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Sakshi is talking about their future business plans to Sharda, but she’s lost in thoughts. Sakshi asks her what’s the matter. Sharda asks her why Pallavi would lie. Sakshi says even she doesn’t understand. Sharda tells her not to think all that. Sakshi says she will make something for Karan.

Later, Sakshi is cleaning the house. Sharda stops her. Karan comes and tells Sharda to let her work. Sharda says Dadi didn’t let her work at all in this condition. Karan strikes that he’s going to be a father and gets very happy. Sharda leaves. Sakshi tells him final report is yet to come. He hopes they get a beautiful daughter like Sakshi. Sakshi says it doesn’t matter whether a boy or girl. They both are very happy. She tries to get up, but he makes her sit and says

she won’t do any work. She says even doctors say it’s good to do some work. He says, they can work, but he won’t let her.

Suresh is reading newspaper and sees upset.

Sakshi and Karan come out for ice cream. Just then Sakshi receives a call from doctor and she’s informed that she is not pregnant. It was false alarm. She’s shattered. Karan tells her don’t be sad. At least from this false alarm, they realized that they are ready for parents responsibility. She hugs him and says they all got so happy and in end this happened. He says they at least became happy for some moments. He cheers her up.

Sakshi is doing some work in kitchen. Sharda stops her from working. Sakshi informs her that it was false alarm, she’s not pregnant. Sharda is shocked, but she consoles Sakshi. Karan comes there with newspaper and tells Sharda and Sakshi that Suresh has become bankrupt. Both of them are shocked. Karan says he cannot believe because Suresh was such a good businessman. All these things must be going on from some time, and Suresh didn’t tell anyone.

At Modi house, Latika asks Suresh what’s all that and why he didn’t tell her. He says he thought he would sort out everything, but everyone stepped out. Pallavi comes out and questions about the same. Latika asks how much is loan of. He says 80 crore. He then tells Pallavi she can help him with money that she has. Pallavi refuses to give to him saying it’s for her children. Suresh says then he will have to auction this house. Dadi hears it and is shocked. Suresh leaves. Latika follows. Dadi lectures Pallavi that what kind of wife she is. Pallavi asks why she should save this house? No one takes her as their own in this house, and for her, this house is just an ordinary house.

Sharda asks what else is in that news. Karan says Modi house may be auctioned. Sharda becomes sad and says she can’t let it get auctioned. There are so many their memories in that house. It’s their house, not something that people can destroy it. That house is like a mandir for her. She leaves. Sakshi tries to stop, but Karan tells her to let her go. She is not same Sharda anymore who needed someone’s support for every single matter. Sakshi agrees.

Some people are checking Modi’s house. Sharda comes and tells them it was false news about house auction. This house can never be auctioned. She asks them to leave. They leave. Pallavi comes and asks with whose permission she asked them to leave. Sharda goes on that this is not just a house, etc. etc. Pallavi tells her no one can stop this house from getting auctioned, if she can, then stop the auction.

Precap: Auction is on. Someone bids 80 crore. Pallavi wonders why Sharda didn’t come there yet.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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