Ek Nayi Pehchan 20th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Nayi Pehchan 20th March 2014 Written Episode, Ek Nayi Pehchan 20th March 2014 Written Update

Suresh looks quite upset with Pratik’s words. Sharda comes and helps him in taking off his coat. I know you are upset. I also know you had called Pratik here to set things right. Latika is our daughter and you love her very much. You always worry for her comfort which is good but still you shouldn’t have given money to Pratik. It is wrong to hurt anyone’s self respect. He thanks her for explaining right and wrong to him. I wish you had this much sense about how much your daughter needs you right now. But you went to attend your class. Now when I am sorting these small matters of the house then you aren’t happy. Do you want me to bring veggies tomorrow while returning home? She tries to say something but he doesn’t let her speak. I cannot see your involvement in any matter

related to the house nowadays. Why can I not be relieved thinking that Sharda is at home and she will manage everything? Do you want me to leave office and stay at home? Tell me what did you gain by studying? You don’t even know how to write your name. Open your eyes Sharda. Your family is breaking. Take charge before everything is ruined and stop thinking about studies. Spend time with your family like you earlier used to. He walks out saying all this while she stands there sadly.

Sakshi is playing magic tricks with Diya. She wants to learn magic so that she can make all the problems disappear from her mom and dad’s lives. Sakshi gives her a hug. Don’t worry they will become best friends again and that too very soon. She makes a pinky promise to her. Latika comes there calling for Diya. She talks a little angrily with Diya who wants to play with Sakshi for some more time. But Latika stays put. Why do you have to act stubborn all the time? You have taken after your dad. He has made you just like himself. Get up you have to get up early tomorrow for school. They both turn to go and almost collide with Karan. He offers to play with Diya but Latika stays firm. They leave. Karan asks Sakshi about it. She tells him that di is taking out her anger on Diya. I just hope things sort out between di and jiju. Di is very upset. Karan knows his sister very well. She is very headstrong but things go worse when dad encourages them. When things had already gotten so out of hand then why did dad gave money to jiju! Sakshi assures him that ma will set everything all right like she said. He too trusts his mom. She knows the values of relations for she has spent her whole life taking care of them. He is feeling sleepy. I have to wake up early tomorrow. Will you be my alarm clock for one day? She agrees. He asks her to go and change. He smiles when she leaves.

Sharda comes to Pratik’s house. He is sad thinking that papa always used to show me my status and today he actually did it. Have you also come here to tell me that I should take his money? She denies. I had come to apologize to you for what he said to you. I am not only Latika’s mom but your’s too. No mom can see her kids sad. Latika is crying there while you are so worried here. Diya wants both her parents. I cannot see all this. He says he is not at fault in this. Latika is so intelligent. She has so many degrees and handles her dad’s business but she has forgotten to take care of two important people of her life. I have always supported her but now I have realised she does not worry for anyone else but herself. She is selfish. Sharda shakes her head. He stays put. You cannot see her faults as she is your daughter. She agrees she might not be able to see that but she can see how much Latika loves him. She wants to save this marriage. He knows she only loves her work nothing else. Sharda feels things will be fine again but he counters. Nothing will be all right. You too are studying right? Leave it. What’s the use of such things which can kill love and affection in a human being; can end the importance of family, hubby or kids in someone’s life; changes priority? I feel somehow Latika’s studies have ruined our relation. She tries to explain but he requests her to leave from here as he respects her a lot. Sharda leaves sadly.

Sakshi comes out of the bathroom and is surprised to see the dim lighting in the room. She starts looking for Karan but instead finds a remote on the bed with a signage saying play me. It is their holi dance video. She gets happy. Karan peeps from outside and is happy to see her smile. Perfect! Everything is perfect tonight – weather, ambience, temperature and Sakshi’s mood as well. The only problem is my heart beats. He calms himself down. I should tell Sakshi that I love her. He goes and stands behind her. He is about to pat her on her shoulder when she bends down to pick the remote. Instead his hand falls on the remote and the video shuts down. The radio starts playing. Sakshi’s mood is ruined. I was so enjoying the video. He lies that he wanted to listen the news. She reminds him he was sleepy and has to get up early tomorrow. She too bends a little to pick the remote and stands quite close to him. Saiyaan re plays while they share an eye lock. She thanks him for the video. My holi was anyways so rocking now you made it awesome. Thank you! He is about to say it when she speaks up. I know you don’t feel like a husband for me but it is more than enough for me that you care for me very much. If you want me to be your alarm clock to wake you up tomorrow then sleep or you will have to be my alarm clock. She lies down to sleep. He dint get the chance to tell her how he feels.

Latika is getting Diya ready for school. Suresh comes and asks her if she has read some file (about Mittal Corporation). She hasn’t. I will read it once Diya leaves for school. He knows there is so much happening in her life. But I would say that you must not lose your focus from work. Sharda comes there and listens on. Don’t worry about Pratik. He will come around after realising his mistake. It was his luck that he married you. Neither is he so qualified nor does he earn as much as you do. Yet I keep on thinking why you married him. He changes the topic as he looks at her. Tell me about it when you check that file. She nods and then turns back to Diya.

Sakshi is cutting some stuff. Sharda walks inside looking all lost. Sakshi doesn’t look up and starts talking to her. Karan asked me to wake him up early in the morning for some very important meeting. I agreed and woke him up but then he asked me to let him sleep as there is no meeting. Then he woke up at 8 am and left without eating breakfast. Sakshi asks Sharda where she is lost. Sharda tells her that she had gone to meet Pratik. He is upset with Latika plus he is more upset because she is so well read. Because of this her work has become more important for her and not her family. Is he right? Is is true that a woman cannot concentrate on her family when she is so educated? Does her education ruin her house? Sakshi declines. Education instead strengthens her house. When a man studies he studies for himself but when a woman gets educated she is actually educating her whole family. Pratik jiju is angry. You know how much he had supported you when you took this decision of studying. Don’t take his words to your heart. Sharda is unable to understand why this is happening with Latika. She was so brilliant in her studies and has studied well. Why is she not able to handle her family then? Why is her house breaking like this? Sharda gets a call from Rukhsar and disconnects it. She called in the morning as well. She said that sir is going to give a very important task today but I said no to her. I cannot leave Latika in this condition. She wipes her tears and leaves from there leaving her phone behind. Rukhsar again calls Sharda. Sakshi picks up this time. Rukhsar insists it is very important for her to come today. Sir is also not coming. We have to do a very important task today. Sakshi suggests them to come over at Modi House today. This way the task will be taken care of as well while ma can focus on her home too. I will send car for all of you. Rukhsar thanks her.

Sakshi calls Karan. He was looking at something on his laptop and had a big smile on his face. She tells him to send two cars to the coaching center. It is a surprise for ma. I will message you the address and time. He agrees to do so. And if I do so much for you then what would I get in return? She asks him about it. He takes his time meanwhile the peon comes and peeks at his screen. Karan closes it and agrees to call her back a little later.

Sharda wants to talk to Latika but she has to go to office. I wont gain anything by crying sitting at home. Papa is right. I cannot ruin my life, my career because of Pratik. Why am I feeling guilty when I am not at fault! Pratik’s ego is very big. I too am not going to bend in front of him. Sharda reasons that there shouldn’t be a point where a husband and wife has to do so. The car honks. Latika leaves asking Dadi to send Diya to school. Dadi calls it kalyug. If you don’t make both of them see sense while its time then they will ruin their family because of their anger. Diya asks her what kalyug means. I know what kal means but I don’t know the meaning of yug. Sakshi explains it to her. It means time. The time has come when girls make themselves strong enough by drinking milk (for Diya’s sake). Though it only strengthens the body. Real strength is in mind. To keep it strong one has to study. Today girls study a lot to stand on their own feet. They manage their homes and family too along with it and become an example for everyone. Diya doesn’t understand any of it. Sakshi says girls have become superwoman today. You will also become one by studying hard and gain knowledge for it is the real magic. You can change anything and everything with it. But always remember everything will go haywire when you will try to do something new but things will be fine by the end as superwoman will set everything perfect. She leaves to drop Diya till the school bus stands. Sharda ponders on her words.

Precap: Dadi is angry with Sharda for inviting her classmates over to her house as she couldn’t go to attend it. Your son has come home all drunk and your daughter is about to get a divorce. I was so proud of you but you have let me down. You could neither become a good mom, a good wife and nor a good DIL.

Update Credit to: pooja

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