Ek Nayi Pehchan 4th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Nayi Pehchan 4th March 2014 Written Episode, Ek Nayi Pehchan 4th March 2014 Written Update

Sharda brings milk for Fui. Fui talks to her through gestures. Bhagwati stops to watch them. Sharda apologizes to Fui. Whatever happened, was wrong but I dint want to lie to you. I couldn’t understand what to do that’s why maybe I lied. Please forgive me. Fui says over the years I have never felt that you lied to me or is it so that you kept on lying to me but I couldn’t understand it. Dadi too comes there. Fui asks Sharda if she lied on her own or did that on her DIL Sakshi’s instigation. Or you both might have had a bet over this to check out who lies better or you were equal in that. You both are liars. Fui is about to pick the glass of milk when Sharda tells her that she is to be blamed for everything. Sakshi isn’t at fault. I dint want to hurt you. Dadi and Bhagwati look

on. But Fui continues to blame Sakshi. She is behind everything. Sharda tells her not to say anything about Sakshi. Stop taking her side. sharda tells her not to say anything about Sakshi. I am accepting my mistake and I am folding my hands in front of you to seek forgiveness. Fui gets up angry. Shyness and respecting elders are certainly not in your dictionary. You cannot be the DIL of our house as the DIL’s of our house don’t talk to their elders like this. When you don’t realise your mistake then why are you doing the drama of seeking forgiveness! I could forget you lie once but I cannot forget the way you have talked to me just now. Sharda leaves from there with Dadi following her. Bhagwati takes the cue to instigate her MIL against Sharda. Did you see how she was staring at you? I don’t know why I have this feeling that because of this Sakshi and Sharda bhabhi something wrong will happen in your house. Fui looks quite upset.

Karan and Sakshi are on their way to Mumbai. Sakshi tries Sharda’s number but its out of coverage. This worries Sakshi all the more. She tries again but to no use. She cannot help thinking about her ma. Hope everything is fine. Please God don’t let anything wrong happen to her. karan puts his hand over hers assuring her. saiyaan re plays. They come to a crossroad. Karan isn’t sure which way to go but then he takes a right.

Chirag gets a call from his friend. He is invited to a party and is quite excited. I will ask dad as mom wont stop asking me n number of questions.

Karan stops the car mid way. He says there is a small problem. We…she corrects him it is you who took that turn. He nods. I took the wrong turn and we have ended up in a forest. But I have a solution. He takes out his phone but there’s no signal. I am not able to trace this location. Now I don’t know where to go. She asks him to take a u-turn. The car doesn’t start this time…another small problem. She gets hyper. Wrong turn, we are in a jungle, there’s no signal and even the car is not starting you call this a small problem? He asks her to calm down. I will go out and get some help. Stay here till I am back. This place looks dangerous anyways. She agrees. He gets down and starts looking around for something.

Suresh is trying to call Karan but his number isn’t reachable. He gets upset at him again. Latika is there too and he shares it with her. She suggests that it might be that there might be no network but Suresh doesn’t buy it. There are so many landlines, Sakshi’s phone. If people want to do something then they find ways to do it. It isn’t about only reaching out to contact but about responsibility. What would you have done if you were in such a situation? Anyways why am I comparing him to you. There is a knock on the door. One of the employees come to tell him that they have cracked Luthra’s contract. He gives the credit to Latika whereas she calls it a team effort. Suresh is happy. We should celebrate it. He is proud of her for her planning and hard work. She smiles in reply.

Sakshi is still waiting for Karan. She too gets down and starts looking around for him. Karan is confused where to go. This is so confusing. He continues walking but cannot see anyone. sakshi is also looking / calling out for him. Karan decides to head back. She is getting worried for him by now. He comes back to the car and is taken aback when he doesn’t see Sakshi in the car. He gets worried and starts looking for her. sakshi reaches a place where two guys are enjoying beer. They get up as they look at her. Karan hears her voice and runs in that direction. The guys start walking towards her when Karan pushes him. he asks her if she is ok and she nods. That guy punches him on the face. You are troubling our sister! Sakshi clears the confusion. They fix the car. Karan calls her tarzan queen. I dint knew you have a family here in the forest too. What’s with this bhaiya and all? She smiles. These guys look dangerous but they called me their sister. How cute of them! He had to bear that punch because of their cuteness. Thank God they turned out to be your brothers or you never know what could have happened. She helped him and instead he is saying all this to her only. You only took a walk in this greenery. You could have gone directly. Oh, your lovely car is here that’s why you came back. He equals her mind to the defected broken down car. I messed up with both of them without giving it a thought. She smiles at this. Their car will take some time as there is some problem with the carburettor. You can wait in our house till then. Sakshi thanks him.

Chirag wants Latika di to help him in convincing dad for the party. He never says no to you. She denies. One should make a plan which has a possibility. Without seeking his permission why did you agree to go? He dint knew dad would come home early. please help. Do one thing don’t tell him about the plan at all. She wont do it. He promises to get good marks. Suresh comes there. Your promise about getting good marks can make me think about letting you go for the party. Chirag gets happy. suresh, being a businessman is more interested in the results rather than process. I want good results. How serious are you about the promise you just made. Chirag promises him he will make him proud this time. Suresh gives permission. Do whatever you want but I want results. Chirag gets happy. you are the best. He goes from there. Suresh shares his happiness with Latika. I am very happy today and want all my kids to be happy too especially you Latika. leave all your tensions and enjoy the party tonight. There is so much pressure on you. She wants him to stay in the party too but he wants to rest a little. You enjoy in my place tonight. The father daughter duo share a hug.

That guy drops Sakshi and Karan to his place. They both sit down on the same cot and feel shy. Karan is pacing the room while looking at his watch. She cannot help wondering how long it will take to reach Mumbai. How long it will take to fix the car? He suggests her to rest on the bed while he lies down on the floor. She cannot rest because of the uncomfortable bed and mosquitoes. She is surprised to see him sleeping. It looks like he has come to enjoy a vacation. Karan is listening to all this and smiles. She hears a roar and is scared. She goes to wake him up and they both end up sharing an eye lock with Saiyaan re playing in the background.

The car is fixed. They thank both the guys. The guys scare Karan that he must not trouble their sister or he will be in trouble. Karan smiles. I will take care of her for all my life. Sakshi smiles a shy smile and wave them bye. She gets a sprain in her feet and they all are concerned for her. she is unable to walk. He wonders how she will be able to walk in so much pain. The guys stare at him. can you not lift her in your arms and take her to the car? Karan obliges. Saiyaan re plays while he picks her up in his arms and puts her safely in the passenger seat. Sakshi is all smiles.

Precap: The party is on in full swing. Diya has a headache and is looking for her mom. Her voice is not audible because of the Dj on in full volume. Latika is enjoying talking to people. Pratik comes and looks around. he notices Diya holding her head feeling dizzy.

Update Credit to: pooja

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