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* Pallavi embraces her role as a “mother” and scolds both Chirag and Aarav. Aarav for disturbing Chirag, and Chirag for raising his hand on Aarav.

* Pallavi scolds Aarav when he and Pallavi are alone. She tells him to go apologize to Chirag, but Chirag refuses saying he hates those people, especially the mother who caused all this problem. Pallavi slaps Aarav!!

* Suresh gets upset that Pallavi has no idea where Dadi is (even though she does, remember she left her at Sharda’s). Suresh praises Sharda because with her around, he didn’t have to worry about his family (*cough* what a joke. When Sharda went to school, he took every moment he could get to blame Sharda if something went wrong in the family .. remember the Chirag going to Jail situation or perhaps Diya

getting lost … *cough*). Anyway, he states that Sharda was much better than Pallavi and proceeds to walk out the door. Pallavi stops him and tells him that he can’t go to that “other woman” but Suresh shuts her up and says that he isn’t a milk drinking child that she has to hold his hands …

* (slightly in between the above highlight) Suresh, aloud, realizes that Sharda was the better choice. He tells Pallavi that he regrets his decision and had realized that Sharda was all around much better than Pallavi.

* Pallavi has a secret! It sounds like she is indirectly supporting Sharda … maybe they are besties after all?

* Aarav tries to apologize to Chirag. Chirag acts like a baby and ignores him. They argue a small bit before Latika interrupts. This is when Aarav calls Latika “Didi” and tells her that he came to apologize to Chirag. Latika interrupts and asks what he called her, but Aarav walks away. Latika mumbles that even though we don’t want a relationship, it becomes a relationship .. “Didi”

* Back in Karan’s home, they are playing cards still and having tons of fun!!

* As Suresh walks out the door, both Karan and Sakshi turn their faces and backs away from Suresh!! KaSak forever!!!

* Sakshi catches Shanaya trying to dump a cup of coffee on a box of clothes. Sakshi scolds her in front of all the workers and then threatens to take her to the cops!! (This is when Sharda interrupts)

* Latika only sees Pallavi slapping Chirag back (because Chirag was bad mouthing Pallavi and calling her a hypocrite, etc.). So she jumps in and without asking the reason, blindly sides with Chirag. She later confronts Suresh about this incident, but Suresh just says that Pallavi probably had a good reason for slapping Chirag.

* After Suresh leaves Karan / Sakshi / Sharda’s house, Sharda’s eyes seem to express some sort of concern or sadness. I can only wish she was more indifferent, but her current mindset confuses me a lot. A part of me still thinks that she wants Suresh, while another part of me disagrees. ((basically, even though she did leave Suresh, I wonder if she has any doubts))

* The ending … Sharda reveals to Sakshi that Shanaya is really Pallavi’s daughter. She also says some silly things like “I’m siding with Shanaya because it is in our fate and no one can change our fate”

* After Sharda stops Sakshi & Shanaya from making a scene towards the end of the episode, Sakshi tells sharda that Shanaya was going to dump the coffee on purpose. Shanaya, in her defense and frantic behavior, declares that she was never going to the coffee on purpose, it was going to be accidental …

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