Ek Nayi Pehchan 25th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Nayi Pehchan 25th March 2014 Written Episode, Ek Nayi Pehchan 25th March 2014 Written Update

Sharda tells Sakshi that her husband, her kids and her family need her more. My needs are way smaller than theirs. What’s the use to such education which can ruin a house? She is shocked to see Sakshi’s burnt hand. See what happens with kids when a mom doesn’t take care of them well. She goes to bring ointment for her.

Sharda applies ointment on Sakshi’s wounds and covers it with a bandage. Chirag comes home all smiles while talking to someone on his phone. He tells the other person how sure he was that his family will get him out of jail in no time. Sharda and Sakshi are surprised to see him home. Sharda asks him if he is all right. He tells her to cut the melodrama. I am fine. She wants to know how he got bail as someone was hurt in that accident. He says if she is feeling

bad about it. Thank you so much that this city obliges to what my dad says and not my mom. You would have been happy if I would have stayed in the jail only. But the truth is you always have been unjust with me. If an outsider will hear this then he might feel you are my step mom. No real mom is as upset as you to see her son back home. Sharda and Sakshi look on is shock / hurt by his words. No real mom is as unhappy to see her son back home as you. Sharda tries to explain him but he doesn’t let her. Truth is you are not able to digest the fact that dad got me out of jail so easily. Those who think you to be their own act like one…just like dad did. He gets a call from someone and walks off talking on the phone. Sharda cannot help wondering how Chirag was let off so easily. What did his dad do after all?

Latika is doing her office work when Diya asks her to help her. Latika doesn’t pay much attention as she is already busy in her work. I will help you in an hour but Diya insists. She keeps asking for help which irritates Latika and she is about to slap her when Sakshi comes there calling for Diya. Diya stands scared of her mom’s outburst. Sakshi offers to help Diya with her homework. To brighten her mood they both race till the other room and Diya runs off first. Sharda has seen it all too. She goes to give juice to Latika while Sakshi leaves after Diya. She keeps it on the table when Latika gestures her thus. Latika’s laptop is not working properly so she pats at it once or twice but looks upset. She notices her mom standing there still and asks her about it. Sharda suggests her to think about things when they go wrong and try to find a solution. Latika points out that this is a laptop not her patola saree whose design she can think with a peaceful mind. The laptop troubles again and Latika looks irritated. She doesn’t have this much time to find what’s wrong with it. I will buy a new one. Sharda says I don’t know much about computers but I know this much that if a something is not working properly then instead of throwing it out one should try to rectify it. Even if it is a machine or a relation. Your marriage is on the verge of breaking up. Your daughter needs you very much. Have you noticed how moody she has become these days? If you don’t handle your family while there is still time then there wont be any family left to take care of. Latika again takes it otherwise. I knew that eventually you will blame me for everything. Sharda denies. I only want to explain you that we are women. It is our responsibility to handle our whole family. If we fail then the whole family breaks. And there is no harm in stooping at times. There is a difference between pride and ego. Find out that difference. Your work is your pride don’t make it your ego. Diya needs the love of both her parents. Latika asks her if she is done. Right now I am feeling as if I am not talking to you but Pratik. And why should a woman bend, why can a man not bend his own rules for his family? A man’s pride is pride but when it comes to a woman’s pride you call it ego. Do you have any idea how I handle my work with so much pressure and tension all around? I am handling my daughter and my husband’s ego. When I came here after leaving that house then I thought that atleast you would understand me but neither you nor Pratik understood me. She leaves from there while Sharda stands there tensed.

The driver’s mom has come to thank Suresh for giving them so much money. Sharda was passing by from there but stops to know what’s happening. Who is this woman? That woman agrees to say whatever the advocate asks her to. Karan too comes home by now. She leaves after thanking him. Sharda finds it a wrong way to save Chirag. What should I do now? Karan says nothing can be done as dad has already done what he could. He thinks that hard worked money should be used for his kids welfare. Karan too isn’t happy with this. He leaves for his room.

Sharda tells Suresh she is not liking what he is doing for Chirag. I know you want to save him from trouble but if someone is not punished for the wrongs he has done then they don’t realise their mistakes. Suresh as usual doesn’t like it. Leave it on me to decide what’s wrong or right. Whatever I do and why I do is up to me and I know what I do very well. It would be good if you focus on what you should do – take care of this house!

In the evening Sharda is doing puja. She prays for her family. I cannot understand what to do. I am Chirag’s mom. I don’t want him to be in any problem but if he doesn’t get his dues then he will take the wrong path. Bad habits are like swamp. If you get inside once then you can never come out of it. I cannot let him fall in this swamp. I will have to do something. Only you can show me the right path please help. A conch shell plays and she looks at the Bhagwad Gita. Mom used to say that this contains all the answers that anyone is looking for. Maybe I too will find my answer from this. She picks up the holy book and goes from there.

Sakshi is having difficulty in taking off her earrings. Karan is concerned for her. Is it hurting too much? She shakes her head. He offers to help her. Saiyaan re plays. A new song song plays as they both look at each other and then in the mirror when Karan takes her earrings off for her. They continue to look at each other while he takes her anklets down too. He mistakenly keeps it in his pocket and she smiles. He too realises and takes it out. He wants to say something to her. He keeps repeating I when Sharda comes there. Karan fumbles. I was helping her as her hand is hurt. You do it now. She asks him about what he was saying. Karan mutters I think mom should help you. Saying so he goes from there while Sakshi smiles. Sharda wants her help. My mom used to tell me that we can find all our answers in Bhagwat Gita. I am very worried today. Chirag has done something that is too big and wrong. Worst fact is that he doesn’t realise his mistake. I am his mom but I cannot understand what to. Though I know what’s written in this book but my mom used to say that we should read it when we are troubled. Can you read it for me? Sakshi takes it from her and they both sit down to read Bhagwad Gita.

Sakshi says Lord Krishna has said that we should keep truth above all the relations and everything. The rest is in mute. Sharda remembers Chirag’s and Suresh’s words and seems to have made up her mind. She leaves from the room without saying anything to Sakshi which surprises her.

Sharda comes to Chirag’s room. He is busy watching something on his phone. She starts looking for his Driving License in the room. He asks her to go out as he doesn’t like it when anyone interrupts his privacy. He mocks her if she knows a license looks like. I will anyways not give it to you now. She notices his wallet in his jeans and picks it up. He keeps asking her to back off but she takes out the DL from his wallet. I thought you to be quite intelligent while you considered me a fool. We both were wrong. He threatens to tell it to dad. She makes it clear to him that his dad handles stuff outside home while she manages things inside. He takes his wallet and wants his license too but she doesn’t let him take it. You are doing wrong? She says I was doing it wrong till now but now I will rectify my mistakes. She picks up scissors and cuts the card into pieces. I should have done this long ago. If a car driver isn’t mature enough then he is a threat to himself and others too. Maybe you wont understand it. Get a new license when you get this fact in your head. He is upset. Do you even realize what you have done? Now I will talk to you in English only as you wont understand what I say! She nods agreeing. But I know another language through which I can make you understand. He asks her to do so and she slaps him hard which leaves him shocked. Next time learn some etiquettes before talking to your elders. I hope you would have understood it now. She walks out of the room and finds Sakshi standing outside holding Bhagwad Gita in her hand. Sakshi nods her head slightly so as to support her. Sharda takes the Gita while Gurur Brahma plays in the background.

Precap: Pratik calls Latika selfish. You are mad after money and you don’t have a heart. Your daughter also knows this. She asks him to stop it. I am fed up of your daily taunts. Sakshi picks Diya in her arms and Sharda is there too. Latika asks for divorce and throws the phone on the floor angrily while the family members look on in shock.

Update Credit to: pooja

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