Ek Nayi Pehchan 3rd March 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Nayi Pehchan 3rd March 2014 Written Episode, Ek Nayi Pehchan 3rd March 2014 Written Update

Dadi is talking to Suresh about the recent happenings at home. I could see her (Sharda) and realised that her mind is going astray. Plus her inclination towards studies has become another problem. Sharda listens from a distance. She is sure Suresh will set everything right. Fui will definitely listen to him. Suresh asks Sharda if something’s left now. You have troubled almost everyone at home. Was this not enough that you irked Fui too? You always used to think about others first since when did you start thinking about yourself? When you don’t know how to come out of something then you must not take a step towards it. Dadi says say whatever you want to but she will remain like this only. Now think about how to make up didi. Suresh goes to talk to her as no one else will be able to

pacify her now. Sharda feels bad.

Latika still cannot understand why her mom wanted to study in the first place. I knew it would create problems one day. Dadi is upset too. I became a liar in front of Ishwari behen because of her. I always say that an old parrot cannot learn a new language. Latika sits beside her so as to support her. Mumma doesn’t listen to anyone or understands anyone point of view. But since Sakshi has come she has started instigating her wrongly and instead mumma is also encouraging her. pratik comes there. Amazing! These 2 ladies always stand by you. You are blaming her instead of supporting her in this hour of need. If you cannot support her then don’t but atleast don’t talk like this about her. She asks him to stop it. Why do you blame me for everything always? What’s your problem? She cannot understand what his problem is as time is necessary to understand it which you maybe lack. She goes quiet while he walks away from there.

Suresh has brought food for Fui. He sits down next to her as she still looks upset. When I was a kid you used to bring mangoes for me and I was instantly lured to eat them. But I used to wait for you to finish your puja so that we can eat them together. Bhagwati looks quite moved by his words. I have never eaten mangoes without you Fui. How could you think that you will stay empty stomach while I will eat? Fui is touched by his words. Is this not a thing to be angry at? Lying to elders, hiding the truth from them…what has happened to the values of this house? This never used to happen in our house then why now. Since when has Sharda started liking studies rather than focusing on her household duties? Till the women of the house stay in the house, it is good. The moment they step out of the house people start mocking them. He understands her point. You also know that Sharda has never given anyone a chance to complaint. Sharda is listening from outside. She has handled the house, family, kids so well and continues to do so till date. Yes she has got a new inkling towards studies but this is her childishness. These things don’t last for long in this age. This isn’t too big a thing. She declines. The DIL’s of our house weren’t like this and are not! This new thinking might prove out to be a problem for our house. He denies. Sakshi is modern DIL. Her thinking is new but Sharda is still the same. Her thinking is still the same there is nothing to worry about. Fui notices Sharda standing outside her door. I can forget everything else but you know I cannot tolerate lies. Lying to elder’s means disrespecting them in a way. I love my respect very much. Sharda leaves from there with a sad face while Suresh asks her to leave all this. You shouldn’t worry like this. You trust me right? Everything will be fine. Please eat. She knows she cannot deny him for anything. This is why you came right? You wont be at peace till I eat this food. He feeds her sweetly while Bhagwati looks on.

Sakshi is pacing in her room and is still looking at her phone. He should have called me once. Isn’t he missing me at all? She notices a hand on the boundary of her room followed by another. She screams. Karan comes and covers her mouth. Shh…..It is me! Sakshi is happy. Saiyaan re plays as they both share a small eye lock. You are here at this hour? You could have called and why did you come like a thief. He hugs her which leaves her smiling. You could have come tomorrow morning? Why did you come so late at night like this? He says it was necessary. I was missing you. Padma asks Sakshi if everything is fine. Sakshi lies to her. I cannot even tell ma about you as you have come like a thief. He says my in-laws switched off their doorbell for me. I was standing outside since so long and kept ringing that bell, shouted in full volume. When there was no other option then I chose to come like this. She smiles and almost apologizes but then goes to make coffee for him. You can meet ma tomorrow.

Sakshi comes back with coffee. Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si plays in the background as they both enjoy talking to each other. Sakshi notices a shadow outside her room. She runs to switch off the lights off her room and locks the door from inside. He asks her about it when she covers his mouth with her hand. They share an eye lock while the romantic number continues to play in the background. She asks him to sleep as it is too late now. I hope you will sleep well here. He knows he will. She smiles a shy smile.

Next morning, Dadi is doing puja when her sister comes there. Sins don’t wash away by praying like this. Dadi gets up but Ishwari behen keeps on commenting at her. There is no point in showing off in front of me. dadi tries to say something but she cuts her again. You are very clever. You know I will give up in front of Suresh and that’s exactly what you did. But why dint you think that you are instead aggravating your DIL’s fault? You are also childish like your DIL its just not as visible. Tell me one thing, why were you always scared of me? You are scared as my rules are very strict. I am a bit bitter but straightforward which is why everyone respects me. If this wasn’t so then no one would have respected me just like no one here respects you. Dadi tries to explain that it isn’t so but her sister stays put. No one listens to you or how would your DIL have dared to go out to study. I will go from this house in a day or two but this is your house. You have to take care of it but if anything wrong happens then it will all come down to you. Please take charge. I feel bad when I look at this house and especially at your state.

Padma comes to Sakshi’s room and is surprised to see Karan here. When did you come? Sakshi tells her that he came a while back. He nods. I came half an hour ago. She looks at the bed and then looks at Sakshi. You must be missing Sakshi that’s why you came half an hour back! He gives an excuse of meeting. I was free today so thought to come today itself. She smiles in agreement. Some of her relatives and friends want to meet him. don’t ditch ok? He nods. His MIL leaves. Sakshi asks him if he thinks ma wouldn’t have understood. It was such an embarrassing situation. Looks like you directly came from your bedroom to my bedroom. I told you to get ready but no! It would have been better if you would have come today only. They again start bickering. You dint even call me once? She asks him if he did that. She was waiting for him since the whole night. I couldn’t sleep. He too couldn’t sleep. They both smile sweetly.

Latika is finally relieved that ma agreed. The atmosphere at home was so tensed otherwise. Pratik comes and sits beside a sleeping DIya. Latika wants to talk to him. I understand there are many problems, tensions between the two of us but you cannot patronize me like this in front of others. Think before you say something. That is my dad’s house they are my family members it is so embarrassing. He feels that she likes it when all their fights and issues are discussed there. This is just a house for you not a home or family. Right? She asks him to think before speaking. Why don’t you think that your words can hurt anyone? it is impossible to live with you in this house. He says you take out some time from your busy schedule and stay here but not together. I think you don’t even know how to stay like a family under one roof. She takes it to be her fault that she tries to talk to him again and again. She takes Diya and leaves from there.

So many people have come to meet Karan. Everyone feeds him lovingly (Poor Karan). One of Sakshi friends ask him about their day of love before wedding. Who fell in love first? Sakshi feels shy while Karan says I fell in love with your sister that day she cooked food for me. They are surprised to know Sakshi can cook. He nods. This is the magic of love. She not only cooks for me but takes care of me, my every single need and necessity. Only she knows where my stuff is kept, not even me. In short, she has hijacked my whole life. Love was bound to happen. They tease Sakshi. She is happy but there is some uneasiness somewhere. I must call ma. She leaves while everyone thinks that she ran off as she felt shy. He too excuses himself to talk to her.

Sakshi calls Sharda but no one picks up. Sakshi gets worried. Karan comes and teases her. Don’t get upset over how your sisters were so happy because of me. Now don’t say that you wont come with me. She asks him to take her home right now. He realises she looks worried. She wants to go home to her ma. I can feel something’s wrong. He asks her to call ma first and relax. She insists she wants to go right now. He calls someone and tries to find flight tickets for morning but tickets are available for the evening flight. He requests that person to do something but arrange tickets for morning flight only. Sakshi prays to do something. He tells her that all the flights are booked. Only the evening flight has free seats available. She asks him to do anything but it is urgent for me to reach home. I wont be at peace till I reach home. Please do something but take me home. I have to be there by morning. He agrees to drive her down to Mumbai. She nods finally a little relaxed.

Precap: Fui asks Sharda if she lied on her own or did that on her DIL Sakshi’s instigation. You both are liars. Fui is about to pick the glass of milk when Sharda tells her that she is to be blamed for everything. Sakshi isn’t at fault. Fui continues to blame Sakshi. She is behind everything. Sharda tells her not to say anything about Sakshi. Dadi and Bhagwati look on.

Update Credit to: pooja

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