Ek Nayi Pehchan 24th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Nayi Pehchan 24th March 2014 Written Episode, Ek Nayi Pehchan 24th March 2014 Written Update

Sharda calls home. She asks the servant about Chirag and is told that he is still asleep. She ends the call relieved.

Shirish enters the class and wishes them. He starts writing something on the board for the whole class.

Pratik comes to pick Diya but the whole class is empty. I guess mummy ji would have taken her. He decides to call her.

Shirish writes all the best on the board for them. Just then Sharda receives a call from Pratik. Shirish asks her to put it on silent as it will disturb the whole class. She obliges. He then talks of their written test. Sharda continues to look at her phone. Pratik wonders as to why is mummy ji not picking his call. Diya too is not here. Diya’s teacher comes. She tells him about today being the Open Day in their school. How

can you be so irresponsible? He apologizes for he was not aware of this. She leaves nodding. Pratik is upset at Latika. She could have atleast informed me about it.

Shirish distributes question papers and answer sheets to everyone. Sharda prays that Sakshi’s trust should win. Sharda and everyone else starts writing on their test. Shirish keeps an eye on all of them.

Chirag is out with his friends. They want to know how he came when his mom was upset on him yesterday. Chirag tells them how he kept pillows in his place and covered them with the duvet. He is happy as to how he fooled everyone. His friends praise him. Chirag takes the driving seat now. He starts driving recklessly while his friends hoot for him.

Sakshi and Karan are on their way. She guesses another location but is tired of guessing. You will tell me now. He denies. You have fallen in love with the K’s – kya, kyun, kahan, kab! She adds that Karan starts from K as well to which he asks her if she has fallen in love with him too. She is speechless. Saiyaan re plays as they both smile at themselves.

Chirag’s car overtakes theirs (they are not aware it is Chirag). Karan tries to control his car as it swivels. He calls the other guy crazy. He must be driving at a speed of 120. He apologizes realizing that he too must be driving a little fast. She hmms. He agrees to control the speed as he doesn’t want her to go to hospital instead of going to Lonavala. She gets excited thinking about Lonavala. Karan’s secret is out. He shows her the pic of a resort which she loves. He switches on the music to make their journey interesting. Tum Hi Ho plays as they both recalls some past sweet adorable / romantic / sad moments.

Suresh and Latika are discussing about 3rd quarter results. The peon tries to stop Pratik but he barges inside their cabin. He asks for Diya. Latika is clueless about it. You were supposed to pick her up from school. Pratik tells her how he searched for her in school and at home too but she is nowhere to be found. Where is she? Latika gets worried. Suresh tells them not to worry. She must be with Sharda. He tries her number but is surprised as it is switched off.

Shirish starts giving marks (rather report card) to everyone. Mrs. Bhalla- 8th, etc. Rukhsar comes 2nd. Shirish is holding some report cards of the students with whom he will have a chat later on. He announces Sharda’s name. She has come first. Everyone gives her a round of applause. He tells her how when he had seen her for the first time he never thought she would be able to progress so much. I am very happy today that you proved me wrong. You came first today meaning you are not just the monitor of this class but the best student here. Everyone claps for her again. Sharda gives credit to him and Sakshi. My DIL would be very happy to see this. He praises her for her hard work. Your husband would be happy to know that you are the best student of your class.

Suresh comes home along with Latika and Pratik calling out for Sharda. Dadi tells them she will be in her class. Suresh gets upset and tries her number again. Pratik will not forgive Latika if anything happens to Diya. Latika starts calling some known people and asks about Diya but in vain. Pratik calls her irresponsible and she is again not ready to take the blame. Suresh tells both of them to be quiet. You guys are still busy fighting!

Chirag’s car has met with an accident. They have hurt some people as he was driving after drinking. Karan and Sakshi see the wounded people and rush to help them. Karan notices some guy (Ravi) who is Chirag’s friend. They are shocked to see Chirag who is being taken away from the police inspector. Karan requests the inspector to free Chirag but he asks them to come to the police station to talk. He doesn’t relent. Chirag keeps pleading to Karan to get him out. Sakshi and Karan stand worried as to what to do.

Sakshi comes home crying. She tells Suresh about Chirag. Everyone is shocked to know that he is in police station. Karan is with him. They are all the more shocked to know he was drinking and driving. She tells them everything. Dadi too tells him how he had come home all drunk yesterday. Sharda dint explain him anything after that. Sakshi takes her side. Ma was about to do that. But Suresh counters saying she dint after all. She dint tell me anything as well.

Shirish shows the certificate to Sharda which states that she has come first in the class. You are the best student of our class. Congratulations! Sharda takes it happily. He announces that the class is over and leaves. Everyone congratulates Sharda. She thanks Rukhsar for encouraging her as well. Plus Sakshi will be happy too. Rukhsar nods. They want a party. Sharda promises to treat them after some days as she is in a rush today. Sharda starts walking outside while dreaming about everyone’s reaction. She imagines them all to be very happy about her coming first in the class and holds onto the report card with a big broad smile across her face.

Suresh is pacing worriedly. Sakshi assures him Diya will be found. I too am leaving for ma’s coaching. I am sure Diya will be with her only. Just then Sharda enters alone. She goes to Sakshi excitedly telling her about her achievement. Sakshi is worried for Diya. Suresh turns to her. Now Sharda is back with a good news. He tells it to his mom in a manner to mock. He asks her about her son Chirag. Sharda replies naively that he is sleeping in his room. Next comes Diya’s turn. She replies that she had dropped Diya to her school. Pratik will come to pick her up. I had my class so I went there directly. He asks her about this house where she has failed. She is in for a surprise. He tells her about Chirag’s arrest and also about Diya. She is missing. I had trusted you so much but you broke my trust. My house is all broken because of you. You were a very good wife, DIL, mom but now you have become selfish. But I wont let it happen because of your selfishness. Your studies has become a curse for this house and today I will put an end to it. He snatches her diary and report card from her and lights them with the puja lamp while Sakshi and Sharda look on helplessly / shocked. He throws them on the floor while they continue to burn. Suresh leaves followed by Dadi. Sakshi tries to douse the fire but her hands get a little burnt in the process. Sharda rushes to her and makes her get up. Are you all right? Sakshi nods.

Latika and Pratik come back home. They ask Sharda about Diya. Sharda tells them she is not with her. They cannot understand where Diya would have gone. They both decide to go to Diya’s friend’s house to look for her.

Sharda tells Sakshi to leave her stuff but Sakshi declines. This is knowledge. There is no point valuing anything if one cannot value knowledge. Sharda takes all the blame on herself. Pratik had called me but I was in the class so I dint pick it up. If I would have, then I would have come to know that Diya went missing. It is all my fault. Sakshi tells her not to blame herself. Come we too will go looking for Diya. She cannot go too far. They both leave.

In their car Latika tells Pratik not to blame her this time. It was your responsibility to pick her up. He talks to her about Open Day. She stays put with his ego point. Your daughter is missing and still you are not realizing your mistake. He calls it a mistake that he left his daughter with her. They both continue to fight while they are on their way. Latika gets a call from some Ritu but she had just called her for the sake of it. Latika asks her to call her back in case she gets to know something about Diya.

Sakshi and Sharda reach Diya’s school. Sakshi asks about Diya from the guard but he doesn’t have any idea about her. No kid is inside. Sakshi shows Diya’s pic to passer-bys but they haven’t seen her. Sharda is feeling scared for Diya. Hope she has not been kidnapped like they show in news. Sakshi assures her she will be fine. She thinks of options as to where a small kid will go to. She thinks of something and asks Sharda to come along.

Latika is getting worried by the minute and so is Pratik. She is worried thinking if their daughter will in any problem. Pratik assures her nothing will happen to their Diya. They agree to file a missing report for Diya in the police station. He tells her to be strong everything will be fine. We will surely find our daughter.

Sakshi brings Sharda to a park. She notices something on the ground and is sure they are about to reach Diya. They both continue to look for Diya. Finally Sakshi spots her and makes Sharda notice her too.

Diya is talking to some kid. He tells her how he increases the volume of tv whenever his parents fight. Now they don’t fight at all as they are divorced. Sakshi and Sharda listen from a distance. Diya asks him who he lives with. He tells her he stays with his mom for 5 days while he gets to stay with his dad on weekends. Diya wants to stay with both her parents but he tells her they cannot do anything as they are kids. Diya is sure they will listen to her if she gets good grades in her school. They anyways fight because of me. When I will become a good girl then they wont fight anymore. Sakshi wipes her tears and they both rush to Diya. Sharda hugs her calling her best girl. Your parents will never be separate. They will again become friends just as you have a fight with your friends but then you all bond again. Diya gets happy. Sakshi goes to that boy. He had come to give company to Diya as a friend in need is a friend indeed -Rahul. Sakshi takes him along so that she can drop him at his home.

Latika gets a call from Sakshi who tells her they have found Diya. Latika is super relieved and so is Pratik.

The advocate tells Suresh and Karan how the case if very clear. It is very difficult to save Chirag. If someone takes the blame of that accident upon himself then..maybe the driver or someone. Karan receives a message from Sakshi which tells him they have found Diya. He goes to tell it to his dad but stops. Suresh likes the idea. I will make that driver agree for it not caring however much I have to pay him. Advocate is happy that this way Chirag will be free in no time. You can leave for the police station. I will meet you there directly with all the necessary papers. He leaves. Karan asks his dad if it would be fair to put the blame on driver. Suresh will not let his son rot in the jail. Grow up. Become a man from the kid that will be good for you. A man knows how to do anything and everything for his family. Only kids talk like the way you are talking. A man has to act like the strongest pillar for his family. Your mom dint focus on Chirag and see what he has become now. But I wont ruin the rest of his life by letting him stay in jail. Come we will bring your brother back from the police station.

Sharda gives noodles to Diya. Sakshi feeds her. Latika and Pratik come home and hug their daughter. Latika asks Diya if she is all right. Diya nods. Next she goes to hug her dad. Now we will all go home right? Pratik denies. You stay here with mom for today. I will meet you after school tomorrow. Diya agrees. Latika takes her to change her dress and freshen up. Dadi will tell you a story afterwards. Latika tells Pratik she will pick Diya from school tomorrow. He replies that her guilt will lessen this way. You very well know neither I nor mummy ji was at fault for whatever happened today. I am sure you don’t want any such to happen to Diya in future. Now you have to think what’s necessary for you – your career or your family! He walks out from there while Sharda too cannot help thinking about his words.

Sakshi picks up Sharda’s books and dusts them off. She recalls how hard it was to make ma agree for studying. She gives them back to her. I told you everything will be fine. See it is all fine now. Chirag is coming home, we have found Diya now papa wont stop you from studying. Sharda says you only made me feel that there is another Sharda inside me. I felt good to see my another side but also felt bad when I realised that I neglected my duties for studies. I know you don’t want me to fail in anything which is why I have decided not to go to the coaching center to study. Sharda turns to go. Sakshi thinks this cannot happen. The story of your identity cannot be incomplete like this. There are so many more chapters to turn to to make your new identity. She calls out for ma. Will the problems of your house go away if you stop going to coaching? Sharda doesn’t know about it. But I know this much that I wont consider myself responsible otherwise. Sakshi starts talking to Saraswati Ma. How do I explain it to her? They say when all the doors are closed then you open another one. Please show a way to my ma too. Show her where her true happiness lies. She hurts her hand with the diya when she tries to keep Sharda’s books down. Sharda rushes to her side concerned for her. She offers to do it but the ink box falls and Sharda’s hands have ink all over them. Sakshi thanks Saraswati Ma for giving a sign. Thank You! Sharda is all no no. I don’t want that ink which will bring darkness for my family. She tries to wipe it off but Sakshi points out that the colour of ink if on her hands. She cannot wipe it off however hard she tries to. This is Sarawati Ma’s blessings don’t turn your face away from her blessings. Sharda says she is not doing that but I am only trying to face my responsibilities. My family, my kids, my house needs me. My needs are very small in front of theirs. What’s the use of those studies which will ruin a house?

Precap: Sharda asks Chirag if he is fine. He answers in affirmation though a little irked. She wants to know how he got bail as someone was hurt in that accident. He says if she is feeling bad about it. You would have been happy if I would have stayed in the jail only. If an outsider will hear this then he might feel you are my step mom. No real mom is as upset as you to see her son back home. Sharda and Sakshi look on is shock / hurt by his words.

Update Credit to: pooja

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