Ek Nayi Pehchan 3rd February 2014 Written Episode Update


Ek Nayi Pehchan 3rd February 2014 Written Episode, Ek Nayi Pehchan 3rd February 2014 Written Update

Sakshi stops Karan outside their room and puts her hand around his neck to wipe the mark. Karan is uncomfy as everyone watches them from the dining table and smiles especially Diya. Sharda too is happy. Karan asks Sakshi what she is doing. Everyone is looking at us only. Remove your hand. She smilingly asks him to come inside as you have forgotten something I think. He declines and starts going downstairs but she again stops him. Why aren’t you listening to me? You cannot go downstairs like this. He is unable to understand what she is hinting at. She mutters that he will have to come along with her or mom will come to know that we fight every night and I know you don’t want that. She takes him back inside their room. Sharda is happy.

Karan distances himself from her. What

were you doing in front of everyone? Good that we had decided we wouldn’t let anyone about our fight but what’s the point of romancing in front of everyone like this? He realises something and says, I know I am very good looking and you are attracted to me but forget it. Nothing can happen between us. She replies you think I am interested in romancing you? For your kind information I was only trying to hide the lipstick mark on your neck. If someone would have seen it then it would have been a problem. He gets confused and goes to check in the mirror. She also corrects him over the points which he said. Neither are you good looking nor am I attracted to you hope you understand. She leaves from there. He is not happy with the lipstick mark on his neck.

Sakshi comes downstairs and stands by the stairs to calm herself. Karan comes and thanks her. She is still upset. He very sweetly thanks her again. How do I say it that you forgive me! She looks at him. Just then everyone comes with a cake while singing happy birthday song. Karan cuts the cake. He is about to feed Sharda first but she asks him to feed Sakshi first. He obliges. Saiyaan re plays in the background as they both feed each other one by one. Diya thanks Sakshi as she gives her some cake. Sakshi asks her to thank her when she sends her to the annual day function in her school dressed as Radha. You will look the best. Pratik and Diya and everyone is happy except Latika who doesn’t seem to know about it. Latika asks Diya about it. You dint tell me about your school’s annual day. Diya replies that she had forgotten plus you don’t spend time with me at all. Latika is taken aback. Sharda tells Diya not to talk to her mom like that so Diya apologizes to Latika. Latika doesn’t want Sakshi to take the trouble. I am Diya’s mom and who will know better than me how to dress her up. Sakshi is a little taken aback but doesn’t show. Diya gets happy with the idea of her mom doing this for her and goes to give her a hug.

Pratik appreciates Sakshi for how she boosted their MIL’s courage and got her enrolled to study. Dadi asks him to save his salute. Just like fever cools down in 4 days time…Sharda’s fever for studies too shall pass in 4 days time. Latika and Chirag agree with Dadi while everyone else is startled. Latika asks Sharda to think about Dad’s reputation if not of your old age. Chirag too feels embarrass at the thought of it. Karan tells him to stop. Both of yours thinking is so old and downmarket. You are the youth of 21st century how can you think so backwards! It is ok if you cannot motivate mom to study atleast don’t demotivate her. latika retorts at him asking him not to talk about motivation as he couldn’t motivate himself to go to office even though dad used to ask him so many times. Chirag too sides with Latika. They both get into an argument when Suresh tells them all to stop. Suresh tells Chirag it felt good to hear that you know how you want to live your life. Don’t disappoint me in your result this time or else all your pocket money will be stopped. Chirag apologizes to him. suresh turns to Karan now. With motivation or without motivation if you want to come to office, then come on time. Karan agrees. Suresh finally wishes him. he asks Sharda to serve him food and they both leave.

Next morning, Sakshi notices that Karan is still asleep. She thinks of waking him or he will get late to go to office but then stops as she recalls how they had decided not to interfere in one another’s life. If I wake him up then he will scold me. And if I don’t wake him up then papa wont leave him. Second option is better. A person has to be a little responsible about his work and timings. She knowingly opens the cupboard by making a noise because of which he wakes up. He is about to scold her but gets up with a start when he looks at the clock. Why dint you wake me up its so late! She asks him why she has to do so. Plus those who have to leave for office early morning don’t watch tv till late night. We had decided we wont cross each other’s path then how can I disturb your dreamland. He blames it all on her. My whole life has been disturbed because of you…and this office thing too has started because of you! She tells him not to go if he doesn’t want to. She leaves from there. He repeats after her and is irked that his wish is not even in the wish list nowadays.

Sharda reaches her coaching centre and prays to Ma Saraswati. My DIL told me that blessings have to be asked for. Today I am asking for the boon of knowledge from you. My name is just another name for you. But you don’t get Saraswati just be having that name / meaning in your name. One has to try. Make me successful in this attempt. I will work hard and fulfil the promise that I have given to my DIL. Shirish was passing by from there and stops to look at her.

Shirish begins his class when Sharda makes an entry. He asks her the reason for being late. She is again scared and fumbles. He says you come here to study from me not from the idol of Ma Saraswati so you should be inside the class on time before me not before the idol. He tells her to take her seat. Don’t come late next time. She starts walking towards her seat. She cannot understand why she cannot pray. She takes her seat. Shirish says, a journey begins with the first step that you take. Yesterday I asked you all to speak about yourself but none of you could continue beyond 2 minutes time. But I am sure you will do that now. Your first step in this journey is your first task. You will have to read it out to the class as well. You all have to write an essay on yourself. Who are you; what defines you and what is your identity. He asks a hesitant Sharda about the same. I am sure when you will write it and say it before me then you too would get comfortable to start speaking in front of me. till when will you talk to Ma Saraswati only? What do you think you will be able to do it? She nods. He insists she will have to. I hope you will write it by the end of this week. He welcomes and introduces a new student (Lopa Bohra) who has joined their class. Shirish goes out for a while and asks her to share something about herself. Everyone begins talking amongst themselves. Roshni is irked with him and wonders if a guy like him is even married or not. don’t know what he thinks of himself. She calls him sadu (arrogant). Sharda sweetly tells her not to talk like this for anyone. Roshni questions her if she is related to him. sharda nods. He is my sir just like he is yours. Roshni leaves with Kanchan. Lopa turns to Sharda and they both introduce themselves to one another. Lopa doesn’t know much hindi and English too so she cannot help Sharda in writing the essay. Sharda notices Savita ji who is busy talking on phone. Rukhsar also declines. sharda is upset thinking how much comfortable / happy she used to feel when she was in her group (ladies who used to do embroidery with her). I don’t think I would be able to befriend anyone here.

Sakshi is sitting sadly as she recalls how Karan has been upset with her lately; their fights over almost everything. Sharda is surprised to see her sitting alone. Sakshi was waiting for her only. I am all ears to know about your day. Sharda smiles. You wait for me just like I wait for Diya to return from school. Sakshi asks her about today’s class. Sharda says sir was as usual strict and I am as usual worried. There is no one to talk to. Sakshi tells her to give them some time to know them all. Everyone is different with different likes, needs, thinking. Once everyone gets to know each other then you all will become friends. Take us for example, we too were strangers initially but then we understood each other. Now we are the best of friends. Sharda gets happy.

Karan was going out just then when Sharda calls out for him. Are you going to office or you had come for lunch? He says I am going now. Sharda asks Sakshi for his lunch box. Sakshi goes to get it. Karan asks Sharda about her classes. Are you enjoying? She says I don’t know if its fun or not but I am getting to learn a lot there. He encourages her that is what you have gone there for. sakshi comes back with the lunch box and holds it out for him. he mutter looking at her…just like I am having fun! He changes his expressions when he looks at his mom; takes the box and leaves after saying bye to his mom. Sakshi stands there quietly / a little sad. Sharda is worried for her and asks her if everything is fine between them. sakshi lies though Sharda understands it. Sakshi excuses herself to go call her mom.

Diya comes home from school and praises her Nani. You are the best. Two new girls had joined today. they ate the food cooked by you and loved it so much that we became friends instantly. Sharda gets happy. I dint knew people became friends by eating thepla (food). Diya asks her if she dint make any friends yet. Sharda denies. diya gives her the idea of sharing her lunch with her classmates tomorrow. you will make friends right then. Sakshi too likes the idea. They are strangers and you have to know and understand strangers to make them friends. That is how relations are made! When your classmates will become your friends then only will you enjoy studying. The way to someone’s heart is through their stomachs. Do your magic! Diya too encourages her to do it. Sharda agrees.

Precap: Sakshi and Karan are outside fighting again. They ask each other what they are doing here. Karan asks Sakshi if she is following him. Sakshi and Karan notice Sharda and start talking sweetly. Karan asks her when she came. Sharda replies just before you started your drama. What do you think I am not understanding what’s happening between both of you?

Update Credit to: Pooja

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