Ek Nayi Pehchan 19th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Nayi Pehchan 19th March 2014 Written Episode, Ek Nayi Pehchan 19th March 2014 Written Update

Bhagwati talks about fate with her MIL. Whomsoever has fate’s support always wins. Baa is sure she can change things even now. I know what to do now. Sakshi interrupts her. I will tell you what you will do now. You will pack your bags and leave from this house for forever. Baa shouts at her angrily but Sakshi shushes her. Speak slowly or everyone will come to know that you pushed me to throw color on Dadi. You will not have any respect left afterwards. I was under the influence of bhaang but I do recall everything. I haven’t told anyone as of now. Ma will be hurt if she will get to know this. If I tell papa then you know what happens when he gets angry. He might throw you out of this house. I am your DIL so I am thinking for your benefit only. Pack your bags and leave next morning

from here or else! Sakshi leaves after staring at both of them. Bhagwati is sure they will be in trouble if Sakshi tells anything to anyone. Baa agrees with her for the first time. I anyways don’t like her attitude. It is impossible to break this MIL-DIL jodi. What is the point of wasting our time here? The only regret is that we came here as storm but it will be good for us if we leave quietly from here.

Suresh talks to Sharda about holi. It was quite good. Sharda agrees but is still stuck over bhaang. Chirag was at fault. I agree with what you said but this is the time to learn to differentiate between right and wrong. I think he is taking the wrong way. I don’t know what lacks in our upbringing but he doesn’t let her complete it. We dint leave anything. I have given the best lifestyle to my kids, the lifestyle which is a dream for every parents of the world. I agree you have a point but till the time Chirag doesn’t make a mistake how would he recognize what’s wrong for him and what not. She tries to say something but he tells her not to think too much. Don’t worry over Chirag so much. She is worried about Latika and Pratik too. They both look a little irked with each other at times. He doesn’t see it like that. But yes, they must be stressed over their work and Diya too. Latika is a mom too just like you are a mom. Just then Bhagwati comes there asking them to come out asap. She asks them to come out and see for themselves.

Everyone has gathered downstairs and we see two packed bags. Latika has left Pratik and that house. He too is happy with it. Everyone looks shocked to know this. Diya goes and stands with Sakshi. Latika tells them that she cannot live with Pratik anymore. Sharda comforts her as she cries. Latika says I tried a lot to tell him that I am a good mom and want to take care of Diya. I agree I did not hear what Diya said and let her eat sweets but he cannot scold me in front of everyone for that. We get married so that we can be happy together and love each other. I and Pratik keep fighting with each other so what’s the point of staying together? We fight everyday, get upset with each other in front of Diya. She is small but she does understand everything. Pratik’s ego is so big that he doesn’t want to understand me at all. He calls me a bad mother / bad wife. Is is true mom? Sharda declines. People say anything when they are upset. Pratik too said all that to you as he must be angry. Don’t take his words to your heart. You are not bad at all. Latika stresses how she has tried so hard for Diya and their relation but she cannot do it anymore. I wont go back to that house. Sharda assures her everything will be fine. Plus your papa is here too. He too affirms. I will go to talk to Pratik personally. Sharda takes her to her room to sleep. Don’t think or say anything right now as decisions taken when angry always prove out to be wrong.

Sakshi is in the kitchen making preps for tomorrow’s breakfast though she is clueless what to make exactly when Sharda asks her about it. Sakshi asks about Latika. Sharda is sure things will be fine by the morning. Sakshi is sad for her. Di and jiju love each other so much. Sharda points out that understanding each other is equally important. I think they should give each other a chance to understand each other. A woman has to live the role of a wife, a mother, a DIL. It is important for her to mingle with her family members to do that successfully just like this potato. A woman has to be with each member of her family similarly I have to be with all my kids to make them understand things and understand them in turn. This is my duty. Sakshi applauds her for she has been doing that since the beginning. You will continue doing that for sure. You are a super mom and just like this potato. You mix well with everyone and make everyone’s life way much better. Thank you super mom! Sharda smiles in return.

Everyone is having breakfast. Suresh asks for his butter. Sharda notices Latika hasn’t eaten anything. You don’t take care of health. Latika gets sad. I cannot take care of anything be it my daughter or my family. Sharda tells her to leave the things of yesterday in yesterday. Dadi notices her sister and Bhagwati are holding their bags and is surprised. Dadi and Suresh ask her about it. Baa says I have to take care of my home too. Sharda asks her to stay back for a few more days as this is her house too. Sakshi adds that she dint let them take care of her nicely. Please stay. Baa denies. I am missing my home. Suresh hasn’t booked their tickets. She asks him to drop her off to the bus station. She firmly tells him she has decided so she will go. He agrees. Everyone takes her blessings after which they both leave.

Latika has taken an off today. Sharda is happy about it. You work so hard in the office but you should relax today. Sharda gets a call from Rukhsar. She asks her if she is coming to class today? Sir said he will give a new task thereby dividing the class in two teams. Sharda doesn’t want to go leaving Latika in this state. She moves to a corner to talk to Rukhsar. Do something and take care for today. Rukhsar points that she is in their team so she has to come or the whole team will be canceled. Do something please. Sharda agrees to come. By the time she ends the call and turns to look at Latika she finds her fast asleep. She smiles but then gets worried when she checks the clock. Time flies by or what. She takes her bag and tells a sleeping Latika that she will be back soon.

Sakshi asks Kaarn to let Diya sleep here in their room tonight. He nods and sits beside her. Poor Diya, she doesn’t even know what’s happening to her parents. She tries to make light of it but he knows it is serious this time. I am worried thinking about its result. They hear Suresh’s voice. He is talking to Pratik. They go out to see what’s happening. Latika comes to see too. Suresh makes it clear to Pratik he hasn’t called him here to beg him to take his daughter back. You want that my daughter stops going to office but you cannot keep a bird in the cage. Latika has studied so well and is very talented. If you want her to leave all that and stay at home with you then will you be able to fulfill all her wishes? I will make it easy for you. He holds out a file for him. These are the papers of my apartment in Worli. Now all of you can go and live there. On the first day of every month a huge amount of money will be transferred in your account without your reminding me. Pratik and all the family members look on. If you want your wife not to work then you would surely need it. Pratik refuses his money bluntly. I don’t need your money and neither will need it ever. I earn this much that I can fulfill all the wishes of your daughter. Suresh talks big. My daughter’s wishes are very big. She has been brought up with very much love. I had sworn to give my family a very lavish lifestyle and I have achieved that. I don’t want her to suffer because of your mindless ego. Latika wishes to talk to Pratik calmly but Suresh doesn’t let her. What kind of a man did you marry? I tried to stop you so much from marrying this guy but you dint hear me. We all are suffering because of your one wrong decision. I have to call this ordinary man my son-in-law. Pratik tells him to stop it. I don’t want your money and neither have I come here to beg you for anything. I have a better option for you. You can keep both your money and your daughter with you. Suresh doesn’t like the way he talks to him. How dare you talk to me like that? You are not worth this much that you can even face me. Latika is getting worried.

Shirish tells his class that they will be divided into two groups for a while. You will have to support each other to complete the tasks given. Sharda gets a call from Latika. She bends down to check but Shirish asks her to concentrate in class. He turns telling them all to copy what he is writing on the board. Sharda is shocked to see 30 missed calls in her phone. She picks her call this time. Latika asks her mom to come home right away. Dad is getting angry on Pratik. Things are turning bad here. Sharda agrees to come asap. She gets up and tells Shirish she has to go. She starts walking out when he follows her. He loudly calls out for her. How can you just walk out like this? There is some discipline or not. She apologizes to him but she has to go. He cannot understand how she can leave her studies like this. She explains that studies are as tough as life especially for people like her (age wise). It is easy to say it can be managed but doing it is as difficult and different just like night and day. I have my own world too which waits for me always. I am wife, a mother there and I am needed by everyone all the time. Just as I am the monitor here I am the monitor here too. I have my responsibilities towards my home. My daughter’s house is falling apart. If I am unable to stop it then what’s the point of my coming first in this class? She leaves sadly. This time Shirish doesn’t stop her.

Pratik is leaving from Modi House when Sharda reaches home. He leaves without saying anything to her. Latika is crying desperately. She immediately goes to her mom. Dad has made things worse for me. Pratik has left too. Now he wont come back ever. What will I do now mumma? Dadi comforts Latika while Sakshi tells everything to Sharda.

Precap: Pratik tells Sharda how a person tries a lot many different ways to make his career and be successful. When he gets such a chance then he doesn’t leave all that behind for his family as he will be called foolish then. You too are studying nowadays right? Stop studying. How will they be useful when they finish everything (emotions, feelings for family, relations)?

Update Credit to: pooja

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