Ek Nayi Pehchan 5th February 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Nayi Pehchan 5th February 2014 Written Episode, Ek Nayi Pehchan 5th February 2014 Written Update

Sakshi reminds Karan that they are strangers for each other and I don’t talk to strangers. He asks her to atleast pass the towel if not talk to him. she teases him saying doesn’t he feel it weird that he is asking a complete stranger for help. He replies that if I come without that (towel) then maybe you too will feel weird. Sakshi tells him not to as he threatens to come out without a towel. She picks up his towel and hands it over to him all the while walking backwards to avoid looking at him. people don’t help their known people and I helped a stranger. I have a big heart. He thanks her calling her miss stranger. She tells him to get to know her name. He asks her about it but she points out that she asked him to get to know her name and not ask her. did you not try to find

out some girl’s name in college time? He smiles. Girls were crazy about me. they were after me and used to roam around with their name plates with full address for me. She points out that he has met a different kind of girl this time. I wont tell you my name so easily. Karan is sure of himself. Nothing is tough for me. you don’t know me at all. She agrees with him on this statement. I don’t know anything about you as I don’t know you. Remember Mr. Stranger? If this isn’t so tough then try to find out. He tries a trick from DDLJ but she stays put. I don’t like people who are cheesy and pushy. He asks her what kind of guys you like. She walks a little closer to him as Saiyaan re plays. Like you! Karan smiles but it disappears as she negates it. Those who are not like you! To know my likes you will have to do a lot of hard work Mr. Stranger. She leaves from there waving him bye.

Sharda is super excited as. She drags Sakshi with her to show her the essay which Suresh has written for her. sakshi gets very happy to hear that papa helped her in writing it for her. this means that papa has no qualms of your going to the coaching centre. He is in fact supporting you in this decision. Tell me what he has written. Sharda says he has written it. You have to help me in memorising it. Sakshi teases her by saying this isn’t an essay but love letter for you from papa. Sakshi’s smile disappears as she reads it. Hi, I am Sharda Suresh Modi. I have a good family. I live in Modi House. I have several textiles and garment factories in my name. I want to see all my business growing to become really big. I am proud of all my business. I would like to see ‘Modi’ name become the biggest in the country. And that is one brand that I have always nurtured. Sharda asks her to translate it for her. sakshi obliges. Sharda appreciates Suresh for writing so well. I would not have been able to write this much about myself. Sakshi remarks that it is good but it isn’t about you. You are nowhere in this essay. Sharda is surprised. He has written something for me for the first time and its all about me. sakshi questions her about her knowledge about all those industries. Sharda doesn’t know much about it. Sakshi says how something that you know nothing about can define you. First you will have to understand yourself, who you are. She gives an example of how a deer keeps finding kasturi all his life which is in fact inside it only. You too have to find your kasturi which is inside you. What makes and defines Sharda Modi! Sharda is confused. He (Suresh) has written something for me for the first time. He will feel bad if I wont say it. Sakshi says its about right and wrong. You have to talk about yourself and not about your family business. Sharda nods. I wont go to class on the day when we have to read the essay. I will make an excuse. Sakshi is dismayed. Since when did you start to lie? And why do you have to?

Just then Karan calls out to Sakshi as stranger. Sakshi feels shy while Sharda looks both of them confused. Karan gets a call and tells the person they will plan something. Sharda asks Sakshi about what Karan called her. sakshi tells her which makes Sharda happy. It is good that you guys listened to your mom and made a new start. You should have atleast told him your name. Sakshi explains that when friendship happens fast then some things that are required to know people stays incomplete. You made friends with you but neither could you know who you are nor could understand yourself. Karan will have to toil hard to know Sakshi. Similarly Mrs. Modi will have to work hard to know Sharda. Karan comes there and again talks to Sakshi in the same way. He is hungry and asks his mom to give him something to eat. Sharda asks Sakshi if she dint give Karan food. Karan denies. since she has become a stranger she doesn’t care about me. but my mom is there to worry for me. sharda agrees and also points out that it isn’t that tough to know a girl’s name and be friends with her. sakshi agrees with her. karan says she isn’t the only girl in the world. There are lakhs of girls for a smart guy like me. he walks away from there. Sakshi tells Sharda that she isn’t going to take food for him. ask him to ask one of his fan followers to do so. Sharda wants to stay out of their story. It is better if the guy and the girl handle things on their own. Things should reach their mom once they fall for each other. Sakshi makes a sad face. I thought you would support me. she gives her the notebook and goes from there. Sharda gets tensed as she looks at the essay written in her notebook.

Sakshi comes to her room. She asks Karan what was the point in calling her a stranger in front of ma. Karan says when I wont know your name then I will have to call you something. How do you like Basanti? Sakshi jokes why not Sheila or Munni instead. Karan says Basanti has something that these other names don’t have. She says it has. But you will have to impress me somewhat to know it. He is confused how to do that. She says we are strangers and if you have to know me then you will have to show some interest in me. you will have to put in some word, do a little hard work. He asks for some hint but she denies. she turns to go but the chain of her kurta tears apart a little. Karan gets up taking the cue and smiles at her discomfiture while she is trying to close the chain. He jokes that now she has ample time to explain things. Just then Sharda calls out for her as Diya is waiting for her. karan comes closer and puts her arms around her neck. She closes her eyes while he fastens the chain. Tere mere beech me plays. He tells her to go while she stands there with her eyes closed. They both smile. Sakshi turns to go but then tells him her name – Simran. He introduces himself as Raj. Give your right number atleast if not the right name. She tells him he will have to try a little harder and leaves. Karan repeats her new name and smiles.

Latika is talking to Mr. Nath over some important issue which they have to discuss once she is back at the office. She notices Pratik standing there as she ends the call. He thanks her for bringing Diya’s dress here. I felt good that you took time out of your busy schedule. She can do anything for him and Diya. She just wishes that Diya likes the dress. Diya comes out wearing that dress. It is a small size for her. Latika mutters I told assistant to get Diya’s size clothes. Pratik is irked. Diya is crying and Latika apologizes to her though she puts the blame on her assistant. Mumma will get the correct size for you very soon. Diya points out that the function is tomorrow. everyone will wear new dress except me. my mam will scold me. latika assures her she will get something by today itself. Diya goes to change. Latika reiterates the same thing to Pratik. Sharda and Sakshi were passing by from outside and stop to hear their convo. Pratik says there is no point in blaming your assistant. When you cannot understand the importance of things being a mom then how can you expect others to understand it? You know you don’t have time for me or Diya then why do you pretend all this? I told you if you don’t have time then I would have bought the dress for Diya. Maybe that dress wouldn’t have been up to the class and taste of Ms. Latika Modi but it would have been perfect for my Diya. Latika asks her to stop it. Only the size is small I will fix it. You only need a reason to fight. She comes out and finds her mom and Sakshi standing by the door. she stares at them but then walks away. sharda tries to say something but in vain. Sakshi is worried what if Latika didi is not able to get the dress on time.

Karan (Raj) is all set to find out more about Simran. She has challenged me but how to do that. She goes out to hang out with her friends every day. If I get to know about the place where she goes then I will get to know a lot about her. He wonders how to do that and then notices her phone. He is hesitant as it is bad manners to check someone’s phone without asking them. He calls Rohan for help. Karan asks Rohan to check with Sakshi’s friend with whom he is in touch…but indirectly! Rohan agrees. Plus Sakshi has left her phone here so if I check it then it would be wrong, right? Rohan denies. it is weird when a husband wife or girlfriend boyfriend don’t check each other’s phones. Check it and you will get to know everything. Karan ends the call and picks up the phone but just then Sakshi comes there.

She too is looking for her phone. She asks Karan if he has seen her phone anywhere. He denies. she notices that he is behaving awkwardly. She asks him to show what he is hiding in his hands. He shows his hands one by one while hiding the phone in his other hand. She asks him to show both the hands together. He throws the phone on the bed and holds her by the shoulders as she advances to see it by herself. Saiyaan re plays as they both share an eye lock. She smiles as she notices her phone on the bed understanding it all. She starts giving him her number and tells him first 4 digits. I was just a bit impressed so that number has been given in bits too. He wants all. This isn’t right. She points out that what he was doing isn’t right too. I know very well where I had left my phone. You will have to work a lot. You have to find out this as well as to where I am going to hang out with my friends today. she takes her phone and leaves from there. He is sure she will give her number by herself by the evening.

Precap: Sakshi is with her friends. Karan is sitting on a nearby table. He has sent coffee for her along with a rose and chit which says Please along with a smiley face. She declines having ordered a coffee. They talk in signals where she waves at him that she wont give her number so easily. The girls decide to go someplace else to enjoy. They are about to get up when some guys come there asking them to be friends with them if not with him (Karan). They ask Sakshi for her number. Sakshi is disgusted while Karan looks angry too.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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