Ek Nayi Pehchan 27th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Nayi Pehchan 27th March 2014 Written Episode, Ek Nayi Pehchan 27th March 2014 Written Update

Karan is with his friends. Rohan asks him if he has proposed to Sakshi bhabhi till now or not. Karan denies. Rohan gives his example. I met a girl yesterday only and proposed her as well by taking her out for a romantic movie. Girls get hypnotized by seeing such movies. Show one to bhabhi and propose her. Karan thinks about the idea. His friends book tickets for him and Sakshi.

Diya is talking to Pratik. You too come and stay with us. Pratik explains her that he has to look after the house too. Mummy is there with you right? Diya says mumma doesn’t play with me or duck Modi or does drawing with me. She is not good. Latika and Diya have returned home and stop at the door to hear them talk. Pratik tells her how her mom is busy in office whole day and is tired by the end. If you

will act stubborn then you will be scolded right. You should actually help her instead of not talking to her. Diya doesn’t know what her mom does. How can I help her? Pratik tells her to be a good girl and agree to whatever she says. And give her lots of love. Latika feels emotional. Pratik checks on Diya if she dint eat anything sweet on her own. Diya denies. I eat only the special less sugar sweets which are made by Nani. She makes so yumm oats too. What did you eat? Pratik is eating outside as he keeps busy nowadays. But you must take care of yourself. Eat whatever mummy or Nani gives you like a good girl. I will come to meet you very soon. They both bid good night to each other. Latika goes and hugs her daughter. She puts Diya to sleep and sings the lullaby which Pratik sings for her. Diya is pleased that her mom learned it for her. Latika apologizes to her. Your mom is bad she keeps scolding you all the time. Diya calls her good instead. You scold me when I act stubborn. They become friends again. Latika agrees that they will go home very soon. Diya asks her if she wont take divorce now. Latika cannot help but recall her mom’s words. She answers in no. Sharda is glad to hear her answer. Latika again puts Diya to sleep.

Karan gets permission from his mom to see a film with Sakshi. He is going out happily when Sakshi is entering and they collide. The food spills. Sakshi doesn’t want to go leaving Sharda alone but she sends them off. Sakshi goes to change. Karan smiles as he waits for her.

Sharda serves dinner to Suresh. He praises her cooking. You always surprise me which is why I don’t eat anything when I go out on business meetings. He asks about Latika. Sharda feels that everything will be fine. Suresh appreciates her idea of taking them out. She credits him for it. He feels that Latika is happy with them here. We shouldn’t force her to go back to Pratik. He can try however much he wants to but he will never be able to understand Latika’s value. Sharda replies that the value of someone is realised when you lose them. I feel that both of them have started feeling the same. Latika must be happy here but her real happiness is with her family. Plus Diya needs both of them. Suresh supports single moms. They take care of their kids on their own. Can we all not take care of Latika and Diya together? Sharda says no love can compare a father’s love. Suresh too wants Pratik to apologize and take them back with him. Latika wont bend down in front of him anymore. Sharda nods. He asks for other family members and Sharda tells him about everyone.

Karan’s friend (Sameer) had booked the tickets for horror film by mistake. She is walking out in a huff when he tries to stop her. She doesn’t like horror films. Poor ghost dint have time to wear clothes. He apologizes to her for he dint knew. She was so scared that she threw all the popcorns, cold drink all over her. Only heart attack was left. You should have thought once before booking the tickets. He says sorry once again. Sameer booked tickets. She tells him to watch movies from his friends only then and starts walking. He keeps following her apologizing all the while. He wants to take her out for dinner but her dress is a mess. She sits down in the car and they drive towards home.

Sharda has been waiting for Karan and Sakshi to return. Sakshi tells her how Karan fooled her. He lied to me and took me for a horror movie. Why people make horror films? I was so scared that I spilled all the food over me. Sharda smiles. Karan must have done that mistakenly but Sakshi doesn’t agree with her. Now I wont be able to sleep at night. She notices Karan and leaves to change her clothes. Sharda asks Karan about the file. He makes a cute face and explains his point to her. What do girls want? SHarda tells him – they only need some love. He shares his feelings with his mom. I love her very much but I am not able to tell it to her. If I am not able to say it then atleast she should be able to understand it. Sharda says maybe she wants to hear it from you. Karan praises his mom. She tells him not to butter her as she wont be able to help him anyways. There is no need of a post man in love. He calls it unfair. You help Sakshi all the time. She replies in perfect English – everything is fair in love – which surprises Karan big time. He smiles pleased as his mom leaves from there.

Latika has packed Diya’s bag / lunch for her. They make a plan to go eat ice cream later in the day. Diya gives a good morning hug to her Nani and Sakshi. Latika takes her to drop her off till the bus stand. Sharda is happy to see the warmness in their relation. Looks like the ice is melting. Latika has become so responsible towards Diya. Hope her misunderstandings with Pratik solves and they get back together. Sakshi agrees with her. They both are sure things will be back to normal once again between the couple.Sakshi goes to bring tea for ma.

Latika wants to learn how to make bitter gourd. Sharda and Sakshi help her in cooking. Latika tastes what she has cooked. She has mixed too much chilli by mistake. I am not meant for all this. This isn’t my cup of tea. She decides to go out but they both stop her. Sakshi encourages her to fix what is messed up. Sharda squeezes some lemon juice on them. Latika is surprised when she tastes it afterwards. This is perfect now. Sharda smiles. When life becomes full then we add dreams in them and think about our future. When a truth is bitter then we add sweet words to sweeten it. Same way with relations which sets everything all right. Good that you have realised your love for your family and cooking. I know you are doing all this for Diya. Everything will be fine soon. Latika asks her to explain it to Pratik as well. If he talks badly to me again then till turn sour once again. Sharda agrees. They decide to send it to Pratik. Latika is happy. Outside food doesn’t suit him anyways. She will send his lunch box with the driver. She goes out smiling. Sharda thanks God as she can see the positive changes.

Door bell rings. Suresh calls out for Kaveri to open the door but she is nowhere to be seen. He finally goes to open the door himself. Shirish has come to meet Sharda. Suresh isn’t pleased to hear his intro.

Precap: Some guys are molesting a girl openly on the middle of the road. Sharda steps in to save the girl. They ask her to move aside but she is sure people will help her but no one comes forward to do so. One of the guys takes out his knife to hurt Sharda but Jacky (Youngistan) comes in as a saviour.

Update Credit to: pooja

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