja so dint thought to disturb her. Sakshi comes and takes her to her seat. You have made this place for yourself on your own. Title track plays. Sharda is a little scared. What if I make mistake? Sakshi explains that everyone makes mistakes but you have to realise how to make it right. Sharda nods.

An officer from bank has come over. Shanaya meets him. He affirms that they only have given them loan to run this factory. She tells him that they have given to loan to such a small enterprise. What if they are unable to return your loan amount in the future? Sakshi joins them and notices that he looks tensed. He says it is a thing to worry when your own staff member is worried about loan repayment. Sakshi looks at Shanaya in shock. Shanaya covers up saying that we are actually thankful to you for giving loan to a small enterprise like ours as that is generally not the case. The officer goes to meet Sharda. Sakshi stops Shanaya. I don’t like your attitude. If it was me then I would have never hired you but Ma has hired you so mind your business. You don’t need to say anything in any matter here. Shanaya isn’t affected. I am only minding my business which is to shut this factory.

Bank officer talks about the risk involved here as they are a small enterprise. She is worried and tries to explain it to him. But then he surprises her by saying that their loan has been sanctioned. Our bank is helping all those women who are trying to stand on their own feet. But you will be under our watch constantly. You have to prove yourself to the bank by paying your loan on time. Sharda assures him that they will pay the loan in time. He leaves. Sharda looks worried. She tells about their loan sanction to Sakshi. But she is scared as other women have woven new dreams because of her. what if we are unable to fulfil the orders in time due to any reason and are unable to repay the loan in time? Everyone’s dreams will be broken. Sakshi assures her that they will do things on time. A big industrialist like Meeta Manchanda has trusted you. When will you start trusting yourself? Everything will happen for good. Sharda nods happily and they share a hug.

Shanaya is eating dinner. She notices that her mom isn’t eating. Pallavi is waiting for Suresh. Shanaya talks against him. he never has time. He has so much to take care of…office, meetings, other family, other wife and other kids. She tells him that dad had gone to attend the puja at his other wife’s factory. Pallavi is shocked to know it. suresh comes home and Shanaya heads for her room. Suresh joins Pallavi on the dining table. He apologizes for being late. Have you eaten yet? I was stuck in a meeting. She retorts at him. Were you really busy in meeting or had gone to meet Sharda? Suresh looks at her in shock. Who told you? She doesn’t take Shanaya’s name. He agrees that he had gone there which angers her all the more. He had gone for his mother’s sake. She wanted me to be there. Sharda has never asked me anything till date. She had called to invite me and I declined her but I couldn’t say no to his Ma. She doesn’t buy it. you had gone there to insult me. she works for Meeta who is my best friend. You have encouraged Sharda by going there and have insulted me in turn. You have publically humiliated me. Shanaya overhears them. he tries to make her understand but in vain.

Sakshi and Sharda are looking at some bills. Sakshi talks of cost cutting but Sharda wants good quality stuff. Profit can be less but the quality has to be good. She nods.

Karan comes and is hungry. She goes to make chapattis for her but is sad as the gas is finished. She tells Sakshi and Karan to go out and eat something. Karan goes to change while Sharda tells Sakshi to take an umbrella with her.

Sakshi wants to take Karan to a chaat corner. She wants to have pao bhaji. He orders one plate as love increases when you share. They both feed each other lovingly and enjoy it. he has a party in his office tomorrow and asks her to join him. Rain starts and they both open their umbrella. He looks at her sweetly while she feels all shy. She pours water on him. He does the same. She runs off with the umbrella while he shouts out his love for her. She comes back and tells him that she loves him too. They have a cute moment together.

Precap: Latika calls her mom. She tells her mom that Pallavi wants to play politics with her. Sharda is not affected by it. I have already given her everything. I don’t have anything else to give to her. latika shocks her by telling her that Pallavi is after her factory now.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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