Ek Nayi Pehchan 21st February 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Nayi Pehchan 21st February 2014 Written Episode, Ek Nayi Pehchan 21st February 2014 Written Update

Sharda hastily gives her bag and notebook to Kaveri to keep inside and greets Fui who asks for Prasad. Sharda is confused / taken aback. Dadi takes charge. You took so much time to come home today as well. You would have again distributed all the Prasad outside the temple itself, right? Sharda takes the cue. She nods. I dint bring any Prasad. Sharda is told to take Fui to her room. Dadi heaves a sigh of relief as all four of them leave for the guestroom.

Dadi takes Sharda in a corner as soon as she comes downstairs. Do not to go to her coaching centre till her sister is here. Sakshi points out that this way she will miss her classes. Dadi says there wont be storm if she doesn’t go for her classes for 3 days. If Ishwari behen comes to know about it then don’t know what

will happen. Sakshi assures Dadi that Baa wont get to know anything. I will make sure that nothing like that happens. Ma will go to attend her classes and no one will come to know of anything. Dadi knows her sister well. She can sense anything from far. She doesn’t like all this. Sakshi takes the responsibility though Dadi is still not sure. Just then Dadi notices Bhagwati standing behind them and they all turn to look at her in shock. She hasn’t heard anything though. Her MIL needs hot water to soak her feet as they have swollen because of travelling. Sakshi offers to give her induction massager which will relieve her of her pain in half an hour but Bhagwati opts for hot water only. Sharda agrees to send it in her room. Bhagwati nods and leaves. Sharda goes to get it for Fui. Dadi is about to go too when Sakshi stops her. Can I ask you something? Dadi agrees. Sakshi wants to know why she is scared of Baa so much. Dadi says just like you and Sharda I too came in this house as a DIL. I dint give any chance to anyone to complaint. Everyone was very happy except my sister-in-law, Ishwari behen. I couldn’t make her happy ever. Her rules were very strict. I used to think that I will take a dip in Ganga when she is happy with me but that day hasn’t come till now. Then she got married and I was relieved. But whenever she used to come back to her parents home she always used to ignite this fear in me. I have become used to it now. Don’t know what will happen this time. She never gets happy come what may. Don’t know when I would be at ease. She leaves from there.

Fui wants to have lotus stems for they are must-haves in this weather. Sharda agrees to get it from the market. Do you want anything else? Fui doesn’t give a straight answer. First she asks Sharda to make the items of her liking but then she starts listing down on her own. She wants to eat the pudding made by Sakshi. Sakshi doesn’t know how to make it but agrees as she has no choice. Sharda too nods in agreement. Fui scolds Kaveri for cleanliness. Meanwhile Sakshi tells Sharda that she doesn’t know how to make pudding. Sharda shushes her offering to handle it by herself. Fui continues to give instructions to Kaveri. Suresh enters, greets and hugs her. According to her, he has lost weight and she jokingly teases Sharda about it. He goes to freshen up.

Karan and Chirag too come home. They greet Fui. She again finds them to be so thin. She turns to Sakshi this time. Do you spend all your time in doing makeup? Look at my Bhagwati. She spends her whole day in kitchen…half of the time she is cooking while the rest of the time she is busy serving the food. According to her Karan has grown so thin that if she adds a veil on his head he will look like Radha (lol). Sakshi smiles and Sharda signals her to be quiet. Karan and Chirag too leave to freshen up. Latika and Pratik come home. They too greet Fui. Diya comes running to meet her parents. She asks Baa about her age calling her old aunty. Latika gives an intro of Fui to Diya so Diya calls her grand Fui. Ishwari behen smiles. Diya is very naughty. Sharda introduces Bhagwati to Latika. Ishwari behen tells her to get the trunk from their room. Bhagwati leaves to get it. Fui asks Sharda to call everyone downstairs. I have got something for everyone. She sends Sakshi to go call Karan and Chirag while she goes to call Suresh.

Everyone is gathered in the living area. Dadi gets a bhagwad gita. Sharda is given anklets. This way we will get to know about our DIL’s whereabouts. Karan and Chirag are each given a sweater made by her. sakshi is next. Fui has brought a necklace set for her. You are a newly married wife you should wear some jewellery always. Sakshi thanks her for the gift. Latika takes her gift when Diya goes and asks for her gift. Fui holds out a box of sweets for her. sakshi and Latika shout in unison. Sakshi tells Baa that DIya is not supposed to eat sweets but Diya insists. Sakshi lures her for what she has cooked especially for her. Diya goes and hugs her out of happiness. Latika calls out for Diya to come sit with her. Diya obliges. Suresh explains it to Fui. She agrees to cure Diya with her home remedies. She too blames Sharda for it (in a mild way). Sakshi answers her well. Small kids don’t get diabetes because of their eating habits. It is hereditary for them. Karan sends a sms to her asking her not to speak too much in front of Baa / Dadi Bua.

Sharda is serving food to everyone. Baa looks at the bowls kept on table and asks Sakshi to point out what she has made herself. Sakshi fumbles. Sharda says I have cooked everything tonight but Sakshi has helped me in cooking it all. I am sure soon she will start cooking it all by herself. Baa stops Sakshi from serving her. Bhagwati has been doing that and her MIL likes it that way only. Sakshi nods and gives it to her. baa takes the first bite. Everyone waits for her feedback which comes in a positive way. No one can cook better than Sharda. Everyone smiles except Bhagwati. Fui has to go to some Praful bhai’s place tomorrow after which I have to go to get sweets from some famous shop. You will take me ok. Sharda gets worried. She looks at Sakshi who shakes her head back gesturing her to say no but Sharda replies in affirmative. Sharda asks Bhagwati to serve chutney to Fui too. Fui finds it to be very thin. Sakshi happily tells her that she has made it in the mixer. Baa wants the chutney made on the grindstone. She again praises her DIL for doing it all the time. Sharda agrees to make it for her tomorrow. fui looks happy now. Sakshi offers to get a chair for Bhagwati so that she too can sit down to eat with everyone but Bhagwati declines outright. I will eat once ma ji is done. Sakshi decides to keep her mouth shut as everything that she saying is putting her in a bad light only. Sakshi offers chapatti to Karan and Chirag who both are done so she doesn’t insist or gives to anyone. Fui finds her odd. They said no and you stopped to serve them more? add one more chapatti. Karan denies but Fui stays put. Sakshi gives it to him with a smile. Fui reminds her to give him almond milk at night. He has lost weight. Sakshi and Sharda smile in amusement. Sakshi goes back to where she was standing earlier and signals to Karan who doesn’t look too happy with Fui’s attention.

Latika is busy talking to someone about the presentation that’s due tomorrow. pratik wants to talk to her so she ends the call. Why don’t you understand that this family and Diya needs you / your time? I am not asking you for anything for myself but Diya is your own daughter. She needs you right now. Latika doesn’t want to argue on the same topic. I am her mom and I know my responsibilities towards her. I want to give more time to her than I can afford but for now I have a very important presentation due tomorrow which I have to prepare. Please try to understand me. he asks her to understand. Its not about today or your presentation. Its an everyday thing now. You keep saying that you will take out time for Diya and meet her daily but do you have time after all your meetings or presentations? She asks him to stop it. How can you blame me for everything all the time? He tries to explain it to her but right then Diya comes to show them her new game. Sakshi mami gave it to me. she is very cool. Sakshi too comes there to give Diya her medicines. She leaves them with Pratik while Latika looks away (a little upset). She thanks Sakshi but there is an edge in her voice which Sakshi notices. Diya asks Sakshi mami to join her but she tells Diya to take rest now. Diya agrees and Sakshi leaves from there. Diya asks Pratik to play with her who readily agrees. He and Latika stare at each other.

Sakshi brings almond milk for Karan. He doesn’t want it as he is already stuffed. Sakshi repeats Baa’s words back at him. she offers to make him drink it. He tries to run away from her while she insists at him to have a little atleast. Bhagwati looks at them from the window and finds it odd. She shows it to her MIL too. They don’t like the values of this home and leave muttering from there. Karan finally throws the glass in anger. Sakshi is shocked.

Precap: Sakshi teaches vowels to Sharda who repeats it after her. they both get happy thinking that now Sharda will easily give the test. Sharda turns and notices Fui standing there. Sakshi and Sharda are shocked to see her there.

Update Credit to: pooja

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