Ek Nayi Pehchan 7th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Ek Nayi Pehchan 7th February 2014 Written Episode, Ek Nayi Pehchan 7th February 2014 Written Update

Karan and Sakshi join everyone at the breakfast table. Sakshi apologizes to Karan by gestures but he still looks upset. Sakshi hits him on his feet under the table and apologizes. She repeats it and this time Karan too tries to hit her back but by mistake he hits Suresh’s feet. Suresh asks him to behave himself. This is not your football ground but dining table. Watch your feet. Karan apologizes to him. Sharda notices Karan’s sad face and asks Sakshi through gestures as to what happened. sakshi signals back at Karan who is staring at her nonstop. Sakshi gets an idea. She apologizes to Sharda (indirectly to Karan) for not being able to pick her phone yester night. My phone’s battery was low so it got switched off. I was searching for the charger but in vain. This is why I could

neither receive your call nor revert. Sharda smiles hearing her apology while Karan realises the point and softens. Sakshi apologizes once again asking Sharda if she will forgive her. Karan nods his head slightly. Sharda says I called you just to talk to you. It was nothing important. Sakshi holds her ears and make a cute face as she apologizes to Karan who is all smiles now. Sharda is happy to see them both smiling. Sakshi remembers something and runs off excusing herself.

Suresh gets a call from Latika who informs him that she will be late for office as she has to buy a dress for Diya. He is about to tell her about the dress which Sharda was making yester night but she is in a hurry so she ends the call. He asks Sharda why Latika has gone to market when you were sewing a dress for Diya. Sharda replies that she made it as a backup. But its good that Latika has gone to get it. She will definitely bring a very good dress for Diya which she will love. sakshi comes back holding Diya’s dress. You really are the best. You made this overnight which is unbelievable. Chirag and Dadi too compliment her and so does Suresh. If each and every worker of my company works as diligently as you do then our company will reach the skies. Sharda is content at the fact that everyone liked it. If Diya likes it then it will be a real success. Sakshi is sure she will love it. Such a dress would not be available in the market even. suresh gets up to leave after wearing his coat and asks Karan to come along. Karan and Sakshi smile at each other after which she signals him to go and he does. Sakshi thanks Sharda for proving her wrong. Everyone loved it including papa who doesn’t praise anyone just like that. You have very talented.

Pratik and Diya come to Modi House. Diya asks for her dress. Has mom got it? Sakshi tells her that your mom has gone to buy a dress for you. She will soon be back with a very beautiful dress for you. Pratik looks at the watch. It would have been better if I would have gone instead of Latika. Hope we don’t get late because of her best dress. It is 10 am now. Latika is out in the market trying to find a perfect dress for Diya. Diya asks Pratik when mom will come back. I have to go to school for rehearsals or ma’am will scold me. latika isn’t liking any of the dresses. Pratik is trying her number but she isn’t replying. Diya continues to wait for her mom. Sharda and Sakshi look worried. Latika comes home by noon. She looks really happy and caresses the bag in her hand. Pratik isn’t able to reach Latika. I guess she is busy in some work again. Just then Latika enters declining the fact that she was busy. I know I am late but I am sure that yours and Diya’s anger will be gone when you will look at this dress. All the dresses in the market were so cheap but I found the best one for my Diya. She calls out for Diya to show her the dress. Diya comes running to her wearing her dress. Latika looks at her from top to toe and then looks at Sakshi and her expressions change. Diya loves her dress and calls it the best one. Latika asks her to stop it. Who made you wear this dress? Diya takes Sakshi’s name. Sakshi begins to explain that she had to do it as but Pratik stops her. There is no point in explaining things to your own people or what are they for after all. You don’t have to give any explanation. In fact I and Latika should thank you and mom. Diya is able to be ready on time for her function because of you two only. Latika crumples the dress in her hand. Sharda appreciates the dress which Latika has brought. I made that one for backup thinking what if you are not able to get a dress for Diya on time. You make her wear this new dress only. She asks Sakshi to change Diya’s dress but Diya wants to wear this only. I will look best in this only. If anyone changes my dress then I wont talk to anyone. Sharda tries to explain to her but Pratik stops her. we are anyways very late for the function. He leaves with Diya and asks Latika to join them. diya says bye to both Sharda and Sakshi. Latika puts the dress away. she thanks her mom but sounds angry. I am going to Diya’s school for now but there is a meeting here afterwards so please prepare refreshments. Sharda nods. But then Latika directs it at Sakshi as she is angry with her. I should have said it to you as you are the one who handles everything here. I will give our investors phone numbers to you so that you can guide them as to how to reach here and you can take care of them till I am back after all no one here knows it better how to handle every problem except you. I am sure you will handle this as well. Sakshi is hurt by her words. Latika picks up her bag and leaves in a huff. Sakshi looks sadly at her MIL.

Sharda and Sakshi are cooking. Sakshi is still thinking about Latika’s words. Sharda understands it. You feel bad that Latika was hurt by what happened? Sakshi agrees. I shouldn’t have made Diya wear that dress. Latika di brought that dress with so much love and I! Sharda asks her not to worry. These kind of small things happen in every house but everything comes back to normal by the very next day as relations are above all these fights. Don’t worry you dint do any mistake. Leave this tell me what’s going on between you and Karan. Sakshi begins to tell her when she recalls she hasn’t replied to Karan’s message till now. She excuses herself to go and send a reply when the landline rings. It is Latika’s friend, Rekha. She is actually asking for directions. Sakshi thinks of something and then asks Sharda to come and explain. Sharda denies. Sakshi reasons that she is new in Mumbai and doesn’t know the routes too well but Sharda isn’t sure of herself. Sakshi hands her the phone and leaves. Sharda directs her well. She puts the receiver down and is surprised to find Sakshi standing by the stairs and smiling at her. sharda understands it.

Sakshi replies to Karan’s message. Sorry, couldn’t reply yesterday as the battery was dead. Suresh asks Mr. Shah to read out the proposal which he has made. Mr. Shah begins to explain when Karan’s phone beeps. Karan apologizes to everyone and the meeting resumes. Karan reads the text and writes down a reply. Only sorry? Nothing would be ok by a sorry. He smiles as he sends the message. Sakshi asks him what will do then to which Karan replies asking her if she will do whatever he asks her to. She says will think about it. He asks her to leave it then as she wont be able to do it anyways. She asks him to atleast try telling her. Karan is about to reply when he notices his dad’s reflection on the table. Suresh is standing next to him. He asks his employees to excuse them for a minute.

Suresh remarks that this looks more like a college canteen than office. Karan denies. Suresh asks him not to act that ways here then. I thought you can handle Latika’s responsibilities as she dint come today but coming here is just another time pass for you. You are Suresh Modi’s son so behave accordingly. Don’t repeat these actions ever in my office. Karan mumbles in affirmation. Suresh leaves from there. Karan looks at his phone. Sakshi wonders what has happened to him. He should have replied by now. She decides to send another message but gets a message which says he is busy don’t disturb me. She understands it. Just then she hears Dadi’s voice calling out for help.

Sharda and Sakshi find Dadi on the floor. She slipped because of the smaller carpet. They both help her in getting up and make her lie on the bed. Dadi’s feet is paining. Sakshi has called doc as well. Sharda asks her to heat neem oil and mustard oil together and get them for Dadi. Sakshi leaves to get it. Sharda massages Dadi’s feet with the oil. Sharda takes cotton from the pillow and puts it over Dadi’s feet all the while explaining its significance to Sakshi. Sharda puts on a crape bandage over the cotton. Dadi keeps calling out in pain asking for a doc. She suddenly feels that the pain is reducing and feels better. Doc asks Dadi how she is feeling now. Dadi is all happy and cheerful now. Doc wants to know who has done all this. She compliments Sharda and her ideas. You are really lucky to have a DIL like Sharda or the wives today aren’t this smart. She leaves. Sakshi is happy thinking that Sharda ma has so many facets. I am sure you will very soon make your own identity.

Precap: Karan asks Sakshi if she will go on a date with him. Sakshi smiles as she reads the message. We have met recently. I wont go out so soon with you. I am not that kind of a girl I am sorry but no date. Karan is sure he will take her out on a date for sure.

Update Credit to: pooja

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