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Suresh turns to Karan who doesn’t talk to him. I will drop you home. Saying so, he leaves from there after thanking the inspector. Suresh follows him quietly. A woman in burqa is showing to be keeping a watch on them.

Sakshi tells Sharda that Karan has got papa bailed. Sharda is relieved now. I knew Karan will never say no to me. Karan drops his dad at Modi House in an auto. Suresh thanks him. karan tells him it isn’t needed. I dint do it by my will but I am sure you must be knowing who I did it for. suresh nods. Karan doesn’t let him talk. Suresh asks him if he got a job. Karan tells him he has indeed got a job. It is my first day at work today so I have to reach on time or I will lose it. Suresh wishes him luck. Karan adds that this job has been given to Karan, not Karan

Modi. Hope you would have understood now that some people can make their own identity without using your name. Suresh is taken aback. A girl is watching them from distance. Mr. Suresh Modi you will definitely be punished for your crimes.

Sakshi has prepared a list for all that they would need for their factory. But I have no idea where we will get workers from. Sharda too is clueless about it. sakshi suggests giving an ad in newspaper. Sharda remembers her convo with Neha. She leaves from her home which leaves Sakshi wondering.

Sharda comes to Neha (other ladies are there too) to ask what happened at the police station. Neha replies that they have filed a report but Sanjay Verma is a very corrupt man. He will bribe police and we will stay like this only. We have nothing (money or work). Sharda tells them that she is going to start something on her own and they are welcome to join her. neha and all the other women get excited. Sharda says I am just starting something new so I wont be able to pay you anything initially. We can share our earnings later on. All the ladies are more than happy to help her in her endeavour. Sharda comes home to tell Sakshi that she has arranged for the workers for their factory. Sakshi is doubtful as they have no such experience. Sharda boosts her confidence about it. sakshi can understand that Sharda is trying to help those ladies but they might not have expertise in their field. How will they do it when they don’t know it? sharda replies that we learn what we do not know. I have learnt to study and you have learnt cooking. These women will also learn with time. You have always encouraged me so we will do the same with them. Sakshi agrees. Sharda tells them about what they have decided about money. We all will find our new identities very soon. Sakshi has full faith in Sharda that being a Guru she can certainly make that happen.

Latika comes running to meet her dad. She dint knew about him being arrested. I would have come to bail you out but I got to know about it just now. He is upset that no one bothered to talk to him. he storms inside the house and throws away his coat. Pallavi is surprised to see him at home. He taunts her. you only had arranged for me staying at the jail? She tells him she is not involved in it. I was trying to find a way out with our lawyer and you are blaming me? he tells her that she doesn’t need to do anything. You have done enough. He doesn’t trust her which doesn’t bother her. she suggests that it might be SHarda who has done it but he knows that Sharda cannot do it. she isn’t amazed by his so called trust on Sharda. I cannot trust you the same way you cannot trust me. She straight away asks him to to transfer all his business and properties in her name legally. He replies that it is all hers only. Sharda herself had said that she doesn’t want anything. Pallavi wants it legally and on papers. He agrees but he has to take Sharda’s signatures first. She gets a call and moves aside to pick it. she agrees to come meet someone (that same girl I guess). Suresh asks her about it but she is in no mood to share and leaves from the house.

It is Shanaya, Pallavi’s daughter. She excitedly tells her mom that she punished dad for his misdeed. Pallavi slaps her. shanaya is sad at her reaction but Pallavi wants to fight her battle on her own. You have registered a complaint on false name to help me but it can turn against you. You can be jailed for this. Shanaya tells her to let it be. Dad cheated you, hurt you yet you are tolerating him. Why? I am not you. I just cannot stand it that my dad is a cheater. Pallavi apologizes to her for slapping her. You shouldn’t have done this. I know I have to punish Mahesh and I will. You are too small for all this you should stay away from this. Pack your bags and come with me. Shanaya declines to stay with her dad under the same roof. Pallavi can understand her feelings. It isn’t easy for me too but I cannot force you. Shanaya yet again tries to make her mom understand that her dad has only given pain to her till date. He has hurt you, cheated you. Now its your time to give a fitting reply to him. Pallavi has already decided what she wants to do.

Pallavi calls Sharda. It is time you return everything that belongs to me. Sharda has given her her everything. Pallavi asks her to come to office tomorrow. You will have to withdraw all your rights from all the properties. Sharda is shocked. Pallavi wants all properties to be in my name. Sharda asks her if he (Suresh) knows about it. Pallavi tells her that all the papers will be signed in his office only. Reach by 11 am. My lawyer could have called you to inform you but I thought to give this news personally. Sharda agrees to come. The call ends. Pallavi tells her daughter that this is how you take revenge.

Karan is in auto. He gets a call from his office, Shagun Textiles. He was to take his offer letter and join their company at this moment. Boss is waiting for him. Karan apologizes and agrees to reach asap. He tells the driver to drive fast.

Sharda is sad as she realises that she was so helpless in front of Pallavi that she agreed to forsake her kids’ rights. I have agreed to give her everything. If I sign on those papers once then I will lose everything that was mine for last 30 years. Sakshi comes and calls Sharda. Sharda goes out and Sakshi shows her the main door of their house. It bears a nameplate of Sharda’s name – Sharda Mehta. Sharda gets emotional. Sakshi got it from the market yesterday. This is your name, your identity. Sharda is reading this name after so long. I had left it behind some 30 years ago. Sakshi says this name is knocking at your door once again as your identity. Title track plays. Sharda adjusts the nameplate. Sharda is all set for this new beginning. You are the light of this new life. They share a hug. Sharda decides that she doesn’t want anything or any help as long as her kids are with her. we don’t want anybody’s support.

Karan apologizes to his boss for coming late on the very first day. His boss is curious to know but Karan simply tells him that it was a personal matter. Boss tells him to keep his personal and professional life separate. Karan nods. Some guys sitting in the cabin wonder as to why is Suresh Modi’s son listening to all this rubbish. He should be in his dad’s office. Karan’s boss gives him a warning about not breaking the rules in his office. Karan nods in understanding.

Suresh wonders about Pallavi’s whereabouts. She is not even picking my calls. Just then Pallavi enters with Shanaya. Suresh is happy to see her but Shanaya doesn’t talk to him. she asks her mom about her room. Suresh tells her to talk to him as he was missing her. She tells him to get used to missing her then. She calls him Mr. Mahesh Ajmera but then corrects herself. He is angry as she is talking to her dad like this. She simply heads towards her room. Suresh tries to talk to Pallavi about the same. You know I love you and my kids a lot. I can do anything so see the smiles on your faces. Pallavi tells Suresh that she has called Sharda to his office tomorrow. Suresh is surprised that Sharda agreed to come to sign on the property papers. Pallavi is all confident. Sharda has no option left. I am sure you will be there too when Sharda will sign on those papers. It will be for formalities only. I know what I have to do even if you don’t come. He agrees to give her whatever she wants. She leaves from there satisfied with his response.

Precap: Sakshi asks Karan about his first day. Karan is sad that there was a big drama on my first day only. Sharda decides not to share anything with Karan about Pallavi’s call as he is anyways so worried about his office. Karan stops his mom for he wants to talk / ask her something.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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