Ek Nayi Pehchan 6th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Nayi Pehchan 6th March 2014 Written Episode, Ek Nayi Pehchan 6th March 2014 Written Update

Sharda is tesned. How will I cook all this in such a short notice! She looks at the clock. How will I manage everything? Bhagwati comes there. You will have to do everything all by yourself. Actually they are Ma ji’s special guests so I cannot leave them alone and help you. Sharda nods. Bhagwati calls them their special relatives. Ma ji leaves no stone unturned to take care of them. sharda checks the potatoes. They are overcooked. She will have to do it all over again. Bhagwati says that Ma ji was praising you so much in front of the guests. Be careful as if the food isn’t cooked well then she will get upset with you. One thing is for sure, you might take more time but you will cook yummy food. She goes to give water to the guests. Sharda is really panicking. She thinks of calling Sakshi

but then decides against it as she will get worried.

Fui and her guests are talking about values. She is hinting it all at Dadi. The elders of the house have to pass them on then only will the younger generation realise them. A woman handles the house. If she herself is not fulfilling her responsibilities nicely then she has no right to say anything to anyone. bhagwati bangs her head slightly while Dadi is listening quietly to everything. Baa is worried that this modern age thinking might take our values and traditions on the wrong path. Bhagwati signals her to come aside. Baa excuses herself. She gets upset for being called like this by her DIL. Bhagwati tells her about Sharda’s state. She is not able to cook rightly even. Baa comments that one cannot travel in two boats at the same time or else one might drown. Stay quiet and get hot water for me. you too are acting like the city people that’s why I have to remind you everything. Baa joins her friends while Bhagwati is sad that she was only trying to help yet got to hear so much.

Sharda is full of nerves. So less time is left and I have to go to the class too. sharda mistakenly adds more salt in a curry in which she had already put it. She tries to add a little water but extra water drops in. Dadi is worried that her sister calmed down after so much difficulty. If she sees this now then there will be more trouble. She will be insulted in front of her guests and I will be blamed. You anyways don’t care about anything nowadays. She walks out muttering to herself while Sharda is trying her best. She is cooking so much all at once. Bhagwati and Baa praise Sharda’s cooking skills. Everyone is getting anxious to eat the food cooked by her. Baa calls out for Sharda to set the table. They all sit down on the dining table. Baa gets upset thinking that maybe the food isn’t ready yet I will have to call it from outside. Bhagwati comments that Sharda bhabhi failed in this exam. Baa is irked. My DIL is forgetting all the old things while trying to learn new things. She is about to apologize to her guests when Kaveri comes with food. Dadi asks her to take a seat. Sakshi comes with another plate. They are surprised to see her. They came early as Karan had to go to office. Ma was in kitchen so I thought to help her. She asks everyone to eat the food cooked by her ma. Sakshi nods at Sharda. Dadi compliments the food….though it doesn’t taste like what you cook every time. The taste is a little different but it is good. She checks with Ishwari behen who agrees. She isn’t happy as she is sure there is something wrong here.

Sakshi offers to bring tea for everyone after their meal. They enjoyed their lunch very much. Plus we have to talk to Ishwari behen and her DIL too. Sakshi asks Kaveri to take them to the guest room. They all leave with Kaveri. Sakshi asks Sharda to leave as she is getting late for her class. Bhagwati and Baa don’t like it. Sharda seeks Fui’s permission. Sakshi interrupts. Why would Baa deny you? You only told me in the kitchen that Baa has no issue with your studies then why would she say no. We all follow what Baa says. She only wants you to take care of the house too along with your studies. Now you have completed all the household tasks. She requests Baa to give her second DIL a chance to serve the guests. I cook nice tea. Plus I will manage the rest of the work. She sits next to Baa and kind of side hugs her which shocks everyone especially Dadi. Baa nods. Sakshi applauds her and takes Sharda to her room to get her stuff.

In their room, Sakshi tells Sharda how she was worried that their game will be over. Sharda hugs her. You saved me at the right time. Flashback is shown where Sakshi calls Sharda and how Sharda told her everything. Sakshi brought the food from a restaurant. Sakshi came and saw everyone chatting away in the hall. She went outside and entered from the kitchen window. Flashback ends. We were somehow saved today. bhagwati was listening to everything from outside. The DIL are MIL are together in this. They have so much love between them but my MIL never loved me like this. Sharda hugs Sakshi. She had missed her so much. I was constantly feeling that you were in some problem. Sharda too missed her. Now I know one thing that I don’t have to worry about anything when you are here. Sakshi nods but Sharda is feeling bad about lying. Sakshi says that we lied for good. We are not doing anything wrong so don’t worry everything will be fine.

Karan is recalling the time that he and Sakshi spent at her house and their journey till Mumbai. His friend’s find him all lost and quote something on love. karan smiles. I was thinking about her only. We humans are so weird that we don’t value the most amazing thing of the world which is already with us. They are surprised to see him talking so nicely about Sakshi bhabhi. He confesses that he always knew that she is too good but never respected my feelings because of my ego. She is handling my whole family so nicely and have made them their own. Rohan tells him that she had made him hers too.

Baa is angry that Sharda went to attend her class. Bhagwati tells her everything. You made the right move to stop her from going to the class but she dint cook it at home. Sakshi brought all the food from outside. We dint think about Sakshi but she is too fast. Baa comments that those who run fast fall flat on their face. She doesn’t have any idea as to who is she going to face. Bhagwati remarks that she has a good mind but why is she using it to lie…and that too to you? You catch lies like this. Sharda comes and confesses to Fui that she dint cook the food for guests. Sakshi and Dadi have come there too. Fui wonders what is she up to by confessing her lie. Sharda says it was very important for me to attend today’s class. I would have made everything if I had any idea about it but it was the last minute plan and I couldn’t understand what to do. I dint want you to feel embarrassed in front of the guests because of me. This is why I couldn’t tell you the truth. I only cooked half of what you asked for. I asked Sakshi to bring rest of the things from the restaurant. Please forgive me Fui. This time Dadi speaks up against Sharda. Sakshi is a kid but why did you lie. Sakshi takes the blame on her. sharda tries to speak but Sakshi doesn’t let her say anything. Ma was saying no but I asked her to do it. She apologizes to Baa but she is angry. Lies have no fee that’s why they take support of people like you but when they come face to face with truth then lies and such people are defeated – just like Sharda!

Fui asks Sharda as to why she and her DIL lie all the time. You both lied that day for studies and today for this. What if the guests would have come to know about it? I would have been insulted. Sakshi tells that we only wanted the guests to be happy when they leave. They all loved the food. Ma did everything with all her heart. I am at fault as I lied. Fui turns to Sharda once again. What did you gain by lying? You lied for being allowed to go to study? Sharda nods. Fui allows her to go. everyone has mixed reactions on their face…of shock and surprise. Go to your coaching centre as it is getting late. Sakshi asks her to go now that Baa has agreed finally. Sharda again apologizes to her and also thanks her for letting her go to the class. sakshi is happy that she thanked Baa in English. Go get ready as you are getting late for the class. sharda leaves. Fui looks angry.

Precap: Karan has brought bangles and gives them to Sakshi.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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