Ek Nayi Pehchan 4th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Ek Nayi Pehchan 4th February 2014 Written Episode, Ek Nayi Pehchan 4th February 2014 Written Update

Sharda is sitting in her room lost in thoughts. She recalls the various incidents where Sakshi and Karan haven’t exactly been good with each other; Sakshi’s complaints about Karan, etc. Suresh wakes up as he realises Sharda is not sleeping beside him. He asks her as to what is she thinking. She tells him that she has been thinking about Karan and Sakshi. He tells her there’s nothing to think about them. They have just got married. Things will be fine in some time. Plus if Karan is careless then Sakshi is very responsible. I have full faith she will handle everything. Don’t worry sleep now. She agrees but cannot help thinking.

Next morning, Sharda comes to talk to Sakshi. She notices another quilt on the couch and is surprised. She asks her to meet her at the park outside

her coaching centre after her class is over. Don’t be late plus don’t tell anyone. Sakshi gets worried and asks her if there is a problem. Sharda agrees. Meet me there then I will tell you there only. I have so much to do right now. She leaves to finish her work while Sakshi gets thinking.

Latika gets a call from Pratik. He has called her to ask about Diya’s dress for the annual function. if you are busy then should I go to pick it up? She denies. I will manage everything. Diya is very important for me and so is her every demand for me. you know that right? He agrees. She assures him she will get the best costume for Diya. She ends the call. She wonders how to manage going to market while there is so much work to do at office. She calls a guy named Vineet asking him to get the best costume of Radha for Diya.

Shirish is teaching everyone mathematics in today’s class. Bell rings and he goes out as it is lunch break. Roshni is as usual irked with Shirish as she doesn’t have to learn all this maths. I only want to learn English. She is going out when Sharda stops her. next she takes out her lunch and addresses everyone very sweetly. Sharda invites everyone to have the food cooked by her. Kanchan comes and finds it oily yet loves it. Roshni too is tempted and loves it. Now I know how you got married without knowing English. Sharda smiles. Roshni too wants to learn how to cook such yummy food. Sharda asks the other ladies to join too and they oblige. They all love it and appreciate her skills. Sharda notices Savita ji sitting alone in a corner. She herself goes and offers her a plate. Savita ji doesn’t feel like it but she loves it as she tastes the food. Sharda makes her join other people and feels happy. she is about to take a bite when the bell rings again indicating that the lunch time is over. Shirish comes back and she looks at him scared. They all keep their plates down. He tells them that the lunch break is over. Sharda tells him she had brought food for everyone. He says if this is what you had wanted to do then you should have joined some cookery classes or invited everyone at your home. You all have come here to study. I wont tolerate any of this nonsense in my class. There are some rules, regulations and discipline here which are to be followed by everyone including me. Everyone nods in affirmation. He turns to Sharda again. I have full faith that you will write the essay about yourself with as much dedication with which you have ruined my class today or else I wont permit you to enter my class. You will have to sit outside and wait for the lunch break to offer them the food made by you. Sharda looks sad.

Sakshi has reached Sharda’s coaching centre. She doesn’t find her anywhere so sits on the bench to wait for her till her class is over. She is surprised as she notices Karan sitting on another bench. They both get up at once to talk. They ask each other what they are doing here. Karan asks Sakshi if she is following him. sakshi declines. I have other work as well than following you. I thought it would be more peaceful to sit here in the park as someone (Karan) will be back home for lunch and wouldn’t stop troubling me. he too tells the same thing. she asks him to be original. He denies doing it as she has the copyright for being stupid. No one can copy you or become as perfectly stupid as you are as you are exclusive. She is about to retort back when she notices Sharda coming and goes quiet. Karan asks her to speak up. No one can win from Karan. Sakshi signals him to keep quiet and points at Sharda. Karan notices mom and they start talking sweetly. Karan pretends to notice his mom just then and asks her when she came. Sharda replies just before you started your drama. Sakshi and Karan decline doing any drama. Sharda says what do you think I am not understanding what’s happening between both of you? This is the reason why I called Karan here today. I was quiet till now as normal fights happen between a husband and wife and then they patch up. I can see fights between you two but don’t see any scope of patch up. Two strangers have different habits, needs and different lives but once they get to understand each other well then it quickly changes into friendship. You (Sakshi) only explained it to me right? Sakshi nods. Then why is this lacking in your relation till now? people say that a husband and wife’s relation is made by God so one thing is for sure that your relation isn’t just made by your families but by God himself. You both had to become one another’s partner for life. If not this way then maybe you guys would have met each other as strangers at some point of time in life. Some talks, meetings that would have strengthen your bond of friendship into love after which your family members would have met and finalised your relation. The only difference right now is that you both are already married. This is infact better as you know what God wants. Now you have to know each other, love each other’s likes and dislikes and each other too. Marriage is a chance given by life to know and understand a different person and match your life with him / her to live happily. but if you both cannot do it like a husband and wife then take yourself as strangers for each other. You don’t know anything about each other but have just come across each other in the journey of life. Think like this and now move forward in life. I am sure this beautiful bond of friendship will do what your marriage couldn’t do. Make a new start then only will you guys form a new identity.

In their room, Sakshi and Karan walk towards each other. They both recall Sharda’s words and decline following the idea given by their mom. Karan says mom doesn’t give bad ideas ever but sometimes when you stay with bad people (hinting at Sakshi) then even good becomes bad. Sakshi takes the hint. I am not going to retort right now as we are here to discuss something important here. He agrees. They both don’t think that this idea would work but next minute they aren’t sure. We cannot say just like that without trying it out. Sakshi is sure ma’s idea would definitely have some meaning. They have no option so agree to try it for 2 days. If this works then we will continue or then we will think of something else. Sakshi agrees with him. we can do this much for ma. We will be complete strangers for each other starting from tomorrow. They both join hands to try this idea.

Sharda cannot understand what to say about herself in the essay. Will have to do something or sir will scold me in front of everyone if I don’t say anything. She turns to the mirror and tries to talk herself with full confidence. She begins with I, Suresh Modi then corrects herself, I, Sharda Modi. She is upset as she cannot say anything beyond her name. She turns and is surprised to find Suresh standing there. He asks her if she is all right. She tells him about the essay task. He offers to write it for her and she is pleasantly surprised. You would write it for me? he tells her he will write it for her but do learn it well with the help of Sakshi or Karan. Speak well and no one will complain about you. She nods happily. She is about to thank him but he tells her to get his medicine as its his time to sleep. He leaves from there.

Karan forgot his towel outside. He peeks out and asks Sakshi to give it to him. she is about to do it but then stops as she recalls his words. We will be complete strangers for each other. He points out that he is talking to her. she acts all naive. Who is Sakshi? You might be misunderstanding. There is no Sakshi here. He is amazed to know she has changed her name overnight. Tell me what’s you new name? She wont tell her name to any stranger. He recalls their promise and apologizes. I wasn’t calling Sakshi but you. She stays put. I don’t talk to strangers. He stands there waiting for his towel.

Precap: Sakshi is reading out the essay for her who nods happily. Your name is Sharda Suresh Modi. You belong to a very good family. you have many companies named after you. You are very proud of your business.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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