Ek Nayi Pehchan 20th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Ek Nayi Pehchan 20th February 2014 Written Episode, Ek Nayi Pehchan 20th February 2014 Written Update

Episode begins with sakshi and diya playing with each other. After sometime after sakshi trying to butter her saying good girls take rest,diya goes to sleep while sakshi sees Karans file and thinks to give him. At the class, the teacher tells that they would have a different class today and he tells they would perform a play on restaurant where one becomes manager and other waiter, waiter-customer etc. sharda is unable to understand anything and is afraid but later prepares herself mentally to face it. sakshi informs dadi that she will go to karan’s office and give him the file and also have lunch with him. She gives a list to sakshi and tells her to get these. (Though I didn’t understand what those items were, I could understand that they weren’t used much now).

She tells its for their baa and leave. Sakshi wonders who she is. At office, sureh scolds karan for giving leave to the manager without informing him. He tells him not to repeat it again.

Some other employee comes to karan and asks if he can go for lunch with his wife as its their marriage anniversary  and he gets annoyed and snaps him. Just then sakshi comes with his lunch and the employee is giving looks. While sakshi is arranging food, karan tells the employee to go for lunch. Karan and sakshi have
lunch together while he asks her why is her care towards him increasing. She replies she is his wife and they eat. At the class the play starts with sharda and ruksaar if im not wrong, both of them manage and they finish by sharda being customer and the other lady waiter. Everyone form pairs and do the same and the teacher praises ruksaar and calls sharda average but also tells her she is improving and it’s a good sign. He reminds them about the test on vowels and consonants and the class ends while sharda is clueless about them.

Sharda asks ruksaar for help but she tells she is in a hurry and leave.  Karan with his friends wonder what happened to sakshi and why is she behaving like a daily soap heroine. They ask why this change and also ask if it happened from valentines day. Karan says yes and remembers what they did that day. After the gift, dinner, dance they were about to kiss and karan concludes that is the reason for the change in sakshi. Dadi is afraid of that baa who is her nanad,sister in law. The bell rings the baa or eshawari ben(correct me if I am wrong)with her bahu  comes there. Baa thinks its sharda but is shocked to see her. She asks her how she came now when she said she would come in a week but takes them inside. They have a funny scene where baa is angry for everything. She praises her bahu that she welcomes guests very well and asks about sharda and sakshi. Dadi is worried as both aren’t at home.
She takes them inside and the bahu cleans the sofa for baa to sit and she sits at her feet and presses her legs. Kaveri brings water and baa asks where sakshi went and she says she went to karans office. Baa is pissed off and asks baa if she goes to office. Sakshi enters and they are shocked to see her in chudidhars. She wishes them and baa signals her to take blessings. Sakshi does and goes to get milk as baa drinks only milk. She gets buffalo’s milk and baa is unable to drink while bahu smells it and tells her that baa would drink only cow milk. Sakshi leaves apologizing them. Baa asks about sharda and baa lies she went to temple. Baa thinks sharda didn’t change
at all and sharda enters inside. She is shocked to see her and comes to take her blessings. She asks for Prasad and she is shocked.

Precap: dadi tells sharda not to go to class till baa is there at their home. Sakshi and sharda are worried and sakshi tells her that she is responsible for baa not knowing anything about it. They are shocked to see the bahu standing behind them.

Update Credit to: MADHU

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