Ek Nayi Pehchan 31st March 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Nayi Pehchan 31st March 2014 Written Episode, Ek Nayi Pehchan 31st March 2014 Written Update

Latika is taking Diya out for a pizza treat. She goes to inform Sharda about it and notices her packing a lunch box. You are packing it for Pratik right? Sharda nods. Latika reminds her how he hadn’t even touched the food yesterday. Sharda is sure he will eat it today. I made the veggies of his liking. Latika feels sure shot that he wont eat it. He is too stubborn. Anyways I am leaving you guys do whatever you want to. Latika and Diya leave.

Sharda tells Sakshi to send it. Sakshi feels they should write something more than sorry. It should be something which brings a smile on jiju’s face like I miss you. You suggest me something. Sharda says very beautiful and romantic lines. Sakshi teases her about it. Have you written many love letters? Sharda smiles sweetly. They put the

letter in the lunch box.

Suresh gets a call from Vision Productions. They want to make a documentary film on him. You got an award for women empowerment. You can be a very big role model for others. Suresh is all the more happy to oblige. Sakshi overhears them. Suresh invites them over at their home. The production guys want to shoot in Sharda’s school too. I am very impressed with you. People talk big but are generally not able to implement them in their lives but you are not only working for women education but are also encouraging his own wife to study in this age. Suresh doesn’t have time for all this. The guy requests him. This is a very important part for your documentary. In fact we will start the shoot from Sharda Ma’am’s coaching class only. Suresh agrees reluctantly. Suresh gets thinking as he ends the call. He recalls how he had asked Sharda not to go to her coaching classes anymore. He calls out for Sharda. He tells her that she can go to her classes from tomorrow if she wants to. She is worried about Maa ji but he assures her he will handle it. Sakshi and Sharda are very happy. Sharda doesn’t feel like going as whatever happened in the past has made me realise that I cannot risk my family’s happiness for my studies. Sakshi asks her not to sacrifice her own happiness. If you stay at home then will the bad days be over? No, Right! But if you go to class then you will be a much stronger person who will be able to face it head on. Sharda agrees. She thanks Saraswati Maa for making Suresh realise the importance of education. She leaves. Sakshi thinks Ma will have to complete her studies now as professor has joined hands with me to make it happen which is why I had met him. A flashback is shown where Shirish and Sakshi meet. Shirish tells her it is of no use. Only a person himself can change his nature and signature. Your FIL is a typical male full of ego. He wont listen to anyone. She requests him to try for Sharda Ma’s sake. He asks her for the plan of action. Sakshi thanks him happily. Rest of the convo is in mute. The plan is a bit risky but they agree to go ahead with it. Flashback ends. Sakshi remembers about sending the tiffin for Pratik.

Driver gives the lunch box to Pratik who asks him to take it back as it is. His colleagues keep the lunch box with them. One of the guys open it and find the letter. They give it to Pratik while they gorge on the food. Pratik is surprised to read what is written in the letter.

Sakshi checks the lunch box as soon as driver brings it. They too have got a letter. Sharda calls out to Latika. Pratik has sent a letter for you with the empty lunch box. Pratik too has written a few lines in reply. Latika thanks her mom as they share a hug. Latika leaves for her room happily. Sharda appreciates Sakshi for her idea. Sakshi says I only added spice by adding letter in the lunch box (which was Sharda’s idea). They both praise each other and how words come to help when you are unable to say something to someone. Title song plays in the background. Words convey what the whole world cannot. Sharda nods. I too have come to understand what these words mean now that I am studying. They can bring together hearts and home.

Sharda notices Karan and calls out for him. He is hiding something in his hands. Karan lies that it belongs to his friend and leaves. Both the ladies wonder as to what is inside the bag.

Sakshi comes in to check on Karan when he blindfolds her. He brings her outside where he has organized a surprise for her. She loves it amazed by his gesture. He begins with giving her a rose. I wanted to tell you something since so many days but I am not able to put it into words so maybe this (cake) can help. Her smile disappears as she reads what’s written on the cake – Happy Break Up. He remembers how the other girls had come to order a cake and the chef might have gotten confused. She starts walking out. He tries to stop her but she tells him their relation can never go ahead. It would be best if we don’t stay together. He pulls her to him for a kiss. Saiyaan re plays. Sakshi stares at him in wonder and then runs off from there. She keeps smiling to herself as she comes to her room thinking about the kiss. I don’t know what to do or what to talk to him when he comes in the room. She is all nerves. She lies down to sleep but then decides against it as he will wonder if I am ill to which I will have to give an answer. What if he kisses me again?! Karan comes to his room and looks for Sakshi. He hears the noise of water and guesses that she might be taking bath. He checks himself in the mirror and anxiously waits for her to come out of the bathroom. Sakshi comes out and they both have a cute shy smile on their face. Manmarziyaan plays. He takes her hand and finally confesses his love to her. She too loves him. They both hug. Karan is smiling to himself when he realizes he was dreaming. Sakshi comes out with her face covered with face pack. He is shocked to see her thus. She cannot talk much as the pack is drying. He bids her good night. They both sit awkwardly on different corners of the bed. Karan finally lies down and she looks relieved.

Suresh is ordering the servants to arrange some stuff. Latika has written a full page write up for him. Sharda goes to get tea for him. Karan comes and wishes them. Latika tells him to make sure all the meetings go by smoothly as Dad and she wont be able to come to office today. Karan wishes him luck. Sharda brings tea for Suresh. He tells her to wear another saree as people are coming over for film shooting. It is good for a jagrata not film shoot. Talk less in front of them and talk in Hindi. Don’t even try to be a laughing stock by attempting to talk in Hindi. She nods. He doesn’t want tea. Go and check if the snacks are prepared or not. She is about to go when he asks for his placards and trophies. He wants them to be kept in the front and she sets down to works. Sakshi is observing everything quietly.

Door bell rings. Sakshi is about to go but Suresh tells her to wait. He sits down on the couch and pretends to be reading the newspaper. Now you can open it. Sharda wants to go to change her saree but he denies. They have come now so let it be. She nods. The production team enters. Aman introduces himself as the Director. Suresh wants to know about the theme of their story. Aman wants to capture his daily routine and life style. A girl from the team exclaims happily as she looks at his trophies. Suresh speaks the opposite. I keep telling my wife to keep them inside but she wants everyone to see them. Sharda and Sakshi are not liking his pretension to be modest. Suresh introduces her to the team. I am the boss of my company but she is the boss of my home. Only she rules the world. He introduces Chirag and Latika to them. They praise Suresh for he seems to be quite down to earth. Suresh acts modest again. Sakshi is not happy with his ways. Suresh invites them for breakfast. They all sit down to eat. Suresh asks Sharda to sit with them. She obliges. Aman asks him why he feels it is so important to empower women and educate them when they have been brought up with the notion of serving their families and in-laws. Suresh says this is what needs to be changed. It is as much a man’s responsibility as much as it is a woman’s to take care of the house. A woman too has a right to know the outside world and understand what it feels to live your life independently. She can earn and enjoy it. She needs to feel alive. They all praise him. Sharda is listening everything intently. Suresh and Sakshi make her sit. Suresh himself serves her. He acts to be taking so much care of her. Aman calls her lucky to have a husband like him. Sharda takes a bite but then excuses herself. She comes back with his coat and stuff. Suresh takes it from her and wears it on his own. He praises women for their multi tasking skills. He looks at the watch. Come I will drop you to your school as it is getting late. Sharda is surprised and so is Sakshi. Aman praises Suresh Modi for sending his wife to school. He not only talks about it but also implements it. Suresh adds that at times she too acts stubborn saying she doesn’t want to go to school. That is when I cajole and convince her and send her to school. Sharda tells Suresh that she will go on her own but he tells her in low tones that these people are making a movie don’t create a scene. Sharda brings her books and they both leave with the team while Sakshi looks on. This respect is ma’s right. Today you are doing it for this film but the day is not far when you will genuinely respect her for all this.

Suresh comes to drop Sharda to her coaching center. Aman requests him to join him Sharda in the classroom. It is a very important segment for the film. Suresh agrees to cancel his next appointment. This way I will get more time to spend with my wife.

Shirish is teaching his students when Suresh knocks at the door. Shirish knows about the film. No one can do as much on the topic of women empowerment as much as you. Suresh takes the credit for bringing Sharda to the class. She is not keeping well but one must not miss studies for ill health. Sharda takes her seat. Shirish invites them to join them. The camera follow him as he takes a last seat in the class room. Shirish begins his class. He asks them many questions. Sharda answers well for which he praises her. Suresh is surprised to see her progress but keeps a smile on his face. At the end everyone claps for Sharda including Suresh too. They get lunch break now after which they will have maths class.

Mrs. Bhalla invites Suresh to have lunch with them. Suresh agrees as he notices Aman setting the camera for this scene. Suresh feeds Sharda first. Sharda cannot help but recall their initial days. I used to bring food for you in the shop and you used to feed me like this only. Shirish applauds the couple. Sharda ji supported you when you were struggling and today you are helping her when she is struggling. Suresh did not like the remark. Shirish goes out to revise. Sharda feeds Suresh. She is happy to see the change in him. If he wouldn’t have supported me then I wouldn’t be able to come here to study.

Sharda is telling Sakshi about her class. I was so worried if I give any wrong answer then he will feel bad but I gave all the right answers. Sir also appreciated me. Sakshi has full faith in her. Sharda is thankful to Suresh for his support. He gave me so much respect in front of everyone. I am happy to see the change in him.

Latika gets a mail from their board. They want to hold the award function tomorrow itself. Suresh thinks of taking all the family members to the event along with their documentary crew. This will be good for our comapny’s image. Latika likes the idea. She leaves after bidding him good night.

Whole Modi family is at the award function. Shirish is there too. The presenter praises Suresh for his initiatives. Mrs. Sharda Modi has also started studying because of his efforts and she is also the best student of her class. The day is not far when she will get a degree too. They all clap. Suresh is invited on the stage. They want to award Suresh with the Best Social Worker Trophy. They call out for Mrs. Sharda Modi to give away this award. Suresh is clearly unhappy with the turn of events. He cannot take it that everyone is clapping for Sharda as she comes on the stage. Sakshi shows thumbs up to Shirish who reciprocates equally.

Sharda tells him she knew about it but was told not to share it with him as it was a surprise. He is upset but hides it. Everyone claps as Sharda gives him the trophy. Suresh is about to go back to his seat but is requested to say something to inspire everyone. Suresh is happy and thanks them for the award. I am more happy as this award has been given to me by the most important woman of my life – Sharda. He thanks her for coming in life for she taught him what all a man has to face to handle life, family. You yourself were uneducated but you have brought up our kids so well. But I knew somewhere you had a sadness about the fact that you dint knew how to study and it is in every woman around the world. I want all women to be educated and move ahead in life. I am happy with this award but my happiness will double when Sharda will complete her course and come home with her certificate. He ends his speech with a thank you for Sharda. Sharda looks certainly pleased by his words.

Precap: Sharda thanks Suresh for encouraging her for studies. I thought you were upset. He doesn’t have a problem with her going to school. Go for sure but don’t take it so seriously that you forget your home. Sakshi is observing them from her seat.

Update Credit to: pooja

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