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Sharda comes home with everyone’s words echoing in her head regarding the auction that is to be held tomorrow. Sakshi rushes to her side worried for her. Sharda feels defeated for she couldn’t do anything. Karan too sits beside his mom. They are shocked to know that the house will be auctioned after all. I had thought that I will be able to save it as its on my name. No one will be able to sell it without my permission. Sakshi and Karan agree on the same. Sharda agrees that it is on her name but Suresh has my power of attorney which I had given him. Karan deduces that his dad can do anything now. Don’t worry I will check with my lawyer. Sakshi too assures her that they will find a way out of it. sharda is still very much worried about everything. I cannot understand how he can do this to

his kids or his mom. Even that Pallavi is not helping at all. Sakshi anyways knew that that lady wont help them. Karan is taken aback to know that the auction is tomorrow itself.

Pallavi sadly recalls Dadi’s reaction when she had declined to help Suresh. She feels bad to have spoken to her like that but she had no other option. If I wont do all this then Sharda wont be able to come back to you. Please forgive me Maa ji. Just then Shanaya comes there. She is happy with her mom’s earlier reaction and the auction. I am happy that you dint help dad. I am really happy that this house of Sharda will be auctioned tomorrow. Pallavi agrees that she and her brother will get everything now. Shanaya is too excited for tomorrow. She leaves after bidding good night to her mom. Pallavi only wishes that Sharda is able to stop this auction somehow.

Suresh paces worriedly in the living area while Latika stands there upset. Dadi, Chirag and Pallavi are there as well. A few people walk inside the house. They tell Suresh that they will have to begin the auction now. Suresh looks on helplessly. The officer tells his men to check every corner of the house. Latika is pained to see all this while Suresh sits down on the sofa all helpless. Everything is over. There is nothing left which can be called my own. Pallavi is desperately waiting for Sharda. Come and stop these people before they snatch your world from you. Dadi and Chirag are told to move away from the dining table as the table needs to be labelled. Dadi is heartbroken.

Sharda and Karan have come to talk to the lawyer. They don’t have time. The lawyer points out that the power of attorney is in Mr. Modi’s name. They all decide to go to the magistrate office to see if they can find a way out.

Everything in Modi House has been labelled with price tags. The bidders have arrived as well. Suresh sits on one of the chair lost in thoughts while Pallavi looks on.

The magistrate is late. Karan, Sharda and the lawyer sit down to wait for the magistrate to come.

The auction process starts with the initial bid of Rs. 50 crores. Modi family is in tears to see all this. Pallavi is worried what if the house does get auctioned.

The Magistrate finally reaches his office. The bidding continues at Modi House while at the magistrate’s office, the magistrate signs on the papers presented by Sharda. She is really happy and thanks him for the same. The bidding amount goes as high as 80 crores. Shanaya is happy that Sharda Ma’am is going to lose the house that she loved. You couldn’t even stop it. Sharda reaches Modi House just in time. Everyone is surprised to see her there. Sharda and Karan walk up to the auctioneer’s table.

She tells them that they cannot sell anything as they have got stay order from the court. She hands them the legal papers. Shanaya isn’t happy about it. The auctioneer tells them that they will not let this property go from their hands. You stopped us today but if we come back tomorrow as well then who will stop us? All the family members look worried. Sharda replies that she will do it time and again. I will shield my house from all evil eyes. She asks the bidders to leave. They oblige. Pallavi has a big smile on her face. Dadi hugs Sharda for saving this house. Sharda says she can go away from this house but she cannot let this house go away from them or her. Pallavi was sure she would save this house well in time. I am proud of my decision today. I am proud of you Sharda.

Latika and Chirag too hug their mom. Suresh questions Sharda on what she did. Are you trying to ruin me? why did you come here? To mock me? Do you think that this stay order can save this house? They will come back tomorrow. What will you do then? Will you come back tomorrow too? How many times will you come to save this house? What do you want to prove (your greatness) by doing all this? She declines. I want to tell that this is not just a house but my tapasya which I wont allow to be wasted at any cost. This is my house, not just because its on my name, but because my ma, my son, my memories stay here. You might never understand what a house means to a woman. Suresh is not happy with her reply though Dadi looks at her proudly.

Sakshi and Karan discuss how mom saved that house even after whatever happened with her. Karan is glad when his dad went all quiet because of his mom’s reply. You should have seen him. sakshi explains that mom has been through a lot. Everyone can take things up to a limit and when it’s done they eventually vent it out. Karan is feeling bad for his dad but he cannot forget what he has done with his mom. I know he cannot stay without his work and what he will do now that he is bankrupt! She tells him that papa is strong enough to take care of himself. You should focus on your interview. He leaves as he is getting late. But then comes back and back hugs her. He asks for a good luck kiss. I have been giving interviews since so many days but nothing’s happening. Maybe it will help. Cute background song plays as she kisses him on his cheek. She finally tells him to go as he is getting late for his big interview.

Pallavi stands by the window lost in her thoughts. My motive was to get you (Sharda) back in this house but you left yet again. I will have to bring her back anyhow. Shanaya comes to her mom’s room ranting about how much she hates Sharda. Pallavi is worried as to how Shanaya will accept Sharda after her death if she continues to hate Sharda like this. Pallavi is still lost when her phone rings. It is her doctor calling. Shanaya advances towards it as Pallavi is not noticing it but Pallavi takes it in time. She disconnects the call lying that it was from the customer care. Shanaya goes out for shopping.

Pallavi had to go for chemotherapy. She declines but the doctor tells her to take her condition seriously. She finally agrees to come. She is worried as to what will she say at home as she will have to stay at the hospital for two days.

Dadi talks about both the women – Sharda and Pallavi – and how different they are. Sharda did so much to save this house whereas Pallavi is not even bothered an inch about anything. I think that you should make up with Sharda. Pallavi reaches there and stops to hear their convo. Suresh doesn’t want anyone. Ups and downs keep happening in business. Pallavi dint stand by my side that’s ok. But Sharda supported me to show that she has become a big businesswoman today who can help me. Anyways, I am going out for a day. He gets up and finds Pallavi standing there. He tells her that he will handle things on his own now. It doesn’t matter of anyone supports me or not. He walks out. Pallavi thinks that she dint support him but Sharda did. She will continue to do so in future too. She will be with you in future whereas I wont be there. I am going Mahesh but I am not leaving you alone. You will get your wife whereas my kids will get their mom. I will bring Sharda back in this house before I will die.

Precap: Shanaya is searching for something in her mom’s cupboards and finds a file. It is her mom’s will. Pallavi has transferred everything in Sharda’s name.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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