Ek Nayi Pehchan 5th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Nayi Pehchan 5th March 2014 Written Episode, Ek Nayi Pehchan 5th March 2014 Written Update

Saiyaan re plays while Karan picks her up in his arms and puts her safely in the passenger seat. Sakshi is all smiles. They ask him to take care of his sister always or else. Karan jokes he will always be ready for their punch. Everyone smiles. Sakshi and Karan leave for home.

Modi House is all decked up. The party is on in full swing. One of the guys at the party compliments Latika as the ideal woman. You manage home and office so well. She calls her work her dream and her family her life. Diya is looking for her mom. She is going to meet her when Kaveri asks her to go to her room as it is time for her medicines but Diya wants to be with her mom. Kaveri nods and goes from there. Latika doesn’t see her. diya calls her dad. Bhagwati looks at the party and people while Dadi is irked

with the noise. Bhagwati thinks of something. She turns to talk to Dadi about the party. Dadi doesn’t seem too interested in her talks regarding the party. Bhagwati finally comes to the point. Can I go too? Dadi thinks that Latika wont spare her if she sends Bhagwati in her party. She tells the same thing to Bhagwati. Plus will you go like this? She says she will wear her wedding saree. Dadi asks her what she will tell to Ishwari behen. Bhagwati wants to go for half an hour. Ma ji wouldn’t even come to know. Dadi allows her to go. Give me a broom before you go as I will need it when Ishwari behen will cut you into pieces. Bhagwati really wants to go. I wouldn’t get another chance like this in my life ever. But she cannot go like this. Dadi suggests her to wear Sakshi’s clothes. Don’t overdo but. Bhagwati rushes off after complimenting Dadi.

People compliment the food made by Sharda. Kaveri has come to give her medicine to Diya. She wants to take it from Nani but is told that she is busy cooking for people. Nani will get upset if you take it from me. Diya agrees declines to take a specific medicine. Diya tries to stop Kaveri but she insists as otherwise her mom will get upset. Diya gulps it down with water and lies down to rest.

Bhagwati takes out a few dresses from Sakshi’s wardrobe and finally selects one. She comes wearing a suit fully decked up with jewellery in Latika’s party. Latika is shocked to see her while the others cannot help themselves from smiling. Bhagwati is waving at them. she is happy. one cannot enjoy something without trying it. The guys ask Latika about Bhagwati. She stops a waiter to take juice but ends up dropping the glass. Latika is upset with her for creating a scene in the party.

Diya is having problem in sleeping / breathing. The music is on in full volume. Diya is very restless. She tries calling for her mom but then gets up to go to her….that too with a lot of difficulty. Latika checks with Kaveri about Diya’s medicine. Diya has a headache and comes in the hall. Her voice is not audible because of the Dj. Latika is enjoying talking to people. Pratik comes and looks around. He notices Diya holding her head feeling dizzy. He runs to hold her daughter. Latika is taken aback to see her like this and rushes to her. everyone else has come there too. Pratik looks angrily at Latika while Suresh takes them inside and calls for the doc.

The doc checks Diya. He tells them that the medicine reacted. Sharda wonders how that could be. I separated the medicines myself. He explains that the medicine to be given in the morning has been mistakenly given in the evening. No need to worry she will be fine in half an hour. Pratik cannot help but stare at Latika which she notices. The doc leaves. Pratik goes to see him off. Sharda looks really worried for Diya. Latika comes outside to ask Pratik why he was looking at her like that as if the whole fault is mine. I had told Kaveri to give DIya her medicine on time. Pratik asks her if she cannot take care of his daughter at all. You are responsible for Diya’s state. Latika corrects him that she is my daughter too. Of course I care for her. pratik tells her how Diya called him up. She told me that she was getting bored. You were enjoying your party. Its good that I came on time or my daughter would have been in pain till now. She tells him to stop it. I am already feeling bad. Don’t start this blame game again. You know how kids do anything to grab attention. If I was enjoying my success party with my colleagues then what’s the problem. You dint even congratulate me. He smiles and congratulates her. I am sorry your party was ruined because of my Diya. I think you should resume your party now. Pratik takes Diya with him.

Chirag has come home drunk from the party. Sharda notices him thus and is worried if he is fine. He wants to go and rest. She doesn’t realise what’s up with him and continues to be worried for him.

Kaveri asks Bhagwati to change as Baa would be coming anytime. Bhagwati reminds her that Baa is with Diya. Why should I change? Bhagwati realises she must do that or she would have been caught by now. Everyone’s attention was diverted because of Diya. Someone knocks on the door and they both panic. Bhagwati hides behind Kaveri. It is Baa and Dadi. Baa is upset to see her DIL in such clothes. Bhagwati fumbles. I too was called at the party so I wore Sakshi’s clothes. This irks Baa all the more. go and change right now. Bhagwati runs off to change. Baa comments it is rightly said that one dirty fish can contaminate a pond. You (Dadi) saw what I was saying. First you spoiled your DIL who spoiled her DIL in turn. Now all of you together are trying to spoil my DIL. Nothing can be done now. I can show the right way to my DIL but you are not able to do anything. Now I will take charge as I have the first right over this house before anyone else. This is my family. I cannot just sit and watch like you. Nothing wrong can happen till I am here. I will see how anyone breaks the rules made by me. I will see to it how Sharda goes to study. Dadi looks on worried.

Next morning, Sharda is cooking when Bhagwati comes there. She watches Sharda managing too many tasks at once. If she sees me then I will have to help her in the kitchen. Sakshi anyways doesn’t help her. She knows nothing then why should I go to help her. I wont go. sharda gets a call from Rukhsar. Bhagwati stops by to hear. Rukhsar tells her that her attendance is low. Sir too is upset with her. please don’t miss today’s class. it is very important for you to attend today’s class as it will cover your all your absents till date or else you wont be allowed to continue. Sharda agrees to come today. rukhsar reminds her to reach on time or sir wont let you come in. Sharda agrees and ends the call. Only 2 hours are left for the class to start. Sharda will have to hurry up if she has to leave for her class.

Some ladies have come to meet Baa. She introduces them to Sharda. Sharda is lost in thoughts. She is about to talk to Fui about her class but Fui tells her to cook something for the guests. She gives a long list of things to cook. Dadi is worried. She asks Sharda to go and cook everything fast as it is time for food. Sharda thinks about how to tell Fui that it is important for her to go to class today or her name will be cut.

Precap: Fui is complimenting Sharda’s cooking skills to her friends. She asks Sharda to set the table. sharda mistakenly adds more salt in a curry in which she had already put it. She tries to add a little water but extra water drops in. Dadi is worried that her sister calmed down after so much difficulty. If she sees this now then there will be more trouble.

Update Credit to: pooja

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