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Suresh is in police station. His lawyer comes too. He assures him that he will get the papers ready. Suresh wants to get out of here asap. I never thought that I will be here one day. He cannot understand as to who has registered a complaint against him. His lawyer answers that in these cases generally it is done by the first wife only. Suresh looks at him in shock. Pallavi!? Lawyer repeats that is he cannot be sure about this. Anyways Pallavi ji only has sent me here. Suresh is surprised. I know that she wants from me. But I don’t want any help from her. He tells him to leave from here and throws away the glass in anger. Constable warns him to be careful as it isn’t his home.

Sharda does puja. Karan gets sweetened curd for her. he wishes her luck and has full faith in her. Sakshi

has brought gajra for her. You love it right? You look very incomplete without it. She puts it on her bun. Now you are looking my cute, sweet Ma. They hug. A neighbour (Neha) drops by and exchange greetings. Sakshi and Karan wish their mom all the best. Sakshi is worried for Ma. Will she be able to manage alone? She has never stepped in the outside world like this. He tells her not to worry. I have never seen so much confidence in my mom before. She was scared to even cross a road or talk to a stranger. She never used to go out alone but today she has gone out on her own to make an identity for herself. It is all because of you. You taught her and boosted her confidence. Thank you! He has to leave to give an interview. She is quite positive about today. he thanks her happily.

Sharda has to commute in a bus. She has to even stand for a while and is sweating too but she takes care of herself. She gets down at her destination and asks for directions from someone. She has come to Municipality Office.

She has applied for some business. The guy there asks for her full name but she keeps it till Sharda only. He isn’t too sure about her attempt at trying something new in this age. Sharda is quite positive about it. There is no age or time to start something good. If Gandhiji would have thought about his age then we might not have gained our freedom still. There should be a fire inside you to achieve something. Age doesn’t matter. I am full of confidence that I will achieve what I want to. He is impressed with her. I will check the documents and then will send them to you personally. She thanks him and goes out. Outside, Sharda calls Sakshi and tells her everything.

There is a protest against some Sanjay Verma nearby. Sharda notices Neha in that group. A guy (Sanjay Verma) is there with his guard. He has called police to help him in this matter but the ladies are adamant. You are a fraud. We will fight for our rights. He keeps on telling them to stop it but in vain. Neha notices Sharda and goes to talk to her. neha tells her that the owner of this place has cheated them. he hasn’t even cleared our dues since last 3 months. We cannot bear it anymore and have decided to raise our voice against him. we will see how he doesn’t pay them. Sharda is sad for them. Neha agrees that being poor is very bad luck. We are fighting with this guy for our own money. Once we get our money then we will look for some other work. All these women here need money due to some or other reason. Everyone has a sad story. Police comes. All the women get arrested including Sharda.

One of the interviewers recognizes Karan to be Suresh Modi’s son. Karan requests him not to ask any personal questions to him. He has put his name as Karan Sharda even though he is Karan Modi. Karan is about to get up from his seat when he stops him. the post isn’t too big and neither is the salary. Karan replies that no work is big or small. I will be happy with whatever you pay me. I need money at this moment. Another interviewer tells him that he will not get any privilege here for being Suresh’s son. He is all the more happy to know it. if you ever feel that I am doing something like that then you can fire me from my job then and there itself. He is told to get his joining letter. You can start your job in two hours from now. Karan is elated. He makes another request to them not to call him as Karan Modi but Karan Sharda. I want my identity to be made using this name. They all agree.

All the women are brought to the police station. Sharda has been brought along with the group. She tries to explain that she isn’t one of them. I had gone to ask them something. My kids will be very much worried at home. Lady Constable tells her to look there (where the inspector is seated). She turns and is shocked to see Suresh sitting there.

Inspector tells all the ladies to file their complaint one by one. Suresh goes inside the jail. Sharda cannot understand why he is here. Everyone registers their complaint. Sharda asks Neha to clarify it to the inspector that she is not with them. My DIL must be waiting for me. She will be very much worried for me. Neha tells the same to the inspector so he lets her go. sharda is pained to see Suresh’s condition. She goes to the inspector to ask him as to why is Suresh Modi here. She is about to tell her full name but then sticks to SHarda only. He yet again asks her if she is his relative. She declines so he tells her to go. he has been arrested for bigamy. He explains its meaning to her which leaves her shocked. She continues asking him questions. Since when is he here? Did anyone come to meet him? has he eaten anything? Inspector declines. He has even declined to call someone. He is so wealthy but it is certainly of no use now. He is still here. He will reap what he will sow. He has cheated two women so how can he be happy. Sharda wonders if he cannot be bailed. She is told that he can be but he cannot do anything on his own. Someone else will have to do it for him. She leaves after taking one last glance at him. Someone is watching it all from a distance (a woman…most probably its Pallavi).

Sakshi is cooking in the kitchen when Karan comes home. He is so happy that he picks her in his arms and twirls. She realises that he got the job. They both hug. He tells her that it is a small job with little salary. He asks for a reward and comes closer to her. she reminds him that Ma must be reaching home any minute. He teases her by saying that he has all the licenses to flirt with her. She is all shy. Suddenly they hear some kids laughing and turn to look at the window. Many kids are peeking from there. Karan shoos them off and puts the curtains. Sakshi’s lentil gets burnt. He offers to make tea for her and tries getting romantic.

Sharda comes in calling for Sakshi. Karan tells her to bring water. Sakshi brings it and tries asking her mom what happened. Sharda tells it to them. Karan is happy that his dad finally got what he deserves. Sharda isn’t happy to hear it. he is your dad after all. Blood relations are stronger than everything. He hasn’t eaten anything till now. No one has gone to see him even. Think about Dadi and Chirag. You should go to help him. Karan denies straight away. he has ruined your life. He should be punished for it. Sharda reasons that you cannot even a mistake with another. If you wont help him then it will be a bigger mistake. Wont you listen to your mom? Go and get him bailed. Sakshi agrees with her. we are family after all. Karan has no ties with Mr. Suresh Modi anymore. I could have offered to help if it was a stranger. But I will never help him after what he has done with us and mom. I cannot even think of helping him. he leaves from there in a huff while Sharda looks on sadly.

Suresh has been bailed out. He is shocked to see Karan. Inspector lets him off. For now you can go but everything will be decided after court hearing only. He hands him his mobile. He signs on the bail papers and turns to Karan who doesn’t talk to him. I will drop you home. Saying so, he leaves from there after thanking the inspector.

Precap: Pallavi tells Suresh that she cannot trust him the same way he cannot trust her. I want you to transfer all your business in my name legally. Pallavi calls Sharda. It is time you return everything that belongs to me. you will have to withdraw all your rights from all the properties. A girl is standing behind Pallavi (might be her daughter).

Update Credit to: Pooja

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