Ek Nayi Pehchan 25th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Ek Nayi Pehchan 25th February 2014 Written Episode, Ek Nayi Pehchan 25th February 2014 Written Update

Sharda is worried that Sakshi hasn’t returned home till now. It is about time and there’s a test today as well. What to do? She recalls what and how Sakshi had taught her. Bhagwati comes to the kitchen when Sharda closes her eyes and tries to connect the vowels and associated words for a better understanding. Bhagwati asks her about it. Sharda goes quiet. Bhagwati dint like the combination of achar with emli. Who does that? Ma ji was praising your cooking skills but I don’t think so. I can cook better. I anyways know ma ji’s taste and likes. If you cook like this then she wont like it. Sharda agrees to let her cook. Just then Sakshi comes there apologizing for being late. She is about to tell her to go to her class but stops when she notices Bhagwati there. Karan too comes

to tell his mom that he is going to get ready for office. Sharda notices the sad faces Sakshi and Karan. Bhagwati takes boiled water for her MIL and goes. Sakshi tells Sharda to leave for her class or she will get late. Dadi interrupts. You are still sending Sharda to her coaching even though I have told not to. I told her to forget her studies till Ishwari behen is here. Dadi stays put. Don’t even think about it. She turns to Sharda. Sakshi is new but you know Ishwari behen. If she gets to know about your studies then there will be a big problem. Sharda agrees with her. But it is important for me to go. I have skipped 2 classes already and there’s a test today. Sir scolded me for that. This is why it is important for me to go today. Sakshi too pleads her to let ma go. Dadi wants to know how will send Sharda outside by not telling Ishwari behen. Sakshi tries to make her understand. There are 2 tests today. One is at the coaching centre while another one is for me to send ma there by hiding it from Baa. Dadi still tries to make her understand her point but Sakshi thinks of something. It is poornima today. When I had gone to the temple then I was told by the priest that ma should go to temple to listen to the katha. Sharda gets confused. I had to go to class? Sakshi says this is what I will tell Baa. This is the best time for you to leave as she isn’t around. I will handle everything don’t worry. Dadi is still doubtful but Sakshi assures her.

Karan is looking for something in his almirah but cannot find it. Sakshi comes there and they both look at each other. He remarks that nothing is at its place, neither life nor my things. Everything is disorganized. Where’s my tie? She tells him to find it by himself. I haven’t seen a girlfriend arranging her boyfriend’s things till date. I am not your wife the way you want it so please don’t keep any wifely expectations from me. he asks her not to overreact in everything. She goes and throws all his clothes on the floor. Now I am overreacting. He is taken aback. She tells him to look for his tie now. Maybe you will be able to find it now. And yes, I am sorry for interfering in your life by acting as your wife. I shouldn’t have done this. I should have understood that you feel suffocated when you are cared for. But I was stupid that that valentine’s date changed things between us. She walks out.

Sharda is about to go to her class and is holding her notebook in her hand when she stops as she notices Fui. Fui wants to know where she is going this early in the morning. Get me milk. Sakshi comes to her rescue. What are you doing here? You had to go to temple. Fui wants her milk but Sakshi offers to do it. Fui reminds Sharda where they both had to go today. I too will come along with you which shocks everyone. Everyone is rendered speechless. Sharda reminds her that the sweetshop opens in the afternoon. Fui repeats what she said. We will go to temple first by then the shop will be open. Sharda drops her notebook in shock which Fui notices and so does everyone else. Dadi rues that today the game will be over. I will be scolded because of them. She asks Sharda to pick up the book of Gayatri Mantra. Fui asks Sakshi to pick it up which she does. Recite Gayatri Mantra. I will see if you have been brought up well by your parents or not. sakshi is hesitant. Fui comments that she too seems to be an illiterate like me. sharda tells her that Sakshi is well educated. She knows everything. She might be scared. I will say it for you. Sharda recites the mantra. Fui is pleased. Fui tells them to bring her shawl as she has to go to temple. They both go. They take time in coming back which irks Fui. She talks to Dadi about it. You have 2 DIL’s but none of them work on time. My Bhagwati is better than her.

Sakshi calls out loudly for Dadi to come and see how much ma is hurt. She got a sprain in her feet. All the ladies come there. Sakshi asks Sharda to act along. Dadi understands it in one go. Sakshi tells Baa how Sharda was hurt from her trunk while looking for her shawl. I helped her or she wasn’t even able to walk. Her foot is swollen. Ma should go to the doctor. Fui asks Sharda to be careful while walking. Sakshi is told to take Sharda to the doc. Sakshi readily agrees. Dadi, Bhagwati and Fui see them off. Sakshi gives her Prasad and wishes her luck. Give your test nicely don’t worry. God is with you. They repeat the vowels in lower tone. She wishes her luck. Sharda leaves in the car. Dadi and Fui go back inside while Bhagwati stands there only. Sakshi folds her hand and apologizes to God for lying. But this much is ok for doing something good. She turns and stops in her tracks as she notices Bhagwati. Sakshi hurriedly goes inside. Bhagwati thinks her to be shameless. Poor MIL has been hurt and she is all smiles. But why should she not be happy? Whenever a MIL has tears in her eyes then a DIL has a big smile on her face.

Fui is sad that she couldn’t go to temple to hear the katha. Sakshi vouches to make her listen to it. Dadi is shocked while Fui is amazed. Fui tells Bhagwati to get some stuff from her room. She obliges. Dadi asks Sakshi through gestures as to what she is up to and Sakshi winks at her.

Sharda has forgotten her ID card but she is allowed to enter for today. sharda gets worried thinking what if Fui finds it. I just wish Sakshi finds it first. I am late already what to do now!

All the ladies sit down for the puja. Sakshi and everyone have closed their eyes so as to concentrate and pray. Bhagwati realises that it isn’t Sakshi but the cd which is playing the katha. She makes her MIL see it. Dadi too sees it. Sakshi’s eyes are closed all this while.

Sharda enters her class and greets people. They are scared for the test. Sharda is double worried thinking about stuff at home. Mrs. Bhalla is not scared at all. Rukhsar suggests her to sort her problems at home first or she might not be able to concentrate on her test. Call there first. Sharda calls Sakshi. She tells her about her ID card. Sakshi agrees to look for it and keep it safely. Don’t worry about here. Bhagwati is listening so Sakshi talks to Sharda about her foot. They end the call. Sakshi is worried thinking about the card now. Bhagwati notices that she is looking for something. She cannot even concentrate in puja. Bhagwati recalls or thinks of something and gets up to go. She almost steps over the ID card which Sakshi notices and is shocked. Bhagwati picks it up and looks at it. What is this? Sakshi is worried that she has found the card. It will be a problem if Baa sees this. What should I do? Don’t know what will happen now.

Shirish comes to the class all set to take the test. He writes down 10 words. I will write 10 words for each of you. You all have to come here one by one and point out which words start from vowels and which start from consonants. They all nod in understanding. He wants to begin with Sharda. She gets worried / nervous thinking about the same.

Precap: Shirish gives chalk to Sharda to point out the same. Sharda recites her words and connection. Everyone listens confused. He points out to her that this isn’t a cookery exam but and English exam.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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