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Latika asks Sharda if she’s sure as such good offers don’t come too often. Sharda says when she left Modi house, she decided to make her identity only, not to start business.

Pallavi is crying and says she found out Sharda got a gold heart when she met her first time, and she only did all what she did to her so she can gain self-confidence. She looks at Sharda’s photo and says, all is hers now.

Karan tells Sharda about his plan after they get money. Him and Sakshi confirm from Sharda that she doesn’t want to do this business. Sharda says she doesn’t want to do it. Sakshi says the workers became like their family. Sharda says yes, blood relationships matter more, but heart-to-heart relationships matter even more. Sakshi says just like Sharda loves her more

than Karan. Karan says even he loves Sakshi as much. Sakshi says she is just someone like that. A worker comes in with a tensed face. Karan goes inside. The worker needs sugar. Sakshi goes to get it. Sharda asks the worker what’s the matter. The worker tells her how her chowl people threw out a lady from there after her husband died, and now she’s in orphanage.

Sharda comes to the orphanage with blank cheque that she got from Meeta. The person there tells her they do as much as they can, but they also require money. Sharda thinks if she donates money, then they will get happiness for few moments only, she will have to do something else.

Latika has to go for a meeting and no one is at home to look after Diya. Pallavi says she will look after her. Latika tells her what to do and leaves. Diya doesn’t want to talk to Pallavi as she thinks Pallavi is bad. Pallavi tells her about the toys and she starts talking. Pallavi then gets a call from hospital for a test. She takes Diya with her.

Sharda brings food for Sakshi, but she doesn’t want to eat. Sharda makes her eat and she vomits. Sakshi says she has not been feeling good since past few days. They decide to go to hospital.

The doctor gives good news to Sakshi and Sharda that Sakshi may be becoming a mother soon. Sharda is overjoyed and says she will tell everyone. Sakshi says doctor said, may be. They have to wait till results. Sharda is sure that she’s going to become a Dadi. Pallavi tells Diya not to go anywhere while she goes for her test. Sharda feels as if she saw Pallavi there. Sakshi asks what she’ll do here. Sharda agrees and tells Sakshi, they will go to eat (for party). Sakshi is impressed. They leave. Diya sees them leaving, and she also goes. Pallavi comes out and gets panicked as she can’t find Diya. Her doctor friends comes out and tells her not to take tension. It’s not good for her. He sends a guard to search for Diya. Pallavi informs Latika about Diya going missing.

Diya is lost on the street. Sharda sees her and calms her down.

Latika and Suresh both are angry at Pallavi. Dadi tells Suresh to inform police. Suresh says he informed already, but they don’t know anything yet either. Latika says she can’t rely on police. She decides to go herself, and just then, Sharda comes there with Diya. Latika hugs Diya and asks Sharda how she found her. Sharda says she was lost on road. Pallavi says, she took Diya to a mall, and she got lost there. Sharda thinks she was in hospital, then why she’s lying now. What is she hiding?

Precap: Suresh is in loss. Pallavi asks him why he didn’t tell her. He says he thought he would sort out everything, but his partners stepped back. He tells her, she can help with her money. Pallavi says those money are for her children’s future. He then says, there is only one way, he’ll have to put this house on auction.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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