Ek Nayi Pehchan 26th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Ek Nayi Pehchan 26th February 2014 Written Episode, Ek Nayi Pehchan 26th February 2014 Written Update

Shirish comes to the class all set to take the test. He writes down 10 words. I will write 10 words for each of you. You all have to come here one by one and point out which words start from vowels and which start from consonants. They all nod in understanding. He wants to begin with Sharda. She gets worried / nervous thinking about the same. Shirish gives chalk to Sharda to point out the same. Sharda recites her words and connection. Everyone listens confused. He points out to her that this isn’t a cookery exam but an English exam. They all smile so Sharda feels hesitant but Shirish signals them to be quiet. He asks Sharda to point out the vowels and consonants. She draws a line under each of the vowel words and explains it to Shirish. He appreciates her which brings a big smile

on Sharda’s face.

Sakshi decides to take ma’s ID from Bhagwati somehow. The cd gets stuck. Sakshi gets up to check it. Fui is amazed at her values. Do you know nothing by yourself or your parents dint teach you all this puja stuff. Sakshi assures her she will fix it in two minutes. fui gets upset. It is inauspicious to leave a paath like this. Sakshi tries again but just then Sharda comes there and resumes the katha. Everyone is pleasantly surprised to see her. Sharda continues to read out the paath. Everyone folds their hands and pray. Fui blesses her happily. your voice is very sweet. You will get the Prasad first. Fui goes to get Prasad for her but her foot gets hurt. Sharda rushes to her. Bhagwati comes there and was surprised to see the speed with which Sharda came to her MIL’s rescue. She points it out too. How could you run so fast after having a sprain in your feet? Sharda is thinking of an answer when Sakshi applauds her doc. Ma’s doc has magic in his hands. The sprain is gone now. Bhagwati nods. I wanted to show you (to her MIL) something? She is about to show the ID card when Sakshi interrupts her. No one had Prasad right? Bhagwati again tries to talk about the ID card but Sakshi feeds her by herself. Fui asks Bhagwati to make tea and snacks for her. Sakshi sends her to the kitchen. Sakshi is sure something is going on in Bhagwati’s mind. Her wicked smile is indicating that she is up for something.

Karan tells his friends how he shouted at Sakshi. Everything has a limit that was the only option. His friends say that we only know your side of the story but surely it isn’t good. Who talks to someone (bhabhi) like that? She was doing it all for you only. If you dint like anything then you could have explained it nicely to her. There was no point in screaming at her. Karan cannot understand if they are his friends of Sakshi’s. What about what she did with me? Rohan explains that she was angry. She was hurt because of you and when someone’s hurt / angry they say or do anything. No point taking it to your heart. Karan agrees with them. I shouldn’t have scolded Sakshi like this.

Bhagwati wonders what to do with the ID card. I will share it when everyone would be gathered in one place. She keeps it inside Ramayan. Sakshi who was watching her from far comes to her. Baa has been calling for you. She asked for snacks. I offered to give it but she wants it from you only. Bhagwati turns to go but then she recalls that she has come from there only. She said she will rest for now and had asked me to come after 10 minutes. sakshi starts talking to her to divert her attention. I used to think that I am a very good DIL but after meeting you I have realised that I don’t know anything. But you are jack of all trades. Please help me in learning an aarti. I became a DIL but couldn’t become a good DIL. Bhagwati becomes super happy and agrees to teach Sakshi. She asks her to repeat after her. they both fold their hands and close their eyes. Bhagwati recites a line for her. sakshi was trying to take the card when Bhagwati gestures her to repeat. Sakshi obliges though she is successful in her second attempt. Sakshi tells her to keep it till this for one day. Bhagwati appreciates her. Keep trying like this only. It isn’t easy to become a DIL like me. You will need to take 2-4 births to become like me. keep trying like this. Her MIL comes for her. Bhagwati rushes off to her. sakshi thanks God for helping her. I know Bhagwati was thinking to show it to everyone at the time of snacks. I will have to keep it back in place before that. She runs from there.

Karan is pacing in his room when Sakshi comes there. She immediately starts searching for something in the drawers. I only have 5 minutes. I will have to replace it before that time. Karan tries to talk to her. I don’t know what’s happening I too am feeling bad. You know how happy we both were but suddenly you started acting like a typical housewife. She continues searching.

Ishwari behen scolds Bhagwati for taking so much time. Bhagwati tells her about how she was teaching aarti to Sakshi. Her MIL is hungry and angry too. Go and set the temple. Bhagwati was doing that only. Her MIL scolds her about that too and sends her off. Bhagwati is excited about showing that card to her MIL in front of everyone. This will make her happy.

Karan proposes to go out for a dinner. You like continental. She finally finds what she was looking for. she agrees to talk to Karan later as she is in a hurry. She rushes off from there. Karan thinks it to be her attitude.

Bhagwati is heading towards the temple. Sakshi was just coming downstairs and is shocked to see her. she drops a big flower pot and hides behind a pillar. This catches Bhagwati’s attention. She goes to set it right when Sakshi goes to the temple to keep the card back. She goes from there once her task is done. Bhagwati happily takes the card and leaves from there.

Fui, Dadi and Sharda are in the kitchen. A woman is Annapurna but that who focuses on her home and family unlike you who doesn’t know what will cook for the day. She is hinting at Dadi. But now that I am here I will set everything / everyone all right. Bhagwati comes to show her the card. Sharda and Dadi are scared as she gives it to her MIL to see. It looks like an ID card of some school like our Bittoo. But this has Sharda bhabhi’s photo. I was wondering about it. Fui asks Sharda if she has lost 2 buttons. Sharda denies. fui asks her to look carefully. This is what has happened as Bhagwati’s eyes have been replaced with buttons by someone. You anyways had less brain. Look at it carefully. Whose photo is this? It is Sakshi’s. Sharda is relieved while Bhagwati is taken aback. Sakshi comes there. This is my card. Where did you find it? Bhagwati asks her MIL to trust her. It had Sharda bhabhi’s photo only. She realises that Sakshi has changed it. Sakshi declines. It is my college’s ID card and very old. Fui scolds Bhagwati but Sakshi asks her to let it be. You were saying something right? Fui tries to recall what she was saying. Bhagwati is sure something is cooking between the MIL and DIL. This Sakshi fooled me. I will teach everything and find out what’s happening.

Sakshi removes her photo and gives the ID card to Sharda. Keep it carefully as Bhagwati is keeping a watch over us. You will have to be extra careful. I am sure she will again try to do something. Sharda asks her how she did it and Sakshi tells her everything. It was a tough task but finally I was able to do it. Sharda doesn’t like doing all this. Thousands lies have to be told to hide one lie. One day everything comes out in the open. I feel that we should tell the truth to Fui. Sakshi says its a matter of 2 days only after which she will go. sharda goes to keep it safely. Bhagwati who was eavesdropping wonders what truth they were talking about. Everything would have been crystal clear today itself but this Sakshi ruined everything.

Karan looks quite angry / upset when Sakshi comes to talk to him. She apologizes to him for not paying attention that time as it was an emergency. Karan switches on the music player. He keeps on increasing the volume whilst she tries to talk to him. she finally goes and switches it off herself. I am trying to talk to you. He too cant hear her now just like she couldn’t hear him back then. She apologizes again. There was a problem at home. Anyways why am I explaining it to you? You don’t like me interfering in your life right! Its better that we don’t interfere or disturb each other. She turns the other way so as to hide her emotions from him. He agrees not to! But you stay in my room which is a very big part of my life which I am sharing with you. What will we do about that? Your presence here will continue to disturb my life. Sakshi denies. If my staying here is a disturbance for you then I will leave from this room and even this house.

Precap: Sakshi tells Karan to enjoy staying in his room his way. I am going away from you, your room and your life. Sakshi walks out from that room. Sakshi comes downstairs and is holding a bag. Baa asks her about it.

Update Credit to: pooja

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