Ek Nayi Pehchan 21st March 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Nayi Pehchan 21st March 2014 Written Episode, Ek Nayi Pehchan 21st March 2014 Written Update

Sakshi welcomes everyone from the coaching center. Sharda is in for a pleasant surprise. She sits down with all of them. Rukhsar says you couldn’t come to school but the school can come to you. We always knew how good you are but we have come to know that your whole family is very good. You all love each other so much. Your DIL has called us here today. This task could not be completed without you but now you are with us. They start with their work as the title song plays in the background. Dadi comes but then goes back irked to see all those ladies in her house.

Chirag comes home all drunk. He is invited for another party tomorrow and he promises to come. I will bring your money as well. The servant opens the door and is surprised to see his condition. Sakshi too notices this.

Sharda introduces him to her friends. He simply waves a hand in their direction and continues walking. Sakshi is confused at his behavior. Sharda feels he is not well. Savita ji says the kids of today are either busy in their phones or with their friends. They don’t like talking to people like us so don’t feel bad. Mrs. Bhalla asks for some music.

Dadi hears some noise coming from Chirag’s room (he is vomiting). She goes inside to check and finds his clothes thrown around in the room. Beer bottle comes in contact with her feet. She is shocked to realise what it is. She calls out for him but then goes to check for herself.

Mrs. Bhalla and everyone else is cheering for music when Dadi comes there with Chirag. She asks them to stop all this shocking everyone. She even stops Sakshi from taking one more step. Chirag falls on the sofa in his mother’s lap. Dadi asks Sharda what she is upto. You want to show that you are extremely educated. You started your class here when you couldn’t go by yourself. What about your home? You worry so much about the class that you called everyone here. You dint think about your son who has come home all drunk. Plus your daughter is about to get a divorce. What do you want to prove? I was so proud of you. I used to say that everyone should have a DIL, wife or mom like you but you broke my pride. You could neither become a good mom, a good wife nor a good DIL. You are only thinking about your studies. Now that this family is breaking it is all because of you. Dadi tells everyone to leave from the house. They all take their bags and stuff to go. Sharda is really sad.

Sharda is taking Chirag to his room with the help of a servant. He frees himself. I am Chirag Modi and I can walk to my room on my own. Sharda is sad thinking what mistake she made. You are drunk though you had promised me you wont drink. Have I given you such values? He calls it nothing. I might have eaten something which has affected me. He repeats he is not drunk and then closes the door of his room even though Sharda tries to talk to him. She keeps on knocking the door asking him to open it. Sakshi comes running to be with her. Chirag says you want to show the whole world how good you are. I don’t want this favour. Go from here. I said get out. Sharda is in tears. Look at his age and he has already started drinking. Surely my values aren’t as good to keep him in his senses. Sakshi reasons that she is not at fault. It happens with teenagers when they fall for wrong company. Let him sleep for now we will talk to him tomorrow. Sharda tells her not to say anything to anyone. Chirag’s dad will be very angry on him. Sakshi agrees. You try or I will ask Karan to make Chirag understand. Sharda wants to try first. Sakshi nods and takes her along with her.

Sharda and Sakshi are setting the dining table. Sharda tells Sakshi that she spoke to Latika yesterday. I felt very good that she heard me fully for the first time. Now I feel that everything will be sorted slowly. Sakshi has full faith in her. They say when two people come closer after being far away from each other then they come more closer than they were before. Karan comes there. He tells his mom that he wants to take Sakshi out for one day. It is nothing. Can we go? Sakshi is surprised. Sharda smiles. Sakshi is your wife. Why are you so scared to take her out? Go but leave early in the morning or else you might get stuck in traffic. Karan leaves happily. Sakshi doesn’t want to go leaving her alone when so much is happening in the house. Sharda assures her everything will be fine. You always encourage me and now you are saying like this. You both have to spend some time with each other as well. Sakshi is reluctant but Sharda stays put. I will also talk to Chirag when his dad will leave for office.

Karan is packing Sakshi’s stuff. He is confused what to select and what not to. He picks up a lingerie by mistake and then drops it with a start. But if we will have to stay at the hotel overnight then she will need this. Come on you are her husband be a man! Just when he picks it up again Sakshi comes there. She gapes looking at it and calls out to Karan. He drops it then and there. She wants to know why he is touching her stuff. He doesn’t look her in eye. Nothing! She asks him about his sudden plans. You could have told me once before seeking mom’s permission. He just wanted to surprise her. But its ok no issues. She says you could have atleast told. He sits down on the bed making an upset face. She apologizes to him for overreacting. He smiles. I had actually planned to kidnapped you. I thought that my wife doesn’t have time for me (Sakshi is super surprised to hear him address her as wife) so thought to kidnap you. She speaks it aloud. Wife? He nods. I want to spend a whole day,night all alone with my wife. She is lost in thoughts. He says it is ok if you don’t want to come along. He is about to unpack her bag when she holds his hand. Saiyaan re plays. She loves his plan of kidnapping his wife. No one has ever kidnapped me before. By the way where are we going? He points out that a kidnapper never tells anything before or after the kidnapping. She smiles hearing his reply and he is happy too. They set down to pack their bags.

Next morning, Sharda and Sakshi come to Chirag’s room. The quilt is covering him from top to toe. Sharda asks Sakshi to go. Karan must be waiting for you. Chirag is still asleep so I will talk to him later. Sakshi doesn’t want to go leaving her alone but Sharda assures her she is fine. Sharda promises to call her in case anything happens though I am sure nothing will happen. Sakshi leaves while Sharda looks at Chirag.

Sakshi sits in the car. She guesses it to be Mahabaleshwar. Karan asks her to wait a little more. He gets a call from Rohan and excuses himself to talk to him. Rohan encourages him to speak his heart out to Sakshi bhabhi. Karan agrees. Sakshi and Karan leave for their destination.

Sharda has come to drop Diya to her school. Diya looks a little upset to Sharda tries to cheer her up by talking about some friend of hers. Diya tells her what one of her friends had told her. When mom and dad are not talking to each other anymore then the kids get either of them but I want both of them as I love both of them. Sharda hugs her filled with emotions. Nani will set everything right. You will get both of your parents. Diya has full faith in her. I will get my mom and dad both. Sharda tells her to go now. Your dad will come to pick you up. Diya nods and gets down to go inside her school.

Sharda gets a call from Rukhsar. She reminds her they have a test today. Sharda had forgotten it completely. She agrees to come over. I have two hours. I will be back by when Chirag would be awake.

It is PTA meeting in school. Two girls tease Diya about her parents. Her parents cannot come as her dad has left her mom. She lives in her Nani’s house. Oh yes, my mom was telling my dad that DIya is an orphan baby now. Who will you live with now? Diya hears everything quietly and is sad. She picks her bag and bottle and walks out of the class. Diya is crying as she recalls those words said to her. She also remembers what had happened at Modi House. The question keeps poking her and she runs out of the school.

Precap: Sharda has been declared the best student of her class as she has come first. She is walking somewhere. Dadi’s words keep haunting her. I could not become a good mom, a good wife or a good DIL. Has my studies seriously come in between my responsibilities?

Update Credit to: pooja

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