Ek Nayi Pehchan 28th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Nayi Pehchan 28th March 2014 Written Episode, Ek Nayi Pehchan 28th March 2014 Written Update

Episode starts from where it was left Yesterday. Shristh Kamath, Sharda teacher comes to Modi Mansion. Suresh asks him to whom he wants to meet. He tells him that he wants to meet Sharda Modi. Suresh asks him who is he so sir introduces himself. Suresh greets him inside and calls Sharda. He forgets his name so asks it again, this time he says to him to call sir only. Suresh doesnot call him by sir. Sharda and Sakshi comes. Sir tells her that she has not came to class for a long time so he came here. He asks the reason for not coming. Sharda avoids the questions smartly by introducing Sakshi and Chirag, Suresh asks him to join them for breakfast and orders Sharda to set up the table. Karan comes and says that we don’t have time for breakfast so better go now. Suresh and sir glares

at each other. Suresh tells Karan to go office now and he will come later as there is guest. Sharda introduces sir to Karan. He greets him warmly and then excuses himself. He leaves.

Suresh asks sir to join for breakfast. Sharda and Sakshi serves them the food. Suresh looks quite unhappy. Sakshi quietly thanks sir to come here because she told so. Suresh says sir to eat breakfast and give marks to Sharda. Suresh eats butter and lightly taunts her that now it’s taste is like before, else it was lost because of lack in interest and now it is perfect. He says that when person takes interest in its work only then it comes perfect. Sir also agrees to it. Suresh gives Sharda small works purposely. Chirag is on his ipad. Sharda says him to get off the YOU-TU and eat breakfast. Chirag corrects her that it is YOU-TUBE. Suresh also smiles at this.Chirag tells sir that mom knows nothing. Sir excuses himself for class. Suresh praises as well as taunts him that you are doing very great work in educating massive. In return sir gives him a good reply and praises Sharda. He says that you are also to be praised as if it was anyother person which small mentality, he would stop his wife to get educated at this age, but you have given her support. He again asks her why is she not coming to class. She make excuses. Sir asks her to come to class. Chirag and Suresh leaves. Sharda tells Sakshi that she can’t study because of the current situation of the family. She goes to mandir as she made mannat for PraLat. She leaves. Sakshi promises that Sharda will go to class.

Karan is with his friends. He tells them about the movie incident. He says that he will not do anything now. She have to understand him herself. His friend suggests him to get a heart-shaped cake for Sakshi and write I LOVE YOU on it. Karan initially doesnot likes this idea. His friend tells him to celebrate 1st meeting anniversary but Karan did not remember it. Friend says that even Sakshi have not remembered it. Karan says that two months have past after wedding and now he will set all right.

Sharda is in the market when she saw some men running behind a girl. She seeks refuge in a cafe but no-one helps her. She tried to escape but could not. One of the men took out her dupatta. She is still asking for help but no one comes forward. Sharda comes in between, she says that all people are with me to help me but sees that everyone is stepping behind. Goon takes knife and was about to hit Sharda when a man stopped him. Jacky Bhaganni. Police comes and arrest the goons. Sharda give the girl back her dupatta. She and Jacky praises each other for bravely. Sharda slaps goons and tells him to never under-estimate a women. Girl refuses to go to police station but Sharda makes her understand. Jacky says that power is in moral, women should take stand in fighting against molestation, women should protect themselves, for which they don’t have to be dependent on men. Girl agrees on FIR against not only the goons that those who didn’t helped her. Jacky says that it will be done as those who only see crime and don’t do anything are equally in fault. Sharda thanks him. Jacky thanks her that the act she done was very good. He promotes her film Youngistaan which is released today. The movie is not only for teenagers but for those also who are young at heart. Sharda gives wishes.

Karan reaches bakery but he is still not sure of the idea. He orders the cake. Two girls are also ordering a cake for breakup at the same time.

Sharda tells them the incident to Sakshi and Latika. Both praises her. Sakshi says that alot have changed in you as you have seen the outside world. She says that we all will go to see YOUNGISTAAN. Servant brings the tiffin of Prateek. Sharda sees that food is not eaten. Latika storms on Prateek. She goes. Sharda says that I thought the way to man’s heart goes from stomach but Prateek has not eaten the food. Sakshi says that first the anger has to be finished off. She says to give a letter with tiffin which will be written by them not Latika.

Diya is not completing her food so Sakshi asks her to finish it so she will make her watch the super hero movie-KRISH on Saturday 6:30 pm only at Sony Tv. Latika receives a call that the work of Suresh in the field on women’s empowerment is being appreciated and he will be given a award. Latika translates for Sharda. Suresh says that I really want that women gets educated and become independent. Sharda feels not so good hearing it, she goes in kitchen. Sakshi thinks that life gives very less chances so a man should make very chance transformed into success, she also have got a chance to make Sharda successful so she will make Sharda go to class again.

PRECAP: Suresh call Sharda and tells her that she can go to classes from tomorrow. Sakshi and Sharda are shocked and happy. Sharda says that how can she go leaving house and Maa (Dadi). Suresh says that he will take care of it. He says that you are going to classes.

Update Credit to: rida001

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