Ek Nayi Pehchan 19th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Ek Nayi Pehchan 19th February 2014 Written Episode, Ek Nayi Pehchan 19th February 2014 Written Update

The epi begins with Suresh telling Sharda that I expected only one thing from you that you should take care of the kids of the house but you failed Sharda. Karan too comes home by now. He asks his dad why is he scolding mom. Suresh asks him to keep quiet in this matter. Stop blaming Latika. One has to go out to earn money. Money doesn’t come to someone while staying at home. You have to work hard and poor Latika is doing all this. She is not doing it for herself but for Diya’s future. Diya’s happiness cannot be realised with Pratik’s meagre money. You all know this yet why you people make her feel guilty about not taking care of her daughter? You (Sharda) focus on your work only. Stop interfering in anyone’s life. No one here is a kid. Everyone knows what’s good or

bad for them and in fact, a lot more than you. Sharda looks on sadly. She nods her head slightly. Satisfied, he leaves from there. Sakshi puts her hand on Sharda’s shoulder in a way to assure her.

In kitchen, Sakshi asks Sharda why she kept quiet outside. Papa blamed you for everything. The way he takes care of his business similarly you too take care of this home. You or your food is not to be blamed for Diya’s condition. Its a hereditary problem. Doc also explained this then why did you tell him. Sharda explains that he knows everything. He is just worried over Diya’s health. He isn’t upset with me. He loves Diya a lot. He doesn’t know how to show it, he only knows how to show his anger and that is how he expresses it. This anger is his love and worry for Diya. You don’t worry. Go and sit with DIya. I will come soon. Sakshi leaves.

Karan is sharing his childhood stories with Diya when Sakshi joins them. He used to sit on the last bench and tie the laces of the students sitting on the bench that was ahead him. They used to fall as soon as they tried to wake up. Diya smiles. Did no one scold you for doing it? He denies. Everyone was actually scared of me. Diya teases him by saying how Nanu scolds you all the time. Diya and Sakshi high five. Karan reminds Diya how her maths teacher scolded her the other day. Diya gives a very smart answer and Sakshi sides with her. Diya is feeling sleepy so she wishes them both goodnight and lies down to sleep. Sakshi and Karan smile for her sake but they are really worried for her. Karan goes from there.

Sakshi asks Karan if he is ok. He pretends to be all right but she knows that he is stressed over everything that’s happening at home. Plus papa has blamed ma for everything and you don’t like it when someone says anything to ma. She tells him what Sharda told her in the kitchen. Papa took out his frustrations on mom. Karan doesn’t buy it while she agrees with Sharda. We often take out our frustrations on those who are close to us, who understand us well as know that they wont take it to heart. We know that they will understand our feelings. Karan nods. Actually no one can understand dad better than mom. If she has said so then it must be true. She asks him why she dint get any message today. He replies that when someone doesn’t have time to reply then how many messages should one send. She says one must message till the time they don’t get a reply. He isn’t used to pamper someone so much. She teases him about it. You must be tired now after all the pampering you did today. She goes to get milk for him. He is confused. Why is she so concerned all of a sudden?

Suresh feels sad as he looks at Diya. He sits beside her and caresses her head concerned for her. sharda comes there. She assures him that Diya will be fine soon. don’t worry. Doc also said that we brought her on the right time for it is just an initial stage which can be taken care of. We just have to be careful about her medication and take her for regular checkups. She looks sad when he wipes his tears. He cannot understand why this happened to their Diya only. We have seen our life. It should have happened to us but this kid doesn’t know or realise anything as such. Is this the age for her to go through this? She tells him not to lose hope like this. He feels bad when he thinks about something like this for their kids. How bad Latika would be feeling right now as she is a mom! Who can understand it better than a mom and poor Pratik cannot do anything too. He too loves his daughter a lot that’s why he is finding fault with Latika. I am not blaming him. I know he is helpless because of his daughter’s love and so is Latika. They both are right in their places. But they both are stuck in life because of the same reason. Why is their life looking like this? It hurts a lot to see all this. She tells him not to worry so much. Everything will be fine. Doc said that Diya has Auto Immune Disorder (which he corrects for her as she is unable to pronounce it). Diya will be fine soon and everything will be fine between Latika and Pratik too. He asks her how she can be so sure about it. She tells him that there is place for either fear or faith in heart and I have full faith that nothing wrong will happen with my family. He is happy that she took Diya for a check up on time. Such diseases are curable when they are detected early (initial stages). She nods. He gets up and leaves from there.

Diya wants to have bread butter instead of the food which Sharda has cooked for her but Latika strictly advises her to eat what is cooked for her. sakshi gets an idea. Meanwhile Latika gets a call so she goes to attend it. Sakshi gets cornflakes for her. There is a special surprise gift inside you for our special Diya. Your mom has bought it especially for you. We will only get to know it when we will reach till the end. Diya agrees to eat it daily so as to finish it. Everyone is happy to see this. Diya eats it and likes it. Diya thanks Latika when she comes back who gets confused. Latika doesn’t like it that Sakshi made Diya agree to eat cornflakes which Sakshi reads on her face. Pratik reminds Diya to take medicine after her breakfast to which Diya sweetly agrees. Karan joins them for breakfast. Sakshi lovingly serves him breakfast with butter. He stops her from adding so much butter. This isn’t healthy. He says the pizzas that you eat aren’t healthy. Eat it quietly and look at you, you have grown so weak. She realises that everyone is around and they all smile to see them bicker like this. Suresh tells Karan that after marriage what your wife serves you is healthy. I have become habitual to eat this butter. You too get used to it. It doesn’t matter if this butter is healthy or not but a wife’s love makes everything healthy for a husband. Sakshi smiles sweetly / shy. He asks Latika to come with him to the office. Sakshi observes how Sharda helps Suresh in wearing his coat. As soon as Karan gets up she does the same thing for him. He is amused while she is all smiles. She calls out to him and waves goodbye. He reverts but is confused as to why be Sakshi showing so much concern all of a sudden. He calls someone to meet him in the evening. Its been so many days and I have so much to tell you.

Dadi asks Kaveri to get the guestroom ready. Clean everything properly including the temple. Sprinkle gangajal in the whole house afterwards. Kaveri nods and leaves. Sakshi asks Sharda about it. Sharda tells her about Fui’s arrival who is coming from Jamnagar. Sakshi finds it quite interesting. Just then Sharda’s phone rings who asks Sakshi to attend it.

It is Rukhsar. She called to tell that she has missed 2 chapters as she has missed 2 classes. I only wanted to know if she is coming today. Sir is also going to take a test today. will she come? Sakshi agrees on Sharda’s behalf. She thanks Rukhsar and ends the call.

Sakshi tells everything to Sharda. Sharda cannot go as there is so much to do. Sakshi assures her that everything will be done. I might not be able to do it like you but I will do it. It is important for you to go and attend your class. There is a lot to do in life but we give priority to the most important ones first. Sharda is still hesitant but Sakshi stays put. Your studies are the most important thing for yor right now. Household work can be taken care of by someone else or can be postponed for later but no one else can study for you. No one else can do it for you. Papa, Latika di, Karan and Chirag are right now at the places where they have to be. You too will have to go to the coaching centre. I will handle everything here and if needed, I will ask Dadi or Kaveri. You should go as you have an exam today. Check yourself as to how much you have learned so far. Sharda is concerned for Diya too. Sakshi promises her to take care of everything. Sharda agrees finally.

Sharda is attending the class today. Shirish writes down something on the board and asks Rukhsar to answer it. She does it correctly. He is about to explain it when he notices Sharda. He asks her to name the five vowels. She is clueless about it. He feels that she is losing her interest in learning all this as she has missed two classes already and has come late today too. She tells them that there are some problems at home that’s why. He agrees that there will be. Every home has problems but you all have to understand that in this age to study you all must not lose focus. You (Sharda) dint come to class for two days and have already forgotten everything that we studied previously. This is because your mind stays stuck with so many worries. Everything is easy in childhood as there is no responsibility in that age. If you think you have to study then you will have to motivate yourself / push yourself to remind yourself that it is important for you to study. Sharda nods.

Precap: One of the employee wants to go early as he wants to celebrate his marriage anniversary with his wife but Karan sternly tells him to continue with his work. Just the Sakshi enters with the lunch box announcing that it is time for lunch. He forgot his file at home so she thought to come and give it and enjoy lunch with him. karan and that employee look at each other.

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