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Sakshi is waiting for Karan to return home. Just then Karan comes home. She is excited about his first day at office but Karan sounds tired and sad. Karan is sad that there was a big drama on my first day only. Sakshi tells her not to give up so easily as it was his first day. So much has happened with Ma yet she isn’t giving up. Sharda smiles at him. You can do anything you want to and I know you will be good in it. Sharda brings food for him so he goes to freshen up. Sharda decides not to share anything with Karan about Pallavi’s call as he is anyways so worried about his office. Karan notices that his mom is looking lost. She covers up saying she is alright. She turns to go but he stops her. you are hiding something from me. Your mind is somewhere else or you wouldn’t have added this

much salt in lentil. Sharda declines. she picks up the bowl and adds lemon in it. Even Sakshi asks the same questions but Sharda diverts it to factory. I have called so many women to help me hope everything will be fine. Sakshi assures her. She goes to give lentil to Karan.

Next morning, Sharda prays and fills her forehead with vermilion. Karan comes to seek her blessings. She tells him about Pallavi’s call. He is taken aback. Pallavi wants me to transfer all the properties in her name. I don’t want anything for myself but you kids. Karan says we don’t need anything. It is everything for us that you are with us. She is proud of him. Sakshi comes to give Karan his wallet and handkerchief. Sharda prays to God to give strength to her as it is a big day. Sakshi is confused. Sharda says I have to go to a very important meeting today. will you come with me? Sakshi agrees to come but is shocked to know that they are going to Suresh’s office. Sharda agrees to tell her everything on their way to office.

Latika questions his dad as to how can he transfer everything in Pallavi’s name. Do we have no relation with you anymore? He says it isn’t like that but all the decisions are in Sharda’s name now. everything depends on her. Latika cannot understand why they have to bear the brunt of his mistakes. Pallavi’s lawyer knocks at the cabin door and Suresh tells them to come in. Pallavi calls Suresh. I am reaching office but make sure Sharda’s signs on those papers.

Sharda and Sakshi come to his cabin too. They all get up as they come inside. Suresh tells Mr. Shukla (Pallavi’s lawyer) to go ahead. Mr. Shukla explains what’s written in the papers. Mrs. Sharda Modi is ready to withdraw all her rights from all the properties that are in her name. She will have no rights on anything from today onwards. Mrs. Modi is giving everything to Mrs. Pallavi Ajmera on her own will. The new owner of Sharda Industries will be Pallavi Ajmera. Sakshi and Latika look at her in shock. Sakshi stands up for her Ma. No one can separate Sharda from Sharda Industries. Sharda Modi is etched in everything. Dad might have made this company but mom has been a strong support for him throughout. Pallavi taunts that how someone who cannot stand on her own feet can can support someone else. Sakshi is angry by that remark but Sharda stops her from retorting back while Pallavi continues. Your Sharda Modi is illiterate. You are giving an illiterate woman the credit for this big empire? Sharda interrupts her. you are right in calling me illiterate which is why I have been cheated so badly. I dint get to realise when everything that I used to call my own was snatched away from me including my identity but not anymore. I will do everything on my own will now. I don’t want what wasn’t mine ever. I am ready to transfer everything in your name. Pallavi is shocked and so are the others. Latika tries to talk her out of it but Sharda gestures her against it. Mr. Shukla gives her the papers and a stamp to use for thumb impression. She asks for pen which shocks Pallavi the most but Sakshi looks proudly at her. Sharda Modi has been putting her thumb impression on papers till date. This was her identity but I will make my new identity today – Sharda Mehta. Suresh looks at her curiously. Sad title song plays as Sharda signs on those papers. Sharda recalls her happy past moments spent at her home with her family members and whatever happened once she saw Pallavi with Suresh. She thanks Suresh tearfully yet with pride. She leaves with Sakshi. Suresh leaves after her.

Suresh stops Sharda outside. Sakshi goes to wait for her in auto. He apologizes to her for whatever happened. you have been embarrassed because of me today. She doesn’t like it when he says sorry. I anyways have no complaint with you. Go handle your new world. She sits in the auto while he looks on at her sadly.

Sakshi gives water to Sharda. She is about to go to make tea for her MIL when Sharda stops her. I know you are upset with me. She shows her the name plate which she only had brought for her. You only tell me if Sharda Modi and Sharda Mehta can come together in this? Sakshi gets thinking.

Latika tells her dad that Pratik was right. It was I who never understood what he meant. I have always given topmost priority to my career. It was my life. I was so focused on my career that I couldn’t understand that a boss always remains a boss, even if its my own dad.

Sharda explains to Sakshi that she had always wanted to become a good wife, a good DIL and a good mom. I tried to be all that while being Sharda Modi but God had planned something else. He wants to take my exam and I want to pass it with flying colours. If you, being my Guru, wont support me then how will I come first? Sakshi excuses herself for a minute.

Suresh tries to make Latika understand his position. She in turn tells him to understand her position. I have put my whole life including my home, my daughter, my husband at stake for Sharda Industries. I had even left Pratik. Mom made me understand and my family was saved. You dint even think once before giving everything to Pallavi! You could have stopped her if you had wanted to. There was some sympathy for you somewhere in my heart for you but not anymore. You have cheated mom and us as well. I had planned to resign from this company. He knows this the only thing that she should do but she wont. I am Latika. how can you forget my skills? I have shown our rival companies their place in the market. I said I was planning to resign but I wont. I will stay here only and show Pallavi her rightful place. I will give her internal competition by working in this company only. He is shocked / helpless to know what she is thinking about.

Karan tells his boss that he has cancelled their deal with Mr. Khurana. His boss is shocked. Did you ask anyone? I had handed it over to you to complete it. Don’t you value my decision? Karan has done thorough research and then came to this conclusion. I wasn’t getting good vibes about it. You can throw me out if you want to but I did what I felt was right. My mom always tells me to follow what my heart says. Landline rings and boss picks up the call. He tells Karan that his mom (and he) is right. We are saved from a very big loss. He praises Karan for his thinking. Karan is super happy.

Sakshi comes back and shares with Sharda that she was very weak in Maths. My teacher used to tell me to go step by step. I am telling you the same thing today. you will have to do the same thing to fulfil your dreams. Sharda wonders about the same while Sakshi writes down the steps for her on a sheet. Title track plays. Sakshi keeps explaining it to her side by side. she pastes it on a door. it has all the goals written starting with their opening a factory. You have to see this dream every morning. Keep it in front of your eyes all the time. I am sure you will fulfil it. Shards nods and they both share a hug. We will certainly fulfil this dream.

Precap: Sharda calls Modi House. Suresh picks up. Shanaya and Pallavi stop in their tracks as she hears Sharda’s name from Suresh’s mouth. She wants her MIL to come for her factory’s inauguration day after tomorrow. He is surprised to hear about the factory and so is Pallavi.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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