Ek Nayi Pehchan 26th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Nayi Pehchan 26th March 2014 Written Episode, Ek Nayi Pehchan 26th March 2014 Written Update

Latika is singing a lullaby for Diya. She wants to hear the one which her dad sings for her. Latika cannot sing beyond a line which upsets Diya. You don’t know anything I want to hear the song which papa sings. Latika decides to call Pratik. He straight away asks her what she wants. She declines needing anything from him. Your daughter wants to hear that song from you which only you can sing for her in this whole world. Sharda and Sakshi stop outside to hear their convo. Pratik is irked she doesn’t know what her own daughter likes or dislikes as for that one needs to spend time with their loved ones which you never had which is why you had to call me as soon as you had to face such a small problem. It was your decision to leave home and take Diya with you. You are a strong minded

woman then how can you back off from your decision so soon? You are a mom. When will you understand your daughter if not now? Give some time so that you both can understand each other. I wont sing. Latika agrees. If I would have agreed to stay at home then would you have been able to fulfill mine and Diya’s needs? He understands what’s troubling her – his lesser income. You should have thought about this before marrying me. Sharda comes and takes Diya with her. You said big words and made big promises to me back then. You are a selfish woman who is mad after money. You don’t have a heart and your daughter knows this too. Latika looses her cool. Suresh too comes downstairs now and hears her shouting at phone. You have crossed all your limits now. I was quiet till now as I was worried for Diya. But one thing is clear that I can give her a better upbringing than you. So its final now I want a divorce from you. Sharda and Suresh are shocked while Latika throws her phone on the floor in anger. Sharda decides to do something so as the couple doesn’t separate.

Sakshi is singing a lullaby for Diya when Karan comes. He praises her sweet voice. He asks if something happened between di jju again. She replies that everyone talks about women education and should become independent. But don’t you think that it is like floating in two boats when you manage your professional and personal life? He calls it two tyres of a bike. You cannot put one on break and try to move the other. One has to manage both the tyres at the correct speed which Lattu di is unable to do. She remarks that it is easier said than done. He points out that nothing is possible without balance. Diya has fallen asleep. He starts heading to his couch when she suggests him to sleep on the bed only. He is worried of hurting her hand but she assures him. They both lie down on the bed feeling a little awkward. Sakshi wishes him good night and turns the other side. Her hairs fall on his face and he smiles as he moves them away. He calls out for her. She turns and their faces come really close. Saiyaan re plays. Karan is about to confess his love again but then starts coughing real bad. She is concerned for him when he says it might be some infection. She starts checking his head and neck when he holds her hand. Another Saiyaan re moment. Just then Latika knocks at their door. Karan gets up with a start and opens the door. Latika notices that Diya is fast asleep. She picks Diya and then thanks Sakshi who nods back. Karan closes the door after them.

Next morning at the breakfast table Diya and Latika have a fight. Diya wants to stay with her father as her mom is not good. She leaves in a huff to go sit with Dadi instead. Latika declines to have juice as she is upset. Sharda makes her sit and eat something. She feeds Latika with her own hands. Latika gets up to go but Sharda stops her. My daughter and your daughter are equally stubborn. The only difference is that I know how to make my daughter do something which you will have to learn. When there is a knot in the thread then you don’t pull it hard but you try to untie it carefully. Don’t fight with Pratik. Just make up with him which is what he must be waiting for. Love is like sky fly freely by leaving all your stubbornness behind. Latika too is waiting for Pratik to apologize to her. If it doesn’t matter to him that it’s ok with me too. Sharda points out that Diya is affected by it. Latika excuses herself as she has to go to office.

Suresh gets a call from Sharda. He simply tells her he is in a meeting and ends the call. Sharda calls the receptionist and asks for an appointment. Sakshi hears her saying the word appointment and is ecstatic. The receptionist is confused to hear her say so but Sharda repeats it for her. The rest of the convo is in mute. Sakshi hears it happily and praises Sharda for her magic.

Suresh is surprised to hear about the dinner reservation made by Sharda. The receptionist tells him that it is for Latika Ma’am. He looks out at Latika who is lashing out at her employees for some reason and is concerned. He agrees for the dinner reservation. But remember Latika should not know about the client. The receptionist agrees and leaves.

Suresh and Latika reach the hotel. Latika wonders about the client. Is it too big? You generally give me client brief before every meeting but you dint tell me anything this time. He avoids her question and asks her to come along. She gets a sprain in her feet. He helps her in walking till inside so that they can put some ice on it. Latika cannot see their client anywhere. Suresh looks at Sharda who smiles for a second and then pretends to be reading the menu. Suresh takes Latika to their table. Sharda’s presence surprises Latika. Sharda makes her sit and put the ice on her feet when she notices her sprain. Suresh asks his driver to bring crepe bandage for Latika asap. Latika remembers her childhood days by seeing them so concerned for her. It was when I had hurt my knee. Sharda remembers it well. You were 10 years old. Latika had felt their pain back then even though it was she who was hurt. Sharda says the pain and happiness of a child can be assessed by looking at the faces of their parents. Latika is feeling a little better now. Suresh also recalls how Sharda used to stay away with her for the whole night when Latika used to have exams. She dint knew how to study yet she used to stay awake to give you company. Suresh takes out his wallet and turns it the other way round for her to see. You look just like Diya in this pic. Sharda smiles while Latika is amazed to see her childhood pic in her dad’s wallet. Suresh gets emotional. This pic always remind me that I am a dad before being Mr. Suresh Modi. Latika is touched.

All three of them enjoy their dinner. Suresh praises Latika for her competence. She credits both of them instead. You have always showed me the way ahead while mom has always encouraged me. Its all because of you. Suresh excuses himself to attend a call. Latika calls her dad strong in business ideals but he is a little weak like me when it comes to spending time with his family This whole surprise has been planned by you right? Sharda smiles. Latika needed it very badly. What would I do if I dint have you both with me? You are right in saying that however old the kids get but they can do anything till they have their parents with them. They feel safe and secure because oft their parents. Sharda asks her the same question regarding Diya. Don’t you want her to feel safe and secure for her whole life? The happiness which you get by seeing your parents together, she too should feel the same way by seeing you and Pratik together. There is no guarantee of life. You never know what will be in the future for kids. If the parents are with them then they feel strong enough to face anything and everything in the world. Latika nods a little hesitantly.

Precap: Suresh supports single moms. They take care of their kids on their own. Can we all not take care of Latika and Diya together? Sharda says no love can compare a father’s love. Suresh too wants Pratik to apologize and take them back with him. Latika wont bend down in front of him anymore.

Update Credit to: pooja

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