Ek Nayi Pehchan 22nd July 2014 Written Episode Update


Ek Nayi Pehchan 22nd July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

* Sharda explains to Sakshi that Shanaya is probably feeling the same way about Sharda as KSLC (Karan, Sakshi, Latika, Chirag) feel about Pallavi. Sakshi knows that it’s Suresh’s fault, but Sharda says that Shanaya doesn’t know but she has faith that one day she will change.

* Latika and Pallavi argue over designers for their patola sari business. Latika again emphasizes that her Muhma is the best, and questions Pallavi’s obsession with Meeta. Suresh agrees with Latika and tells Pallavi that her stubbornness shouldn’t hurt the business (to which Pallavi says she doesn’t care).

* Shanaya lies to her mom that she quit Sharda’s factory (Pallavi asks her if she is still working). Shanaya also says that Sharda will get what she deserves. Suresh overhears the entire thing.

* Suresh decides that he will help Sharda. He writes a check.

* Sakshi still questions Sharda about her decision with Shanaya, Karan walks in, the ladies shut up. Later Sharda tells Sakshi to not tell Karan. He is hot-headed. Sakshi tells Sharda that Karan will eventually know and the results won’t be good, but Sharda says that she knows Karan and he will understand

* Pallavi notices a blank check with Suresh’s signature in Suresh’s briefcase (she was looking for files). She confronts Suresh and Suresh lies by saying he meant to write Pallavi Textiles, but he was so used to writing Sharda Textiles. He realizes his mistake after writing Sharda and stopped. Pallavi saw through the lie, but Suresh just rips up the check. Baath Katham.

* As Pallavi sleeps soundly, Suresh writes another blank check to Sharda. He decides he will send it to Sharda tomorrow, after mentally apologizing to Pallavi.

* Shanaya adds some chemical to two of the sewing machines. It stops working the next day. But Sharda doesn’t say anything to Shanaya, while Sakshi just shakes her head.

Sharda walks into the Modi house. Apparently the house is STILL UNDER SHARDA’S NAME, but that’s another matter. She has come to talk to Suresh. (Probably about the blank check).

Update Credit to: shyam09

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  1. It’s very confusing suresh modi left sharda for Pallavi and now that he is with Pallavi he is missing sharda!!!!!!!!!
    By the time sharda makes shanaya understand things shanaya will destroy that whole factory completely!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. She already has destroyed half of it

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