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The show starts off with a repeat of yesterday’s ending — Shanaya lights the match and throws it. She stares at the fire, enchanted by her work. Then she turns around to find herself trapped. So she starts to scream. Sharda enters and calls out to Shanaya … Shanaya thinks that it’s Pallavi so she calls Sharda “Maa” (it could have been “Mom”, didn’t pick up on it). Anyhow, Sharda reveals herself and despite Shanaya protesting because she doesn’t want to be saved by Sharda, enters the flames with a thick blanket and goes to Shanaya who continues her ramblings of how she doesn’t want to be saved by Sharda. (Sharda throws the blanket on the ground, which puts out the fire and so she can walk to Shanaya)

Pallavi shows up and enters

the factory

Sharda slaps Shanaya (can’t recall dialogue)

Pallavi sees Sharda saving her daughter so she calls the fire brigade. Meanwhile, Sharda intelligently grabs a chair, puts it over the blanket (which was lying on the ground and has now caught on fire) and tells Shanaya to use the chair to jump over to safety. Sharda follows after. Pallavi hides herself so she isn’t seen by Sharda.

Sakshi wakes up and realizes that Sharda is gone, she tells Karan who doesn’t seem to care … but then Sharda enters with Shanaya AND the workers.

Sharda tells Sakshi to call Shanaya’s parents. Doctor comes, checks on Shanaya ..

Aarav, Pallavi, and Suresh all enter Karan’s house making Karan very shocked. The cops enter a few minutes later to inquire about the cause of the fire. Sharda takes the blame on herself saying that she left a candle burning or something. Cops leave and … Suresh goes into his usual stupid self .. “How can you be so careless Sharda … don’t you know that there are safety equipment that are required in factory … if anything happened to my daughter Sharda, I would never forgive you!” and Sharda just listens to it all.

Shanaya tells Suresh it’s enough … and she says that Suresh has no right calling Sharda irresponsible. she says that Suresh is the one who is irresponsible because of his actions. She calls him a hypocrite and tells everyone that she started the fire on purpose. She walks out with Aarav and Pallavi behind her. Suresh freezes like an idiot for a second and then follows.

Suresh and family reach home, Shanaya refuses to talk to Suresh … Everyone goes to their room except Suresh. Dadi points at Suresh and blames him for everything … he destroyed this happy family of hers.

Back at Karan’s house, Karan is sitting by the window. Sakshi comes and sits next to him. Karan says that Sakshi has changed, Sakshi tears up a bit, Karan says that she used to share everything with him and calls himself weak (again). Sakshi says it’s not true, Maa told her not to tell him because she thought that Karan would kick Shanaya out if he found out her identity.

Back at Modi Mansion – Shanaya is seen sitting by the bed. She looks at her wall which is adorned with the pics of a crossed out Karan, Sharda, and Sakshi. She recalls the events and declares to herself that Suresh has no right to not forgive Sharda since only she and pallavi have that right. Shanaya says that she has destroyed Sharda and her pechaan and walks over to the wall and crosses off Sharda’s face.

The next morning, Sakshi notices a huge burn on Sharda’s palm which Sharda didn’t even bring up… she calls Karan to get the first aid and they share a cute moment by arguing about putting on the bandage on Sharda’s hand.

Knock on the door, Shanaya enters. She tells Sharda sorry, Sharda says that she’ll understand all this in the future. Sharda goes to Sakshi and helps her in the kitchen.

Shanaya sits down, and Karan sits down a few moments later. He asks her age, but gets “it’s none of your business”. Karan and Shanaya talk over things. It was a pretty well done scene. he talks to her calmly, kind of like a big bro would.

Meeta’s workers come by and ask for the saris.

Precap: Karan starts to tell them that the saris were burned, but Sharda stops him and tells the workers to follow her.

Update Credit to: shyam09

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