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Pallavi can’t find her medicine so she calls Aarav, but Chirag helps her out. He makes her sit on the bed and finds her medicine and gives her water. Pallavi says “Suno..” as Chirag starts to walk out the door and Chirag stops. He talks about how Pallavi will never have a place in his heart, how he never used to listen to him mom because he knew that she will be there to give her guidance, and so on. He sort of chokes as he talks … After he is finished, Pallavi very nicely says that she just wanted to tell him thanks.

Sharda enters the Modi house and tells Pallavi that the house is still under Sharda’s name.

Sharda looks at Suresh in the eye and tells him that she doesn’t need his help in front of everyone (Pallavi, Suresh, Dadi, Chirag, Aarav, Lata).

Suresh had a sacred look on his face as he sneaked glances of a furious Pallavi.

Chirag shows an ounce of intelligence by telling his dad that even HE (Chirag) knew that it was a bad idea sending Sharda money after taking away everything from her.

Pallavi walks out and a while later Suresh enters the bedroom. He tries to apologize but Pallavi hits him insult after insult. She starts by saying what to expect from a person who couldn’t even understand one wife. She then continues to say that he never understood Sharda even though they were living with each other for 35 years. She says that she figured Sharda out in a few days. She also mentions that Suresh thought that Sharda was always beneath him, but she showed him today. She smirks and leaves the room, leaving a paranoid and confused Suresh.

Sharda enters the factory to see a bunch of extra workers. These turn out to be relatives of the current workers. Together, they make a ton of saris.

Sharda has an inconsistency in the sari count, and since KaSak are sleeping, she decides to go to the factory herself and recount them.

Pallavi tries to reach Shanaya but she isn’t answering. She hopes that nothing bad is happening to Shanaya, but then hopes that Shanaya isn’t in Sharda’s factory. She hurries out.

Shanaya … she throws gasoline or whatever flammable liquid all around the floor, and on the sewing machines, etc. Then this little genius thinks it’s smart to throw a lit match on the ground while standing in the middle of the room and just watch the fire consume things, mesmerized by her actions.

Precap: Shanaya screams for help. Sharda arrives and is shocked to see fire and Shayana stuck in there.

Update Credit to: shyam09

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