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Sakshi and Sharda come to see the place where they will set up their factory. The broker hands over the keys to SHarda and leaves. Sakshi likes the place. I told you this is the best place for our factory. Though it is dirty but Sharda is sure it will turn out beautifully once they clean and decorate it. sakshi bets on it. She calls the sewing machine vendors to check where they are. They got delayed due to rains. Sakshi starts cleaning the place and Sharda helps her in arranging it nicely. Sewing machines get delivered. Title song plays as they put it at its rightful place. Neha and another lady bring tea and pakodas for them. All four of them enjoy their small tea party together.

Mr. Shukla congratulates Pallavi for she has got everything on her name officially now. She thanks him and he

leaves from there. Pallavi comes to Shanaya. She is relieved now. I dint want Mahesh to share anything from his property with them. he has made everything using your granddad’s money. Pallavi is having a headache. I was worried since last so many weeks but now there is no problem. Lata brings juice for her. While taking it, Pallavi notices a pic of Suresh and Sharda near the landline. She shouts at Lata for the same. I don’t want to see this woman’s photo in my house. Lata apologizes and is about to pick it up when it falls on the floor. The mirror gets broken. Pallavi is angry and heads for her room. Shanaya picks up the photo frame and stares at the pic a little angrily.

Sakshi ticks against the goals that they have completed so far calling herself a genius. She shows the same to her Ma. Sakshi praises herself even before Sharda can say anything. Sharda points that they should take God’s name before starting anything. She adds Puja in the list. Sakshi apologizes to her for the same. Sharda has already informed pandit ji. You only have to tell Neha and other ladies. Sakshi decides to bring all the necessary ingredients for the puja. Sharda wants to invite her MIL for her factory’s inauguration. Sakshi praises her MIL for she knows everything all the time. Sakshi goes away while thinking about what all she needs to buy.

Sharda calls Modi House. Shanaya is about to pick up but decides not to as it might be someone from dad’s other family. Suresh wonders as to why is no one picking the phone when its ringing since so long. He asks SHanaya about it but she simply ignores him. Suresh picks up finally. Shanaya stops in her tracks as she hears Sharda’s name from Suresh’s mouth. She wants her MIL to come for her factory’s inauguration day after tomorrow. He is surprised to hear about the factory. He congratulates her for the same. She tells him to tell her MIL as she taking rest right now. She invites him as well. I am doing something for the first time. He declines stating that he will be busy. He muses about the factory matter as the call ends. Pallavi asks him about the call but before he can tell anything to her, he gets a call on his mobile. He agrees to tell her after attending this call. Meanwhile, Shanaya tells her that dad was talking to Sharda. Pallavi is upset to know that he was talking to Sharda. Shanaya cannot take it that he was still talking to that lady. He is responsible for my mom’s condition. He has made her so weak that she is reacting like this upon hearing about a phone call. I wont let that Sharda do any more wrong with my mom.

Sakshi brings all the ingredients and veggies. She is grateful that Neha helped her in bargaining. Sharda is sure that she too will learn in time. Sakshi asks her if she had a word with Dadi. Sharda tells her about the call. I am sure Ma ji will come. I made a mistake of inviting Karan’s dad too. Sakshi knows that he would have declined to come. He did so wrong with you yet you gave him respect by inviting him for the puja. I am proud of you for you have a very big heart. Sharda feels happy.

Shanaya is angry at Sharda. I have to do something. I wont let her do all this with my mom. Chirag tells his Dadi about the inauguration puja at the factory. She is going to open her own saree factory. I, you and Latika Di will all go together. Dadi wants Suresh to join them as well. She will talk to him. Chirag knows it is no use talking to dad. Shanaya hears everything and smirks.

Sharda comes to her factory. She is waiting for the puja to happen so that they can start their work. Shanaya comes there. She cooks up a story that she is studying fashion designing course and is looking for some internship. Sharda tells her to sit. Shanaya wants to join Sharda’s factory. I want to make it big in fashion world. Give me one chance to work with you. Sharda tries to make her understand that they are just starting up a small venture. Shanaya talks of responsibility and learning. Sharda is impressed by her. She tells Shanaya to come from tomorrow. shanaya is happy. She tells Sharda that she is really impressed by her that she left her husband but still started something on her own. Sharda says I dint leave him. I am working to make my own identity. But I haven’t left him. Shanaya apologizes for she dint want to hurt her. Sharda tells her to come at 11 am tomorrow. Shanaya leaves her resume and some designs in a file for her to see. Sakshi is entering just when Shanaya is leaving. She is thrilled to know that they have an intern already. Sharda finds her to be very smart. it looks like she wants to do something and I feel that she will definitely achieve it. sakshi looks at her file and is impressed by her designs. She will definitely get what she wants.

Karan wanted to see the factory on its first day. He really wants to help her in her work but she assures him that Sakshi takes care of everything just like a headmaster does. She reminds me of my sir (coaching institute). Sakshi calls him strict and herself sweet. I only want everyone to do everything perfectly. Sharda talks well about her. Sharda goes to make tea. Sakshi has made halwa for Karan. He tells her to feed it with her own hands. Sharda comes back just when he takes the first bite. They all look around awkwardly. Sharda gives them tea. She wants to go to temple. She indirectly hints that she is giving them privacy to be together for some time. Karan keeps the tray aside and holds Sakshi. They hug sweetly.

Next morning, everything is ready for puja. Sakshi and Karan are very happy to see Dadi, Chirag and Latika. They talk cutely. Karan teases CHirag that he has come to attend puja! Chirag smiles. Sharda is super happy to see them as well. Dadi is very proud of her. Sharda asks about Suresh. Latika hugs her mom while CHirag seeks her blessings. Karan shares with Chirag that mom is doing so much on her own. This is mom’s factory, our factory. Latika compliments Sakshi for what all they have managed in this small span of time. Sakshi gives all the credit to Sharda. She has got her own sky today. She doesn’t want any other identity now as she has her own identity now. just then they are all shocked to see Suresh coming there. Only Sharda is pleased to see him there.

Precap: An officer from bank has come over. Shanaya meets him. He affirms that they only have given them loan to run this factory. She tells him that they have given to loan to such a small enterprise. What if they are unable to return your loan amount in the future? Sakshi joins them and notices that he looks tensed. He says it is a thing to worry when your own staff is worried about loan repayment. Sakshi looks at Shanaya in shock.

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