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Sakshi observes Sharda somewhere lost in thoughts as she cooks. She asks her why is she worried now that the house has been saved. Sharda is worried about Suresh. I don’t know how to help him. Sakshi is surprised that she still wants to help him. sharda agrees that he has cheated her but he has also taken care of me and my family over these years. He needs someone right now. Can we not help him in any way? Sakshi denies. The loan amount is too big. We cannot do anything even if we want to. Sharda still believes that her fast and prayers will bring some solution for Suresh. Sakshi wishes to be like her. They share a hug.

Karan is giving his interview. The interviewers recognize him as Suresh Modi’s son. They want to hire him for he can share the secrets of Suresh’s office with them

but Karan declines outright. You are more interested in my dad’s business secret rather than my bio data. He is about to walk out when one of the guys try to reason that it doesn’t matter how he gets the job. What matters is that he is getting the job. Karan disagrees with him. my mom says that journey is more important than goal. If your path is right then you will anyways reach your destination. If not this then I will get some job somewhere else surely. They ask him about his salary expectations which surprise him. they are pleased with his talent and honesty. Karan is overjoyed.

Shanaya has brought a saree for Pallavi. She wants to surprise her so she decides to keep it in her mom’s cupboard. A file drops on the floor as she opens the cupboard. Shanaya is surprised to see her mom’s will. Why did she make it so soon? She is shocked to know that Pallavi has transferred everything in Sharda’s name.

Karan brings tab for Sakshi. She is thrilled but then worries about the expenses. His broad smile tells her that he got the job. She is very happy for him. He doesn’t want her and their mom to keep making list on pen and paper. Now you can take the easy way. Sakshi calls out for Sharda and shares the good news with her. Sharda hugs her son with joy. She too gets a gift but is again lost which they both notice. She is feeling incomplete somewhere because of what’s happening with Suresh. Karan assures her that everything will be fine. Sharda has full faith in God. There must be some (good) reason behind it. She tells him and Sakshi to go to temple to seek God’s blessings.

Sharda is glad for her son’s achievement yet she wishes that everything gets back to normal in her husband’s life too. Shanaya remarks that she doesn’t have to pray from God as her prayers have been answered already. Sharda is happy to see her. Shanaya tells her about Pallavi’s will which shocks Sharda. Shanaya talks against Sharda and her putting up a mask of innocence in front of everyone. You stopped the auction in a second. Now I understand your plan. You left that house but you dint stop interfering in other people’s lives. You were looking for chances of coming to that house be it Dadi’s heart attack, auction, etc. You made my mom look low in front of all the family members. Sharda denies but Shanaya continues blaming her for everything. My mom took this decision as she was under so much pressure. How did you scare her? sharda tries to explain but Shanaya doesn’t let her speak. Before you try to ruin or hurt my family or any of my family members I will ruin you and your family. sharda looks at her in disbelief. She tries to explain that she has no idea about what Shanaya is saying but Shanaya is not interested in any of her explanations. I will talk to mom later but I have come here to tell you to go away from our lives. Leave my mom alone. She takes the papers from a shocked Sharda and leaves. Sharda wonders as to why Pallavi gave the power of attorney to her. Just then a boy comes to tell Sharda that Sakshi has met with an accident. Karan bhaiya has taken her to hospital. She calls Karan who tells her to come to the hospital asap.

Pallavi instructs the driver not to tell anyone that he has dropped her here at the hospital. He nods and leaves. Pallavi goes to talk to her doctor. The receptionist asks for Pallavi’s details from the driver. He tells her that she is Mrs. Modi. The receptionist writes down the details herself.

Sharda too comes to the same hospital. She enquires about room no. 203 from the receptionist. She misses seeing Pallavi. She meets Karan who tells her that doctors are checking Sakshi. He goes to fill the necessary forms. The receptionist gives him Pallavi’s file by mistake (Mrs. Modi coincidence). He signs on the forms and gives the file back to her.

Sharda walks in Sakshi’s ward worried for her. Doc tells her that the accident wasn’t too big but he cannot say anything till she wakes up. We have to do some tests when she wakes up. Sakshi has problems in breathing. Nurse puts oxygen mask around her mouth. Karan tells Sharda about the accident. A speeding car hit Sakshi while she was crossing the road. Sharda is in tears.

Dadi is feeling very uneasy. She tells Latika that she can feel something is wrong somewhere. What if Sharda is in some trouble? Call her. Latika assures her that she had spoken with Karan in the morning itself. Everything is fine. Karan has got a job too. Dadi is still sure something’s up. She prays for her family’s well being.

Doc tells Pallavi how she should have told her family members well in time or should have started the treatment earlier. The case is getting complicated. She apologizes to him.

The nurses discuss about Sakshi. She should have gained consciousness by now. If she doesn’t wake up soon then it can be dangerous for her. karan is shocked to hear all this. He tries to wake up Sakshi. You cannot do this with us. Sharda leaves from there sadly while he talks to Sakshi. I finally got the job today. we did so much planning for this and so much is still to be planned. Wake up. Nothing has or can happen to you. You are my strength. How can something happen to you? I need you. He is crying.

Sharda prays to God (hospital temple). I accepted everything that happened to me till date. I kept quiet yet my faith in you never wavered. I knew that you will not let anything happen to my family. if something happens to Sakshi today then I wont forgive you. My family will break if something happens to Sakshi. Please wake her up. I will sit here till she gains consciousness. Screen keeps shifting to Sakshi-Karan and Pallavi while Ganpati chants play in the background.

It’s morning. Sharda is still standing at the same place with folded hands. Sakshi wakes up and removes her oxygen mask. She calls out for Karan who he is thrilled to see her awake. He rushes to her side and then goes out to call the doc. Doc checks Sakshi and tells Karan that Sakshi is better now. Karan thanks God.

Karan tells his mom that her prayers have been answered. Sharda hugs him out of happiness. He goes to get medicines for Sakshi. Before leaving he tells her that Sakshi is being shifted to some other room. Please check with the receptionist. Sharda thanks the Lord for giving new strength to her faith. Bless us always!

Sharda checks with the receptionist. She tells her Pallavi’s room number by mistake. Sharda walks inside the room and is taken aback to see Pallavi there.

Precap: Doc tells Sharda about Pallavi’s condition. I have been asking her to tell her family members about her condition since she has come to Mumbai but she is very stubborn. She dint even tell her husband or her kids. Atleast you know everything. Sharda asks about her and is shocked to know that Pallavi has cancer (last stage). She has very less time.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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