Ek Nayi Pehchan 6th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Ek Nayi Pehchan 6th February 2014 Written Episode, Ek Nayi Pehchan 6th February 2014 Written Update

Sakshi’s friend has come to meet her. She tells her everything is a mess now. Remember the cooking competition we have to take part in? Sharda was passing by but stops to hear it. Sakshi’s friend explains that in the next round we have to cook 3 Indian dishes in an hour’s time. They are both sad as they don’t have the correct exposure in that area. We will lose it without even participating in it. Sharda smiles. My kids lost so soon? I will teach you. Vinni praises her. You are the best. Sharda takes them to the kitchen to teach them.

Vinni is making a video of what all Sharda is doing and cooking while Sakshi helps her. they both taste the food and love it. Now they are sure they only will win this competition. Sakshi agrees with her. Vinni thanks Sharda who says it

is a normal thing for all the housewives. Vinni is sad thinking she doesn’t know how to cook. Sharda says what if you don’t know how to cook but you do so much work outside the house which we elders aren’t capable of doing. A needle and sword might not be able to do each other’s work but they do fulfil their duties. Sakshi looks on proudly as her friend praises her MIL. Thank you so much. She has to leave now. Sharda asks her to eat something but she says she will cook all this on her own and then only she will eat it. Sakshi goes to drop her off till the door. Sakshi thanks Vinni for helping her in her plan. See how confident ma looked. Vinni is happy to help. In fact you have any other work next time then call me only. This way I will get to eat the awesome food cooked by her. sakshi tells her she doesn’t need an excuse to come over.

Sakshi comes in the kitchen and praises Sharda who praises Sakshi’s mom. Sakshi continues calling her the best. Cooking is an art which isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Tell me honestly, you also know that you are a very good cook right? Sharda nods while smiling a big smile back at her. sakshi says when you know you cook so well then why don’t you praise this Sharda in your essay? Why don’t you bring this identity of Sharda in front of your whole class? Share this side of Sharda with everyone. This sets Sharda thinking.

Sakshi tells her friends about how Karan is trying to know everything to impress her so that I give him my number. But I wont give him my number so easily. Plus how would he come to know where we hang out? Just then Karan makes an entry in the restaurant. Sakshi is surprised and wonders how he came to know about this place. Vinni hides her face and Sakshi scolds her. sakshi hides her face as he approaches their table. If the will is strong then one is bound to find their destination. I felt like a James Bond out of the movie while I was following you. Sakshi tells him to stop his over acting. You have done cheating I know everything. When you don’t know me then how can you know my friends? He smiles. Even if it was cheating I did hard work after all, now you will give me your number. She clears it to him that it is up to me if I am impressed or not. I will decide that. She declines to give her number. He agrees. We will see who wins now! He goes and sits on a nearby table.

A waiter brings a box of chocolates for Sakshi. He points out at Karan meaning that it is sent by him. sakshi still denies to share her number. Just then another waiter brings a coffee for her along with a rose and chit which says Please along with a smiley face. She declines having ordered a coffee and returns it. They talk in signals where she waves at him that she wont give her number so easily. The girls decide to go someplace else to enjoy. They are about to get up when some guys come there asking them to be friends with them if not with him (Karan). They ask Sakshi for her number. Sakshi is disgusted. Karan warns them not to utter another single word or he will throw them out. They take out their phones as they again ask Sakshi for her number. He beats one of the guy and makes sure they are thrown out of the restaurant. One of the guy warns Karan before being escorted out that he wont leave him. The girls leave from there. Karan is sad that he did everything and even fought like a hero still dint get her number. Right then a waiter comes and hands him a piece of paper. It is Sakshi’s number. Karan gets happy.

Suresh comes in his room only to find Sharda sewing something so late at night. She is stitching a dress for Diya. He suggests her to ask someone to get a readymade dress instead. Why do you have to do all this? She is about to tell him about how Latika brought a dress but stops. You know how much I love all this. He gives up. The world is moving ahead but you are still roaming in those old lanes. She is still in love with them. whenever I see a dream, I see all the same old things. How ma used to teach me sewing and embroidery work; used to scold me when I used to make mistakes; felt sad when I used to get hurt and our marriage. Remember this was what I used to do in Jamnagar’s home. I never used to notice how the days used to pass. He thinks of them as the worst days of their lives. Don’t remember them. I have come out of them after facing so many problems / difficulties so that I can give you a better life, give this family a better future. We have all the money and everything now but still. She says we can only buy luxuries with money not happiness. My happiness lies in the same things. He completely gives up as there is no point in trying to make her understand anything. She doesn’t have any complaints with her past. I was very happy even if I had to work hard. These things give me immense happiness. It soothes my heart till date. She turns to look at him and goes quiet as he has slept already.

Sakshi and her friends reach Modi House. Her friends tease her as she looks all shy / smiling all by herself. She herself gave her number. Meanwhile, Karan is still in the restaurant. It will feel awkward if I will call her just like that but now that I have taken her number then I should do something. I will send her a message. He keeps thinking of what to sms her and keeps deleting the text as he feels it might look cheesy. Sakshi friends leave for their home. Sakshi tells them that the driver will drop them off. I will call you in the morning. They leave. Karan sends her a message finally – Hi Simran, your Raj here 🙂 Sakshi gets a new message and gets excited but her phone gets switched off as there is no battery. She runs inside to put in on charging. She is not able to find her phone’s charger. Karan is waiting for a reply. He gets a new message but it is from someone else. Why hasn’t she replied yet? Is she showing me attitude? No reply even after I have sent her a message? Ok, I too wont pay any attention to her from now onwards.

Sakshi gets happy as she hears a car horn. She pretends to be reading a book when Karan enters though she looks at him with a smile as he comes in their room. He simply walks off towards their bathroom without saying a word which leaves her confused. They both stare and glare at each other as he comes back from the washroom. He lies down on the couch and closes his eyes. She wonders what has happened to him that he is so quiet. He was so after me when he wanted my number. He too notices that she is thinking so highly about herself that she isn’t even looking in my direction. They both decide not to talk to each other as they have a bigger ego than the other. She picks up her book again but continues muttering to herself. It is ok if he doesn’t want to talk but his attitude is very weird for sure.

Sakshi is looking at Karan while changing a pillow cover when he wakes up. She smiles very slightly but then resumes her work as she is upset with him. he checks his phone but there is no reply from her side. what an attitude! She hasn’t even replied to my message and pretends that everything is normal. Why do all the girls think that they are Kareena Kapoor and guys will run after them? she too is thinking on the same lines. Why all this attitude when I have even shared my number with him! He says this is too much. She made me try so hard first to get to know her name and then get her number. Now after everything she hasn’t even replied to my text. She is fiddling with the bed sheet as she tries to set it correctly. He comments that it doesn’t exactly look like what she is trying to do. She replies that she can do everything…ok if not everything, then a lot many things but this is impossible. He knows how to do it properly. It must be someone really stupid who doesn’t know how to do it. She doesn’t want his help now. he asks her to give it so that he can tell her. She does it reluctantly. They both pull hard at the ends and are pulled towards each other which make them fall on the bed while the bed sheet falls over them covering them. they share an eye lock. They both feel a little awkward and get up. He says your ego is very big but you are wrong to think that I will pamper it. Why did you do the drama of sharing your number when you dint have to reply to my message? She is confused. He walks away saying he doesn’t care. She wonders which message he was talking about; picks up her phone which is still off as she couldn’t find the charger yesterday. She puts it on charging and switches it on. Saiyaan re plays as she reads the message. Now I understand why Raj is upset with his Simran.

Precap: Latika has brought the best dress for her Diya after searching thoroughly. She calls out for Diya who comes running wearing her dress. Latika gets angry. Who made you wear this dress? Sakshi begins to explain that she had to do it as but Pratik stops her. there is no point in explaining things to your own people or what are they for after all. Latika glares at Sakshi.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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