Ek Nayi Pehchan 28th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Ek Nayi Pehchan 28th February 2014 Written Episode, Ek Nayi Pehchan 28th February 2014 Written Update

Everyone is having breakfast. Sharda calls out for Karan to join them. He comes and wishes his dad good morning. Everyone smiles as they look at him leaving him confused. You are going to office wearing tracks? Fui too teases him. You lost your concentration now that Sakshi isn’t home? He forgot as he was in a rush. Bhagwati teasingly asks Karan as to when is he going to bring Sakshi back home. Sharda wants her to spend a few days with her mom after which he will go. Karan likes the idea of his going there. I should go today itself then as I have a very important meeting tomorrow. Suresh dint knew about this meeting. Karan is thinking for an answer when Sharda teases him. I know you don’t have time but brother in law can go too so Chirag can go. Karan declines straight away

which pleases Sharda. I know these rituals are very important so I will go. I will manage my work no worries. Sharda nods. Karan goes to change his clothes. Latika was giving the wrong medicine for Diya. Sharda points out that the other one is for later as D is written over it. Bhagwati asks her how she knows it. Sharda gets tensed. Suresh asks for one more paratha which helps Sharda but Bhagwati is still thinking about it. Suresh and Latika have another very important meeting today.

Dadi is giving waste papers to the scrap dealer. Fui is doing her prayers when Sharda’s phone starts ringing. She picks it up. Rest of the convo is in mute. Fui agrees to tell it to Sharda. She sits down and resumes chanting the beads.

Sharda comes to help Dadi. She asks the servant to bring some more stuff from the storeroom. Fui is waiting for Bhagwati who quietly enters Sharda’s room and starts looking for Sharda’s ID card. Sharda’s phone rings again. It is Sakshi. She is missing her very miss and vice versa. Sharda teasingly asks her to open the door herself every time the doorbell rings who knows when you will see your husband. Sakshi is pleasantly surprised. Is he coming? Sharda again teases her. You aren’t missing your this home but only your husband. You have anyways forgotten your MIL. Sakshi denies. I was thinking that it will be you when I open the door. Sharda too is missing her a lot. Come back soon or I will become a typical MIL and torture you when you will be back. Sakshi smiles. Don’t even try its not your cup of tea. Sharda has a lot to do so she ends the call.

Some books go in the waste material by mistake. Sharda notices and keeps them back with her. fui is watching all this while Bhagwati continues her search upstairs. She finally finds it in one of the almirah. Fui wants to know what Sharda found in the scrap. Dadi lies that they are her puja books. Fui wants to see for herself. Dadi takes a few names which in fact pleases Dadi. Does anyone even remember all that or not? Sharda is super tensed and quiet. Sharda starts reciting hanuman chalisa on her request. Fui appreciates her. Teach all this to rest of the people of your house too. I don’t think you need these books anymore. Fui takes them from Sharda. Why to take it back when you have already given it to the scrap dealer. Give it as a charity or alms. Fui gives them to the scrap dealer. Sharda is sad thinking how much hard work she had put into it. All my home work, school work is in these books only. How can I throw them away like this? The scrap dealer tells Fui that these are books for kids and not some puja books. Fui cross checks with Sharda. Did you not read the hanuman chalisa from this book just now? Sharda nods hesitantly. Just then Bhagawati comes running to show her MIL Sharda’s ID card. Fui already knows it that this card and these books belong to Sharda. Sharda is caught and accepts. Fui has caught Dadi’s lie too. That phone call confirmed my doubt. It was Rukhsar’s call that she had picked earlier. Fui scolds them both. I know I haven’t been to school but I know that difference between school books and puja books. You guys should have thought before lying to me. sharda also lied to me. Sharda apologizes to her but Fui does not. The DIL’s of this house go to study and that too in this age? Have you buried all your values? She walks away in a huff followed by Bhagwati. Dadi too leaves upset.

Padma asks Sakshi to pass the biscuits but she is lost. I know you are missing Karan but finish your breakfast first. Sakshi is feeling uneasy, something bad is going to happen which I wont be able to rectify. Something is wrong definitely. I will go and call ma right away.

Sharda is worried thinking about what just happened. Sakshi calls her but Sharda decides not to tell her anything or she will be worried. Sakshi was worried. I am feeling like something wrong is going to happen. Sharda lies to her. sakshi asks her to call her in case she needs her. sharda is missing her. Wait for Karan. Sakshi asks her to take care of herself.

The doorbell rings. Sakshi stops the servant and goes to open the door herself. It is someone else and Sakshi gets irritated. Another bell, another guy. It happens once more. sakshi feels that ma was joking with her. But my pulse rate gets high every time this bell will ring. She goes and switches off the bell.

Karan reaches Sakshi’s home. He rings the bell but there is no response. Sakshi is complaining to her mom how almost everyone came but not Karan. Karan peeks in from the window and looks at her. he thinks of calling her but the phone is dead. He tries to wave or call out for her but his voice isn’t audible. Padma and Sakshi leave for their rooms while he tries to ring the bell again. He again peeks in but this time both of them are gone. Sakshi thinks of him but then convinces herself that ma was just teasing her.

Dadi scolds Sharda for everything. I am embarrassed because of you today. sharda says I dint ask you to lie. Dadi was only helping her and now you are putting it on me? You said Sakshi will handle it then why did you let her go. if she would have been here then Ishwari behen wouldn’t have come to know of anything. You can read as much as you want but you wont change. Sharda apologizes to her. Dadi doesn’t want to spoil her relation with Ishwari behen.

Bhagwati says you were praising them so much but its been too long and no one came to offer you food or water. I don’t think anyone in this house knows how to treat elders. People offer food or snacks to guests even but no one here cares for you. Sharda brings food for her but Fui doesn’t want anything from the house where people lie. I don’t want to keep any relation with such a house or such people. Sharda requests her not to say it. I made a mistake. Please don’t be upset with anyone else in this house. You can scold / punish me but talk to me please. I hid the truth from you and lied to you about my classes. Punish me however you want to but please eat food. You haven’t eaten anything since so long. Fui again talks to her through Bhagwati. Tell her to go from here. Bhagwati folds her hands and Sharda looks on sadly.

Precap: Sakshi is pacing in her room and is still looking at her phone. He should have called me once. Isn’t he missing me at all? She notices a hand on the boundary of her room followed by another. She screams. Karan comes and covers her mouth. Shh…..It is me! sakshi is happy.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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